Class activity is a thing that tries to cultivate feelings but always fails.

Class activity is a thing that tries to cultivate feelings but always fails.

I'll forget you sooner or later anyway.

the League secretary sent me a red envelope that night, but I dared not click on it.

when I saw the sentence "are you free tomorrow" on the red packet, I began to rack my brains and search for the next excuse.

get sick, go home, work, girlfriend's birthday

in order to refuse to participate in class activities, the available excuses seem to have been used up.

finally I had to reply to her directly:

"Sorry, I'm really not interested."

she was probably so used to it that she didn't show any more displeasure.

but the "alas" in moments still reveals her helplessness that she has been rejected many times tonight.

later, when I talked about this with my friends, I found that no matter what identity I was, most of them had been troubled by this matter.

I can't help feeling that class activities are really an excruciating existence.

A very unpleasant existence.

"it's really embarrassing to get together with people who have no feelings."

I remember that the only class activity I have ever participated in in college is to have dinner at the big stall next to the school.

the distribution of 14 people per table broke up the small circles and had to merge with others.

the process of waiting for food is the most painful, because there is nothing to eat, so everyone can only play with their heads down and play with their mobile phones.

in order to break the ice, the monitor jumped out and said:

"Why don't we play truth or dare first?"

as soon as the voice dropped, several people secretly glanced at it, then immediately smiled and replied "Hello".

the girl next to me smiled and nodded while sending "how embarrassing" to her friend on Wechat.

everyone is careful not to expose their displeasure and make the scene even more embarrassing.

so we had to ask a round of innocuous "truth" awkwardly and try our best to cater to each other.

it was not easy to wait until the dishes were served, picked up two mouthfuls casually, and could not help but find an excuse to get out first.

the moment I stepped out the door, I felt relieved.

the class committee always uses the word "cohesion" to invite others, but real friends probably don't have to work so hard to get along with each other.

in college, the concept of the class is weakened, and it is not surprising that the feelings of the same class are not deep.

strangely, every class activity has to make people pretend to be good friends and do what good friends do.

"there are countless things that are really much more meaningful than class activities."

I remember that once the regiment secretary came to the boys' dormitory in order to call us away.

it's a pity that I still got a bad look on my face.

some say they are going to take a part-time job in the afternoon;

another is going to interview for an internship;

there are still people who want to accompany their long-distance girlfriend.

these reasons are so convincing that no one is embarrassed to say that class activities will be more important.

so she can only stare at the dormitory where the regiment is fighting.

"if you don't have a single dog who doesn't need an internship, don't waste your time playing computer in the dormitory and go to class activities."

did not expect that this sentence seemed to poke into the pain of the fourth, glanced at her and said:

"anyway, it is a waste of time, it is better to waste it to make yourself happy."

she was angry that day.

but in retrospect, although the words are very rough, they are also very realistic.

not to mention the part-time intern girlfriend, even if you sleep late in the afternoon and spend the whole afternoon in the dark, it is more meaningful than going to class activities that you don't like.

just a little distressed, it is like aged woman who has been left out in the cold.

it does not attract people, no one cares about it, and avoids it.

"it might be easier if everyone had a little empathy."

I have always wondered why the class committee is so enthusiastic about it.

can they gain a sense of achievement and be happier if they force us to come here and suffer more pain?

that day in the dormitory corridor, I saw the monitor next door unhappy, so he went over and patted him on the shoulder.

after a few words, he told me that he wanted to resign.

A little surprised, I asked him, "Why?"

he hammered me and said with a smile, "there are too many people like you."

I was a little disgusted, but seeing that he looked depressed, I decided to keep listening.

speaking of class activities, time, venue, funds, guests, notices, and even benefits, he prepares them alone every time.

when you go alone to talk in private, you are still regarded as the god of plague, hiding if you can.

when I arrived at the university, many freedom fighters emerged overnight, attacking the collective and pursuing individuality. "coercion" has long become a politically incorrect thing.

was the time when someone said:

"memorize words all afternoon and remember them for the next 30 years. What's the point of college classmates forgetting them three years after graduation?"

talking about it, he sighed again and said:

"I decided to resign because I suddenly found that I could not find words to refute him."

"I even think that what he said seems to be true."

after that, he no longer asked anyone to cooperate with his work, because he could not even find his own meaning.

in order to make both sides feel better, he specially finds a day every month to ask everyone to stay after class to take a picture and pretend that the activity has taken place to meet the requirements of the school.

but the poor thing is, even if they all do this, it will still lead to a lot of complaints.Tao.

I have always thought that class activities just make students miserable.

now I realize that, in fact, those class members will probably be more painful.


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suddenly feel very sad.

is the student wrong? I don't think so.

is that the mistake of the class committee? No, not really.

I thought for a long time why there are some classes and everyone is enthusiastic about these activities.

even on a hot day, they do not hesitate to risk exposure to do something that others think is boring, and they are still very happy.

after three years of studying in college, I finally found that good classes and good activities are accidental results that can not be found.

on the first day of school, everyone is randomly assigned to a different class, and at that moment, the sex and attractiveness of the members of each class have been roughly determined.

to be able to play with your classmates is to miss and pursue the unattainable good luck. It is not surprising that

cannot attract each other.

A class with deep feelings and a good class activity is actually not a process of cultivating feelings, but the result of the mutual attraction of the members.

someone has refuted me with "falling in love over time", but I don't agree with it.

because time can only cultivate "comfort", not "attraction".

like people with good relationships, they usually share the same interests and have gathered in private countless times;

and those who cannot attract each other can only become ordinary friends at most if they eat another hundred meals.

being able to be a best friend or passer-by has actually been arranged from the very beginning.

and time is at best a tool for fellow travelers to find each other.

so, it's nobody's fault, it's just bad luck, we just have different paths.

when you pass by, you all smile and nod, don't be too embarrassed, and make both sides feel better.

after all, the way is different, and you will really forget it three years later.

good night.