As a girl, you must not be afraid of getting old.

As a girl, you must not be afraid of getting old.

After his twentieth birthday, he began to turn three.

A street interview entitled "what do post-00s think of post-90s" went popular on Weibo. A pupil said: "they are very brave because they have experienced the Anti-Japanese War."

hearing this reason, my roommates and I laughed wildly.

but after laughing, I sighed a little.

We feel "old" more and more intuitively, and even describe ourselves as "middle-aged". After all, the biggest is three years after the 90s.

everyone is afraid of old age, not only because life is really short, but also because age is sometimes like a yoke.

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you can't fall in love at the age of 15, you should be admitted to a good university;

you can't make waves at the age of 24, you should have a real job;

at the age of 30, you'd better be stable and start a family.

Age gives us defined tasks that are getting harder and heavier.

when I was 18 years old, my parents said to me, "I can't leave the province. I can only study this major." Recently, my mother began to imply to me on the phone: "my classmate has married a daughter."

as a girl, the older she gets, the more sad she becomes.

is not afraid of getting ugly, but of words that want you to follow a specific pattern.

after the age of 20, the girl who is about to run three years old suddenly looks a little embarrassed in front of time.

when the neighbor's sister was born in 1990, the aunt always said, "it's almost thirty. You can't pick and choose. You can't get married as soon as possible."

in the face of all kinds of blind dating arrangements that she didn't want to go to, my sister smiled bitterly: "my mother has a hard life, and I don't want to disobey her."

uncles and aunts don't have a good relationship. When I was a child, I often heard them quarrelling about dropping bowls and lifting tables.

but even if she is unhappy in her marriage, my aunt still wants to push her children down this road for no reason.

when a girl reaches the age of 30, she should have a husband and raise her children.

the surrounding environment is saying this, never even thinking that not every girl needs to "get married" as a guarantee of life.

Today's girls also have the ability to support themselves, but others still stubbornly ignore this ability and still use the "for your own good" attitude to ask you and urge you.

this disregard even makes me wonder whether these people do not want us to "be ourselves" because, once they admit that we are right, they made the wrong choice.

is it because they are afraid to face their original mistakes, so they constantly lock up others under the pressure of time, forcing them to repeat one after another?

and the most direct manifestation of this mistake is the definition of the personal value of girls-the twenties are the best, and the older they are, the lower the price.

this is the biggest obstacle and restriction for girls in many families.

"you take an examination of a civil servant and marry a good family as soon as possible."

"Don't work too hard, so no one will want it."

"what's the use of reading so many books? you don't have to make money."

No one has ever thought about what they want.

my cousin studied in Guangzhou for four years, but she was asked by her father to go home and find a job. When she aggrieved to ask me for help, I couldn't help being angry.

when everyone went to try to persuade the girls to get rid of them, they never thought about how many people had said similar things before.

while those women clench their teeth, it is because they firmly believe that

their future should not be limited to "marriage".

not all 20-year-old girls should find a secure job, and

not all 30-year-old girls should stay at home with their husbands and raise their children.

I have seen too many friends who have been expelled from their ideal by their families. When someone says that time will make a girl lose his price, I say no.

it's not eighteen or thirty that make people cheap, it's those who give in and give in to life.

SK-II released a new film called "Life without limits", in which there is a very interesting setting.

everyone has a time tag on their arm that represents age.

so during her growing up, the time tag and the people around her kept reminding her of her age.

every time she tries to be herself, people around her will carelessly scan her arm, hinting to her: "you have reached a certain age, it is time to do things by the rules."

she doesn't like the boy who is arranged to go on a blind date.

she doesn't like the billboard saying "pretty much, don't be too picky".

even, she doesn't like the feeling that everything around her is wrapped in age.

so she crossed the age of twenty, and as she approached the age of thirty, she made her own choice.

there is a phrase that has also been popular on Weibo, called "everyone has their own time zone". There are a few sentences like this:

some people are still single, while others are married.

everyone in the world already has their own time zone for development.

Don't be jealous or laugh at them.

many people do not understand this truth, and their cynicism makes the characters in the film hide the age on their wrists all the time.

it's just that at the age of 30, when the whole world keeps oppressing her, hoping that she will compromise, the hostess finally doesn't want to hide the "time tag" on her hand.

she wants to tell the world that age is just a number, whether twenty or thirty.

our lives should not be determined by a number.

when she decided not to cover up the age code, the label on her hand disappeared.

when I saw this, I was a little touched.

actually we alsoAlways afraid of the environmental pressure around us, we have not yet compromised, but we have been patient, have been afraid to face that time, do not dare to resist the restrictions around us.

We will be like our neighbor's little sisters, pretending to go on a blind date but never say no to me; like my little cousin, we will come and complain to me but dare not tell others out loud.

but in many cases, if you choose to be patient, you have to endure countless times. It only takes once to resist



there is a conclusion in the film:

We can make decisions for ourselves, decide who I am, decide what is most meaningful, and decide what message to convey to each other.

it is a pity that although we have been advocating equality between men and women, very often, it takes more courage and confrontation for girls to be themselves than boys.

I hope that whether you are 18, 24 or 30 years old, when you are reminded by your age that you should do something, or it will be too late, you must not be afraid of the lie of "too late".

because it's never too late to be yourself. Good night.