First learn not to be angry, then learn to piss people off.

First learn not to be angry, then learn to piss people off.

Living happily is the best way to live in this life!


Wang Xiaobo said: all people's pain is essentially anger at their own incompetence.

losing temper is an instinct, but controlling one's temper is a skill.

the more incompetent people are, the more likely they are to get angry and angry with others.

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and those who are really capable know how to control their temper and will not get angry with others easily.

because they know very well that it is not worth being angry with villains and angry with themselves, but it is not worth the loss if they are angry with their loved ones and hurt their feelings.

people who are really wise have a big pattern, are open-minded, do not get angry easily, find great freedom for themselves, and live a calm and open-minded life!

less angry, more successful

what is difficult today will become a story tomorrow, and what is difficult today will be a thing of the past tomorrow.

being angry will not only solve the problem, but also disturb the mind and add annoyance and trouble to yourself.

when people are angry, their IQ is zero. At this time, if you just vent your anger, it's easy to do something you regret, and in the end, the loss outweighs the gain.

it is you who are angry. It is better to be angry than to be angry.

Don't get angry easily. If you get angry with someone who cares about you, it's easy to make them cold.

if you are angry with villains who are not worth it, it is even less worthwhile to be angry with yourself. the angrier you are, the happier they are. why torture yourself to find pain?

learn to control your temper, anger is stupid, often hurt others and yourself, learn to tolerate, learn not to care, let others go, but also let yourself go.

relax your heart, don't take it seriously, don't be entangled, learn to be tolerant and considerate, don't let trivial things affect your mood, and don't let people or things that are not worth it make you exhausted.

Wise people know how to control their emotions

Mr. Haruki Murakami has a saying: you are going to be a quiet adult. Don't be emotional, don't miss secretly, don't look back, and live another life.

Yes, truly mature people know how to restrain their emotions and know that the world is warm and cold.

one thought of heaven, one thought of hell, a lot of things, with a different state of mind to look at the problem, is likely to get different results.

when you calm down, adjust your mood and then deal with the problem, you will find that you will become calm, no longer angry, and it will be easier to find a solution to the problem.

the existence of anger and bad mood has no effect on solving problems, but will only add more troubles to you.

the growth of bad emotions will only lead you to a stalemate, which will not only make you tired and tired, but also give people the impression of emotional instability, everyone will stay away from you, and the road of life will only get worse and worse.

people who do not know how to restrain their emotions are always irritable and violent, which not only makes their living hearts tired, but also affects their normal work and life.

have read such a story.

one day, an old monk said to the young monk that the master was going out, and this bottle of orchids was entrusted to you.

after the master left, one day there was a strong wind and the orchid was accidentally broken.

the little monk blamed himself, and the master came back in a few days, but he never scolded the little monk.

the little monk was so puzzled that he couldn't help asking the master, master, I broke your orchid.

Why don't you punish me?

the old monk said, "you have forgotten the original intention of raising orchids. We grow flowers to appreciate and be happy, not to be angry."

there are some things I can't accept for a while. Looking back after a while, it's no big deal, it's not as hard to let go as you think, and the grudges will fade in the end.

easily get angry, irritable, life will only get worse and worse, and calm, calm and open-minded, will have a better future.

Don't let other people's mistakes affect you

to be angry is to punish yourself for other people's mistakes, to pay for other people's mistakes, to be angry, and to be the most physical foolish behavior.

Life is only a few decades, why care too much, refuse to let go of yourself, and make yourself mad.

make your body angry, who will love you, others ignore you, you are sad and sad.

you will only make yourself sad if you are angry. The angrier you are, the more tired you will be. Make the body angry, disturb the mood, happiness is lost, trouble comes, it really does more harm than good.

people are calm, the body will be healthy, things will be smooth, the heart will be bright, and life will be comfortable.

first learn not to be angry, and then learn to be angry to death. Don't let yourself get angry. If you get angry, your luck will be gone. It's easy to get angry, and it doesn't have any positive effect on our lives.

people live in the world, to understand that the road of life, there will inevitably be ups and downs, no one's life has been smooth, everyone will encounter grievances, everyone will encounter people who do not like themselves, very often, look down on their own is the best relief.

to be a man, you should be calm and calm, open-minded, accept all rivers, be patient when you are in conflict with others, and when you are aggrieved, self-regulation will not cause you any trouble.

Don't get angry with others, be kind, be generous, don't get angry, don't get angry, and live happily is the best way to live in this life!