A deep acquaintance with a "simple" person is the best way to maintain good health.

A deep acquaintance with a "simple" person is the best way to maintain good health.

May you and I both choose to have deep acquaintance with simple people and be simple people.

in life, we can't avoid dealing with people.

some people seem warm-hearted, but in fact they are selfish; some people seem aloof, but have a warm-hearted heart.

as the ancients said, "watering trees requires watering roots, and making friends requires heart to heart."

if you are deceived by the other person's surface, you are likely to fall into each other's trap in the end.

to make friends with people, you would rather have a deep acquaintance with people who are simpler and more stupid than try to avoid "smart ghosts" who are not in the right mind.

those who use clever words are seldom benevolent

some people speak conscientiously, and their words can move most people and make others believe in their "good" conduct.

when such people talk, they often make people who are really kind feel guilty.


because what they say is too selfless and considerate of others.

there are indeed people who return good for evil, but there are very few.

they express their tolerance and kindness with great fanfare, but they never put it into practice.

people who are really kind don't know how to say beautiful words, and they don't have to say beautiful words, because they will prove them by their actions.

those cunning people only try to use words to win the favor of others, and even ask others according to their own high standards, but they never practice them.

this kind of bad guys dressed in the cloak of kindness should be vigilant.

he who takes his heart as a bargaining chip is the most heartless

sometimes we treat each other as relatives and friends, but each other regards this sincerity as a bargaining chip that they can take advantage of.

Why do you see it?

you will find that the more you think of them, or even sacrifice yourself to fulfill them, the more they will take an inch and take it for granted.

if you refuse, they will label you as heartless.

if you make a request to them, he refuses you with a ridiculous excuse. However, when you turn around, you still have to use "we are relatives" and "we are friends" to make all kinds of demands on you, so that you are embarrassed to offend.

Wake up.

for this kind of people, have they ever known how to write the word "affection"? In their eyes, there is nothing but interest.

what they call "affection" is not the obligation they want to perform, but the bargaining chips they blackmail others.

Let's be ruthless to such seemingly affectionate relatives and friends. If you should refuse, refuse decisively.

remember, for mercenary people, there is no need for affection

has a deep acquaintance with those who have a simple mind, and is the most healthy

the ancients said: "to make friends with good people, such as entering the room of Zhilan, if you do not hear its fragrance for a long time, you will melt with it."

simple-minded people are not stupid, but because they have their own principles and bottom lines, and disdain to play with tricks.

when you get along with such people, you will unwittingly be assimilated by their noble conduct and become noble yourself.

as the saying goes, "the gentleman is magnanimous, the villain is sad".

Gentlemen do things openly, be simple, and have a clear conscience, so they will not cause unnecessary troubles.

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villains are always thinking of benefiting themselves at the expense of others. If they succeed, they will be resentful, and if they fail, they will be discouraged.

in this way, how can you have a stable state of mind?

when you get along with people with deep thoughts and bad intentions, you need to be on the lookout for them. You are very tired.

when you get along with people who are simple in mind and pure in heart, you don't need to be nervous all the time, as long as you hand over a piece of sincerity, you can get their most generous reward and sincerity.

some people say: "low-level people, complex; high-level people, simple."

I think so.

the so-called "the main road is very simple". When people get along with others, there is no need to cheat each other.

any opportunistic tricks will eventually come out one day, and then how to deal with themselves?

treat others with sincerity, not only for yourself, but also for others. In the end, we can all get respect and closeness to each other, so why not?

, may you and I both choose to have a deep acquaintance with simple people and be simple people.