I dare not stop, nor dare I feel tired

I dare not stop, nor dare I feel tired

Our generation does not like to work hard, but does not dare not to work hard.

We chatted a little.

he said he was still running for an interview.

I said I still have a headache in the script.

then the air stopped for a while, and I smiled and said, "get busy, come on in the interview."

he said, "come on, too" and walked over to me.

I looked back at his back and suddenly felt a little lonely.

I have known each other for nearly six years. When I was a freshman or sophomore, I dared to go out for a drink with you at two o'clock in the morning with a shout.

We talked about girls, basketball, ideals, everything.

but for now, we only talk about jobs and internships.

I can feel that people around me are entering a new "time zone".

in this time zone, everyone is running, desperately, and moving up.

people gradually stop saying "tired", because at this time, tired points seem to be appropriate.

so no matter how hard it is, we just say cheer.

to others, but also to yourself.

when you realize that you should prepare for your future work and life,

you will naturally jump out of the student's state of mind and enter what I call a new "time zone".

start the class, start the interview, start the postgraduate entrance examination, start the internship.

A Guo spent more than 10,000 yuan to sign up for a technical class during the summer vacation of his sophomore year.

she had classes from eight o'clock in the day to nine in the evening seven days a week that summer vacation.

I asked her if she was tired.

she said it was okay, but it was a little hard to teach too many things too fast.

"it's like going back to the third year of high school. Aren't you also looking for an internship?" Let's cheer up. Good night. "

it was only 10:30.

she, who could not sleep before 01:30, is now so tired that she has to go to bed at 10:30.

when junior year begins, she begins to look for an internship.

the first internship is an hour and a half from the school.

get up at 06:30 every morning, forget to buy breakfast, feet suspended in the subway crowd, sighed and told me that I accidentally fell asleep in the meeting.

I asked her if she was tired.

she said it was OK, but the distance was a little long, and there were not many opportunities for exercise.

"aren't you also working in a mess? Come on together and make progress together. "

then A Guo quit his first internship.

she felt comfortable there, and her progress was too slow. She felt that she should go to a better place.

the second semester of junior year, spring recruitment.

the students in the training class began to interview Tencent, NetEase and Ali. There was a group of people with many offer in their hands.

A Guo was envious, so she worked even harder.

she kept telling me that she didn't have a good grasp of knowledge and that she didn't do enough projects. In the middle of the meal, she said that she would go to class to study later.

but sometimes you don't get a proportional return for your efforts.

Sublime in their elegance, mid length dresses formal make your appearance regally glittery. Here is the right place for your perfect collection!

when interviewing several big companies, she had better not be informed, even though she thought she was doing well.

she wouldn't laugh for a while.

always keep eyebrows locked, can not sleep, and even intermittently anxious, continuous loss.

she always felt bad and said, "I have to hurry." Let's cheer up together. "

I asked her for the third time if she was tired.

she said it was fine, but she felt a little annoyed and felt that she should be more focused and work harder.

I finally couldn't help it and whispered on the other end of the phone, "if you can, don't work so hard."

she froze.

at that moment, I really came from the bottom of my heart. I don't want to say to A, come on.

"that's enough." I whispered.

"did you know that those in my class who studied later than me got the offer of Tencent?" Ah Guo on the other end of the phone is a little stubborn.

"but you've really worked hard enough. You're tired." I emphasized it once.

she whispered, "I'll refuel."... "

"would you please stop telling me to cheer?" I suddenly got a little angry. "can you try to admit that, anyway, this is all you can do now?"

there was silence on the other end of the phone.

I softened and whispered, "I know you are stubborn." So when you feel that you are not good enough, you will panic, and you will ask if you are not working hard enough or if you are not good enough. "

"but no, we have limits at every stage. You've done a good job. You don't have to compete with others. I really do. "

after saying this, the other end of the phone suddenly began to cry. She sobbed and told me that she was really tired.

I asked her three times if she was tired, and she said she was fine.

when I said I could not work hard, she cried and told me that she was tired.

"how humiliating." She cried for twenty minutes, then whispered, "Thank you."


Ma Dong said that interest is the prerequisite for self-improvement.


when I see the achievements made by some people of my age, I always feel that people of our age do not like to work hard, but do not dare not to work hard.

because the premise of self-improvement can be fear.

afraid of not keeping up with the terrible environment,

afraid of many of us.Something I didn't even realize.

I remember that for eight months, I couldn't get any interview for every resume. When you are pushed to the ground by negation, you still have to keep a stubborn face and say it doesn't matter. Come on.

refueling means, "I still have room to work harder, and I should keep trying."

so we push ourselves, squeeze ourselves, and do not let go of ourselves.

I don't want you to give up fighting completely, because each of us is forced to run helplessly.

I just hope that when you have tried your best, when you are stuck, you can try to believe:

"it doesn't matter, you don't have to work hard, you don't have to cheer. I've done my best. I can stop and have a rest for a while. "

you can try to believe that after working so hard for such a long time,

is really not as bad as we thought and accomplished nothing as we imagined.

good night.