Another "scandal" has become a hot search, and her people have completely collapsed?

Another "scandal" has become a hot search, and her people have completely collapsed?

May the general public bid farewell to aesthetic prejudice and label kidnapping.

recently, hot search is a bit lively!

some people overturn overnight, others collapse, making people so angry that they can't sleep, saying that they no longer believe in love.

some people made great progress in their career and won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor.

people are overwhelmed by the hot search in turn.

however, there is a topic

# the man wearing Riman clothes in Nanjing Scenic spot was asked by the masses to take off #

, let the uncle feel very eye-catching.

it turns out that during the period of New Year's Day, a man dressed in Japanese animation costumes came to visit the Xuanwu Lake Scenic spot in Nanjing.

because the words "Tokyo Club" were printed on the back of the clothes, it attracted a crowd of onlookers.

an old man confronting him rationally advised him: "there is no room for negotiation, you want to play animation, you go to other places to play."

period, we can also hear the kind advice of tourists around us from time to time, "this is not suitable for wear."

video was sent out, it aroused many netizens' retweets and heated discussions.

it is true that the freedom to dress is everyone's right, but this does not mean that clothes can be "unprincipled and bottomless".

before asking for "social tolerance", please distinguish the occasion; while showing your personality, you should also consider the current universal values.

after all, to dress appropriately is not only to respect others, but also to solemn yourself.

some time ago, a piece of news also aroused the indignation of netizens.

on December 13, National Memorial Day, a woman wearing a kimono was shopping in a historical and cultural district in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province.

after netizens took photos and posted blog reports, they caused an uproar.

after investigation, the police learned that the woman was a teahouse manager and occasionally took part-time jobs as network models.

on the day of the incident, she received an invitation from a store and went to shoot in a kimono.

was photographed by passers-by, she had just finished filming and was about to go back to the store to change into her clothes.

incident fermented to surf the Internet, she realized that her unthinking dressing behavior had caused a very bad social impact.

she was filled with remorse and sincerely apologized to the public.

the one-sided extreme "you can wear whatever you want" is not the same as "freedom of dressing".

when we dress freely, we should have a sense of responsibility of "not disturbing others".

only by being in line with the environment, identity and preferences can you have real happiness in dressing.

under the guise of "freedom to dress", it would be not only stupid, but also bad to test crazily on the edge of breaking the law.

Last year, there was an inexplicable "vaccine pack" on the Internet.

the first girl to share inspiration and dress was meant to be "convenient and fast".

what is puzzling is that after that, things began to move in a strange direction.

someone deliberately wore a sexy sling to show their shoulders and took eye-catching photos.

what is even more exaggerated is that many Internet celebrities begin to show their figure in order to realize the flow.

dressed in thin shoulder straps and a deep V-shirt, she took a voluptuous pose and clapped violently.

if you really can't roll up your sleeves, there's nothing wrong with showing your shoulders a little.

but what is this obviously intentional act that is not "grandstanding"?

this is simply the vilification and tarnishing of the freedom of dressing!

Freedom is not completely unconstrained, it has certain boundaries.

using angels in white as the background board and serious topics as the password of wealth, this is not called freedom, it is called indiscretion.

the freedom to dress is intended to encourage us to have an independent aesthetic and will.

it should never be abused for another purpose and become an excuse and shield for inappropriate behavior!

if you want others to respect your freedom of dressing, the most basic premise is: dress appropriately, respect and love yourself.

the real freedom to dress is to please yourself conscientiously without violating morality and law.

not long ago, Ouyang Nana posted a group of photo photos on Weibo.

she looks sunny and sweet in small flower suspenders with denim braces.

unexpectedly, the sharing of this group of daily life was provoked by conscientious people to "dress scantily", and the comment area was full of curses.

but in the variety show not long ago, Ouyang Nana was rejected by fellow boys as "too conservative" because of her T-shirt, shorts and diving swimsuit.

the "aesthetic gaze" and "critical judgment" from the male perspective are really speechless.

Ouyang Nana is not the only star to be complained about dressing up.

in the early years, Li Yuchun, a singer who became popular all over the Internet, was subjected to serious cyber violence because he was too neutral and subverted the public's perception of women.

after listening to the big power, he turned his eyes directly and said, "my end will be shorter."

it is up to the women to decide what to wear and what not to wear.

"less dressed" does not mean "can be harassed", "dressed not in line with your aesthetic" does not mean "I have no taste", nor does it mean "you can point the finger at my life".

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as long as it is not vulgar and deliberately exposed, it does not matter to show personality and charm in dress generously.

May the general public bid farewell to aesthetic prejudice and label kidnapping.

May all girls follow their hearts and find the most comfortable style of dress.

I hope that Chinese women can really embrace "freedom of dressing" and live a life of self-confidence and happiness.

I hope that every one of you, whether tall, short, fat, thin, without makeup and traditional avant-garde, will be free and radiant.