Accept yourself, wake yourself up, change yourself.

Accept yourself, wake yourself up, change yourself.

May you let go of the past, live in the present, and live a comfortable life.


as the saying goes, "No one is perfect without gold."

people live all their lives, we spend all our lives correcting our shortcomings and pursuing perfection, but there are no perfect people in this world.

only by accepting ourselves can we wake ourselves up and change ourselves.

accept yourself

I often think of a sentence: "only afraid of standing, not afraid of being slow."

Yes, life, as long as you allow it, everything is the beginning.

Liu Bei during the three Kingdoms period, when he was the top official in Xuzhou, because Xuzhou was a piece of fat meat, Yuan Shu, Cao Cao and Lv Bu all coveted Xuzhou for a long time and always wanted to occupy Xuzhou and win the world.

but Liu Bei's strategic consciousness is not strong, and he is in such a complex environment, facing Yuan Shu in the south, Cao Cao in the west and Lv Bu in the north.

Liu Bei suffered a big defeat in a big war and a small defeat in a small battle, and was beaten black and blue. Finally, Liu Bei lost Xuzhou and fled awkwardly to Liu Biao in Xinye, and from then on he was far away from the Central Plains.

this year, Liu Bei was 42 years old. during a drink with Liu Biao, Liu Bei sighed that he was in his 40s, a middle-aged greasy uncle, still living in this small place, achieving nothing, sad.

after accepting all this, Liu Bei did not "lie flat", but reanalyzed, cheered up, and went to visit Maolu, Donglian Soochow, and Bashu controlled by the west.

Montaigne once said:

"the greatest thing in the world is that a man knows how to be his own master."

whether in the face of that shining self or that helpless and fragile self, you can control everything only if you dare to accept yourself.

when we are always accepting others, it is easy to accept ourselves, but it is difficult to accept ourselves. Only by facing up to your mistakes and shortcomings can you find your own way to success.

the greatest spiritual practice in life is to accept yourself, to accept both right and wrong, to let go of love and hatred, to let go of good things and bad things, and to learn to accept them in order to be free.

wake yourself up

there is a saying: "the meaning of growth is to increase life experience and enrich life experience."

think about it, it is true!

in the past, we have gone a long way, and in the future, we want to go further.

Tao Kan, a general of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, was a son of a poor family. when he entered officialdom, the family ignored it and senior officials despised it.

at the age of 42, Tao Kan still achieved nothing. Unreconciled, he changed his direction, put on his war shirt and went to build the army.

but as soon as he made some achievements, he was kicked back to his hometown by some villains.

when he got home, Tao Kan was not idle. He worked hard to exercise his body. Every morning, he moved a hundred bricks from the back of the house to the front of the house, and in the evening, he moved the hundred bricks from the front of the house to the back of the house.

his family comforted him one after another. Tao Kan said:

"I can't slack off. I have to keep myself awake all the time and start over!"

it has been ten years since this move. Tao Kan moved from 57 to 67.

Life has been rare since ancient times. At this age, Tao Kan should prepare a coffin for himself.

when the court encountered a rebellion, the Jin Ming Emperor remembered that Tao Kan, who was good at war, once again led the crusade with a healthy body.

in the end, Tao Kan won and was made a general so that he could go to the temple with a sword.

as the saying goes, "those who realize their ideals can wake themselves up." Don't indulge in decadence. "

We always think that learning is a matter of student days, and later we understand that keeping learning is a compulsory course for everyone.

in this era of fast-paced development, we always focus on other people's rapid promotion and good opportunities, but we never pay attention to whether we know where our goal is and whether we are living a clear life.

most of the time, if you know where the way forward is, you will be able to start better and will not do useless work.

change yourself

especially appreciate a sentence:

"there are only two kinds of people in the world: onlookers and actors.

most people want to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves. "

Yes, we always want to change others, but in the end, it is not that others have changed, but that we are becoming more and more disagreeable and uncomfortable. Only by changing ourselves, our life will be more and more smooth.

in the Biography of Lou Shide in the Book of the New Tang Dynasty, there is such a story:

it is said that Di Renjie was so proud when he became prime minister that he even squeezed out his benefactor Lou Shide, so that Lou Shide was released.

Wu Zetian couldn't watch any more, so he asked Di Renjie, "what about Lou Shide?" Di Renjie said, "while he was in office, he was cautious in his duties, but I don't know anything else."

Wu Zetian asked again, "can Lou Shide look at people?" Di Renjie said, "I was an official with him, and I've never heard that he can read people."

so Wu Zetian showed Di Renjie the chapter by Lou Shide and recommended Di Renjie. After Di Renjie read it, he was ashamed and said bluntly that he was not as good as Lou Shide.

from then on, Di Renjie also learned from Lou Shide, recommended sages, was diligent in the administration of officials, and eventually became a generation of celebrities.

Confucius said, "the superior man asks for himself, and the villain asks for others."

in this world, we always ask others from our own point of view, but we don't know it.The real master is to change yourself.

Yes, it is difficult to change yourself, but it will only be difficult for a while, not for a lifetime!

when you are not satisfied with others, you want to change yourself, you should know that the highest ability of a person is neither wisdom nor strength, but adaptability, an ability to adapt to any condition.

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from now on, change yourself step by step and improve yourself step by step according to your goals! It will change the ending.

in the book Silent confession, there is a sentence written:

"our whole life is to get rid of the expectations of others and find who we really are."

No matter how complicated the world is and how impetuous the heart is, loving yourself is the highest self-discipline of adults.

only by accepting yourself can you improve yourself, wake yourself up, break through yourself, change yourself, achieve yourself, and lead to happiness.

, may you let go of the past, live in the present, and live a comfortable life.