Do you have someone you like?

Do you have someone you like?

Secret love is a grand psychological play.

long time no see.

recently interviewed and recorded the appearance of many friends when they were secretly in love.

I originally wanted to make a "secret love guide", but in the process of sorting it out, I suddenly found that everyone looked too alike when they were stupid.

Yes, if ambiguity is the best appearance in a relationship, then the appearance of secret love must be the stupidest in a relationship.

tell a story about "secret love" tonight.


A Yuan has liked him for a long time.

there are two ways to like it, one is blatant, the other is careful in the dark.

A Yuan is the latter.

from my freshman year to the present, I have never had a chat with each other at the top.

she always habitually opens his picture, habitually studies his shared music and tweets, and habitually smirks secretly.

there are times when you really want to talk to each other, but A Yuan is always afraid to disgust the other person when she says the first thing she says.

in order to get off to a perfect start, she wants to know a little more about each other before taking the initiative to chat.

want to know if he likes light music,

want to know if he likes movies,

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want to know if he likes suspense novels.

want to know if he likes himself.


there are some things that you will miss when you are afraid.

A Yuan woke up a little after five o'clock in the morning. after looking at the time, he habitually entered his circle of friends.

because the other person has the habit of deleting moments, she is always afraid of missing out on each other's every move.

at 03:30 that morning, he shared "I think I've seen you somewhere".

maybe it's because she knows his circle of friends so well that the moment she saw the song, she intuitively thought:

he has someone she likes.

this is obviously just a guess with no evidence, but A Yuan has been sad for a long time.

she wanted to ask him more than once if he had someone to like.

but she held back every time she saw their empty chat box.

finally, at 06:30 in the morning, Ah Yuan shared Joey Yung's "timidity": "I know that unrequited love is dangerous, but I am not out of danger yet."

after sharing that moment, she suddenly envied the "spare tire".

at least some of the spare tire is qualified to be nice to the person you like, and she can't even send a "start".


people who are secretly in love are a bit like vampires, who can't see the light and can't restrain their desires.

so even if the other person has someone they like, they will hide around the corner, carefully observe the person they like, and speculate on each other's joys and sorrows from various clues while ensuring that they will not be found.

A Yuan did not read the official account before, but now he has become a "disorganized" reader.

once I selected her message, and she deleted it in a second.

she said she didn't want him to know that she also read this number.

I shrugged and couldn't tell whether I didn't want to or didn't dare.

he shared the tweet "I knew I would lose you" a few days ago, and she inexplicably felt that he was lovelorn.

A little bit of delight but uncontrollable sadness, she wanted to comfort something.

only in the end, she didn't say anything and didn't even dare to like it.

then retweet another tweet, "some like it, but in the end it's really not for being together", using this form to comfort his lovelorn.

but more than that, it may be to comfort yourself.


people sometimes lose the right to decide their emotions.

at that time, Ah Yuan's mood of the day all depended on what kind of moments he shared at that time.

it's just that you get tired after a long time.

yesterday was Ah Yuan's birthday. Many friends wished her a happy birthday. She posted her moments in a high profile for the first time, hoping to attract his attention.

finally, she didn't even get a like.

on the contrary, he may have failed to express his love by sharing "unspeakable secrets" in moments.

this was her favorite song, but she was so sad that she had only one thought: why do I have to like him? why don't I find someone who likes me more?

but after he sent the H5 of the tacit agreement test, A Yuan could not help but go in and get the highest score in his circle of friends.

he left a message ten minutes ago: "how come no one can pass 80 points?" .

looking at this comment, she wants to laugh a little, and then strangely wants to cry:

although I have never spoken to you, although I can't like you, at least, I am really trying to get to know you and get close to you.

and I really seem to have done a little bit.


the story ends here.

A lot of people criticize me. How could you do that? what happened later?

will she give up later? Will you express your love? Will they be together?

it's just that I said from the beginning that this is a story about "secret love", and giving up and confessing love has nothing to do with it.

unrequited love has no ending.

I can't see the ending. I'm anxious and upset, right?

do you know that your mood at the moment is the mood of the person you love secretly all the time.

they are mad, they are not reconciled, but like you, they can't help looking down and waiting, hoping to see an ending, even if it is.Or a tragedy.

but you don't have to look any further.

really, I'm not lying to you.

A lot of secret love to the end, like this article, can not even wait for the last good night.