I became a 20-year-old man.

I became a 20-year-old man.

And become disillusioned with life.

at the moment, now, the first thought in my mind.

Travel? Fall in love? Find a job you like? Have a solo concert? With 350000 fans? Even, standing on the stage of weird talk?

have you thought about it? Please remember this answer



yesterday I threw the above question into the readership and discussed it with you.

after thinking about it, a few people told me--

travel with people I like,

be a minister to learn new things,

learn drums, and go back to accompany my parents blabla

but there is also a small group of people who are very depressed and say, "I don't know, let's just be casual."I haven't found a good internship yet. I don't want to think about the future at all."

interestingly, when I counted the age of these two groups of people, I suddenly found that those who dared to have illusions about a year later were all "young people" below their sophomore year.

and those "Oh, that's it" are mostly seniors and seniors who start working.

I said very seriously in the group: "this is actually a very sad thing, I want to tell those who still dare to fantasize, remember your fantasies."

whether you are "young" or "old", I am writing this article for you tonight.

# reality will make people forget what is meant by love

until a month before the college entrance examination, I was still secretly writing novels on the Internet.

the happiest thing for me to graduate from high school is that I have enough time to write novels.

freshman year, 5 hours a day, 6,000 words.

at that time, someone asked me, "can you really live on words?"

I shrugged and said, "I like it." Besides, what if you go to hell? I'm not afraid of being tired. "

after writing 100000 words, I signed up three times and failed.

for two months, the book reviews are full of advertisements.

at that time, I was busy with clubs, writing articles, sleeping only five hours a day, and no recreational activities. Even so, my collection of novels is only 23.

my efforts are like a self-exuberance.

I felt like a fool and took the initiative to slap my face in the face of reality.

what's even more silly is that I could not have done this.

some people say, "it's just an interest, just forget it."

I stole a glance at the miserable 500 readings and comforted myself: "I'm really not good enough. Wait till I'm good enough."

that was the first time I knew that it would be painful to stick to what I like.

I'm not afraid of tiredness, but I'm afraid of pain.

so I naturally learn to compromise, to forget, to pretend I have no illusions.

like a cat sleeping late in the afternoon #

many people are so old that they forget what love feels like.

it's hard for me to describe what it feels like to like, so I can only share one thing that touches me. At the time of

520, a fake grass concert was held in disorder.

the number is unexpectedly large.

I touched my nose and suddenly felt that the environment was very sorry to everyone--

because of the rain, our stage was set up on the podium beside the football field, and there were many mosquitoes.

but it was such a terrible environment that everyone still sat "silly" for three hours, and the concert, which was supposed to end at 10:00, was put off until 11:00.

I asked a reader frankly, "Don't you think it's boring? why do you have to work so hard to come from other cities?"

she said excitedly, "but I'm happy, really happy."

she repeated many times that she was very happy, as if drunk, and there was an uncontrollable smile all night.

when she left, she said, "I still don't know why I'm so happy. Maybe it's because I like you guys, or maybe it's because I dare to go and see what I like."

her eyes were like a kitten squinting in the sun on a warm summer afternoon.

I thought to myself, how can you be so gentle?

# do you still have the courage to continue to like it?

I wrote in "when will you dare to pursue" how I find my favorite ability step by step and pursue it?

until now, like everyone else, I am afraid to do what I want to do.

just like on May 20, the weather forecast said there would be heavy rain.

We were worried that no one would come, that the concert would be boring, and that we might forget it.

so when we saw the crowd coming from afar at eight o'clock in the evening, we were really moved when we saw the readers turn on the flash and waved with us.

one is to move everyone to come, and the other is to move us not to give up.

Zhang Jingshi said, "actually, it's not difficult to hold a concert at all." It only takes a little courage. "

but it's a pity that we have been slapped so much by life that we don't even have the courage to pursue love.

that's why I feel so sad when I realize that those juniors and seniors, even those who work, don't even bother to fantasize about the future.

We all had the courage to love and fantasize about beauty.Courage, but life is really too much, it easily takes away our courage.

what's more, we also begin to be numb, get used to it, and begin to ignore the loss of courage.


I don't know if you remember the answer at the beginning of the article.

are you too lazy to fantasize?

will you always remember this answer?

or have you forgotten?

I have always been overly convinced that in the depths of everyone's heart, there must have been uncontrollable love and an impulse to "I really want to have it".

I want to remind you not to forget the courage to find love.

I remember six months ago, everyone kept asking me, "can you really support yourself by writing?"

What else can you possible need: a great price, fantastic customer service and timely shipping, in addition to a perfect reasonable maid of hornor wear. We have the right selection to suit your tastes.

for the first time, I plucked up the courage to carry questions and inquiries from my family and friends, but joined the chaos with some trepidation.

in the past six months, we went to six colleges and universities to give lectures, went to the wonderful talk scene, and even held a concert.

when I looked back today, I suddenly realized that I could do so much not because of how smart I am, but because I had the courage to clench my teeth and press to send my resume on a hot afternoon.

Don't stop fantasizing, don't completely compromise with life, in the end, you will find that the things you like are really more charming than the hot pot in winter.

good night.


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