After the last 90 years, there will be the college entrance examination.

After the last 90 years, there will be the college entrance examination.

It seems that the college entrance examination has passed for a long time.

Senior three children please consciously close the page and have a good rest:)

unexpectedly, tomorrow is the last college entrance examination for the post-90s generation.

I asked a lot of questions after 90 years, and now I think about the college entrance examination, the third year of senior high school, the third year of senior high school, and how I still feel.



"in those three years, it was all him."

"feel sorry for myself at that time."

"I don't want to start over, but thank you forever."

We have all prepared for the college entrance examination for three years as if we were facing an enemy.

maybe it's because it's too hard.

so the next second, the next day, and the next year after the exam, there are only jokes and trance left.

my brother will also take the college entrance examination tomorrow.

called me the other day to say that he was a little anxious and asked me how to do well in the exam.

I said on the phone: "what you have to learn is not how to get high marks, but how to face this" turning point "."

did you know that only students have feelings for the college entrance examination?

because there are too many "college entrance exams" and too many turns in the adult world.

looking for a job for the first time, changing careers for the first time, and marrying blabla for the first time, these pressures are no less than those of the college entrance examination.

when I haven't experienced it, I feel like I'm facing an archenemy, and I look back like a lifetime ago.

this is how we felt in the college entrance examination, and how we feel when we face every important turning point in the future.

College entrance examination and university never symbolize success or failure.

it just means that you're going to get in touch with the adult world, and you're going to start learning the rules of adults.

and believe me, this is much sadder than the college entrance examination.

I forgot a lot of pictures about the college entrance examination, but the only one can remember it clearly.

31 days before the college entrance examination, she and I sat in the sultry classroom to review.

in the middle of the topic, she suddenly asked me, "where will we be after the college entrance examination?"

I pointed to her examination paper and asked her to concentrate on her study.

but she continued on her own: "will you go to Guangzhou?" Shall we go to Guangzhou together? "

look up and see that she has some serious expression.

I was stupefied. I took back the original sentence "read a book carefully", nodded and said yes.

it seems that she is more afraid of parting than the college entrance examination.

now when I think about it, I suddenly think it's too much.

agreed to work together, agreed to go to the same city, agreed to keep in touch, and now? Where are you?

at that time, the promises were so careful that they all seemed to be fake.

the lyrics that upset me most are: "up to now, the night sky is shining, leaving me alone to watch the fireworks."

but then I stopped blaming anyone.

because I'm beginning to understand that we always lose our favorite people, favorite things.

people grow old in saying goodbye and losing again and again.

this is the first annoying but common thing for us after the college entrance examination.

after the college entrance examination, the second annoying but common thing is "not getting".

I like the third year of high school.

because at that time, all our earnestness seemed to be rewarded accordingly.

so we recite knowledge points and sleep on the table;

do papers crazily, using up seven pens a week;

be nice to the people you like, and then blabla

that's a time when you know where the direction is, know how to work hard, and be a little hard on yourself.

it's just that after the third year of high school, we slowly realize that it's not the same as before.

interview five student organizations, none of them entered the second examination.

I submitted my resume for eight months and didn't get an interview qualification.

girls who have been in love for more than a year are still not together in the end.

We keep trying, but we keep falling, and then we get discouraged.

I remember that it took me a long time to accept: there are a lot of things we just can't get no matter how hard we try.

such as ideal university, ideal job, ideal object, ideal way of life.

it's just that the real world doesn't stop.

With many wonderful choices of different styles, you cannot go wrong with one of our black long dress for prom party. Our collections make it a piece of cake to help you choose the perfect one.

you always have to move on until you get it.

I watched a play called "the Best of us" last year and cried many times.

my friends laugh at me. Are there so many crying points?

if I had just finished the college entrance examination, I might not have cried.

but now I look back at similar plots.

the entanglement of the division of liberal arts and science classes, the separation of good friends, and fighting desperately for the people I like, I am really touched.

I see a lot of helplessness and a lot of courage from it.

choose science subjects you are not good at for those you like, lift off the boss's desk for good friends, and make a promise to "be sure to go to Beijing" for each other's future.

these things I used to do, it seems that I can't do them now.

many people stubbornly say that they are too young to know anything.

but a few days ago, when I asked them what they wanted for Children's Day, they were all "have a good rest", "find an internship" and "pass CET-6".

but this is not a wish that a child would make.

tomorrow is the last college entrance examination for the post-90s. When I realize this, I feel a little sad.

because it means that all of our generation are starting to leave school.

also means that no one will treat you like a child anymore.

good night.