He suddenly announced that he had a son, frightening 300 million netizens: get married secretly without telling us?

He suddenly announced that he had a son, frightening 300 million netizens: get married secretly without telling us?

As long as there is one more person to listen to him sing, he will go on singing.

long time no see, he's back!

Pin Guan, who used to listen to it on mp3, recently joined the "Shining Band" organized by Zhejiang Satellite TV, and got a hard return on the program.

before the opening, he was a tornado hand, such as the wind residual clouds, powerful.

amazed at many artists off the stage, the original Pingguan guitar is so powerful!

as soon as he opened his mouth, he instantly brought the time back to my girlhood.

his voice has not changed for more than 20 years, and he is still the childhood god in his memory, so gentle and affectionate.

A song "obviously loves you very much", I do not know how many people's youth memories come back?

but, who would have thought, it was his 8-year-old son who went viral on the whole network.

with the song "the door is unlocked", he successfully conquered all uncles and aunts.

the voice is tender but very scratching the ear, the rhythm is catchy, the simple word is: top!

it is not allowed that anyone has not seen this new singer!

many people are curious about where Pingguan has been for so long without the music industry.

Why are the children so old all of a sudden?!

Gigi remembers that he is a unique "gentleman of love songs" in the Chinese music world.

the pure and thorough baritone is like a cup of hot tea in winter.

if "Healing is a Love Song", who can sing him?

when it comes to product crown, we have to mention MUJI.

in 1995, two big boys who loved singing met in the church choir and quickly got to know each other.

the two co-created the first version of Palm, which soon became well-known in Malaysian Chinese circles.

before long, the demo of this song was heard by Li Zongsheng, who immediately decided to pay Guangliang and Pingguan to sign the contract.

and made his debut as a combination in the same year, whose name is MUJI.

the original Palm has also been reproduced and released as the group's debut album.

the slogan of the album at that time was "the only voice that moved Brother Li Zongsheng in the past three years."

in that era, affection and sadness were the background of the times.

the palm of the palm is completely homeopathy, poking the hearts of countless boys and girls.

in the KTV late at night, they sang happily:

"spread your palms,

Let me see you,

the secret of mystery.

see if it's true inside,

Yes, I have you. "

the popularity and popularity of the public made the album sell a scary 12-week double platinum sale.

the peak is when you make your debut.

however, all the halos are coming too fast and too suddenly, and the contradiction and differentiation of combinations are gradually emerging.

MUJI is the first combination made by Rolling Stones, and no one knows where his future will go.

and Guangliang and Pinkuan themselves are not very close friends.

the two hardly see each other except for their work.

for a variety of reasons, in 2000, after they released their last album, "cherish MUJI," the group disbanded on the spot.

since then, Pinguan has started his own solo flight.

in 2004, he released his solo album door unlocked.

invite Li Zongsheng, Zhang Yadong, Yao Ruolong and other big names to cheer for him, and finally achieve good results again.

the main song "door unlocked" is cheerful and relaxed.

is also about the love of urban men and women, but with a kind of bearish wanton and free and easy.

and the song "Ming Ming loves you very much" sung with his younger sister Liang Jingru is popular in the streets and has become a love song for countless couples.

"I love you very much

obviously want to be close

but someone around you is always crowded with flowers

Why should I defeat my romantic rivals one by one

dare to say aloud that you want to be your only

after that, A Xin tailored a song "what those Girls taught me" for the champion, which put him on the top of the music list again.

but his favorite is always singing quietly on the stage.

in 2014, Pinguan was invited to participate in "I am a singer".

back on the professional stage, he said: I "died with no regrets".

after "Singer", Pinkuan participated in the "King of masked songs".

put on a heavy lion's head and a casual jacket, specially lowered the key, and lowered his voice when singing.

but as soon as he opened his mouth, he was recognized.

such a warm and moist voice, who else can there be but him?

later, Pinguan participated in some music ensembles one after another, and the records were released one after another.

just the stage and works that have been lukewarm and have not come out of the circle.

but in fact, the belief in Pingguan's heart is very simple.

he doesn't sing to win any honor, but alsoNot to prove how good you are.

just want to sing the stories and emotions in the song to everyone.

as long as there is one more person listening to him sing, he will go on singing.

for so many years, there has been a loyal listener who has always been firmly at Pingguan's side.

her name is Jennifer, an outsider, and she works in Hong Kong.

in addition to the audience, she also has an identity, that is, Pinkuan's wife.

the two met in 2003 and it wasn't long before they established a relationship.

at that time, Pinkuan was already a popular singer, while Jennifer was just a plain person.

with her, Pinguan doesn't have any star airs, just a big boy who loves music.

in 2011, when Pinguan was filming the TV series "Sisters", he accidentally sprained his hand and got his arm in plaster, which made his life very inconvenient.

when Jennifer found out, he specially asked for leave to fly to Pinguan's home to take care of him.

once, while preparing a loving breakfast for him, I accidentally cut my hand and got more than a dozen stitches in hospital.

at that time, Pingguan, who was in a hurry to shoot the film, could only take her to the door of the hospital and let her see a doctor on her own.

after coming back from work, Pingguan, full of guilt, hugged his girlfriend and said, "Let's get married."

the couple have been married for nine years since they got married in 2012.

if you add in the 9 years of long-distance running before marriage, the two have been together for nearly 20 years.

during these 20 years, the two have loved each other day after day and have never quarreled.

on last year's wedding anniversary, the crown directly posted a face-to-face photo of Jiugong, showing love.

seeing the group photo, many netizens can't help but wonder: you two look so much like husband and wife!

forget the eyes and nose, but the teeth are so similar!

Pin Guan's son was born in the second year of marriage.

he named his child "Huang Wayne" and "Jayden" in English.

A year later, he reported the good news through Weibo and had another daughter!

A pair of children form the word "good".

since then, Pingguan's life has become more colorful.

in the evening, I played the guitar in the hall and the family sang and danced happily.

when the children want to play in the water, he sets up an indoor pool at home and plays with them for three days without stopping.

there is a set of quality crowns for educating children.

pay attention to their growth and allay their inner troubles in time.

under his training, his son became a model of filial piety in the school.

he knows that parents are always role models for their children.

A child is like a mirror, reflecting all the good and bad in his parents.

therefore, whenever they disagree with their wife about educating their children, they always tolerate and compromise with each other and talk about things on a case-by-case basis.

about the future of the child, Pinkuan has already written his expectation in the song "the most Beautiful greetings" for his son.

"when you grow up

take it easy

be happy

be a comfortable person

regardless of the future world


Don't forget to keep it simple.

these words are also said to himself.

from becoming famous in youth to entering middle age, the warmth and delicacy of the crown seems to have never changed.

this is the elegance engraved in his bones.

some people say that he sings with you from the bottom of his heart.

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No matter how long it takes to listen to his songs, my heart can always be easily touched.

the former teenager is now a father.

now he has another responsibility and inheritance.

he imparted his life gains to his children unconditionally to help them become better people.

look forward to seeing them singing together on the same stage one day!