I don't want to be with my girlfriend AA anymore.

I don't want to be with my girlfriend AA anymore.

Why can't you save money?


I used to be a person who didn't care much about money.

some people don't care about money, often because they have no money.

at that time, I had a girlfriend who knew that my financial level was average. Every time she came all the way to see me, she insisted on AA for dinner, chose a park for a date, and dared not stay a little better.

on her birthday, I saved frugally and wanted to invite her to a dinner that looked high-end.

when ordering, she looked at the price on the menu, then subconsciously looked at me and said she was not hungry and ordered only one set meal for two.

I pursed my lips, took the menu in her hand, and ordered a few more dishes.

that meal of several hundred yuan made me very silent.

she asked me if I was angry, and I tried to squeeze out a smile I didn't believe in and said no.

I am not angry with her for ordering only one set meal. I am angry that I can only order one set meal for her.

then I realized that having no money is sometimes not my own business, and people close to you will become trembling because of it.

include when you should be most happy.

when I went back that day, the first thing I did was to open my browser and look for a job.


I used to do a lot of part-time jobs, such as waitress, handing out flyers, customer service, game evaluation and so on.

when you really want to make money, you can always find a way, but the speed of money is different.

but I don't know if you have the feeling that no matter how much money you earn this month, your balance at the end of the month must be zero.

I have been writing on this official account for more than eight months. This is my first formal job.

all the people who work in clutter are slowly increasing their working hours in order to get better. No matter where you are every night, the cell phone can run out of power, but the computer can't.

correspondingly, the salary is also slowly going up. At the beginning, I don't need to take the living expenses from my family, and I can even treat my family and friends to delicious food.

after living a little better, I began to dislike fast food, began to search for various food strategies, and began to buy clothes and sneakers that I had hesitated for a long time.

so every time I calculate the balance at the end of the month, I will say, "I really can't save the money, so I can only find a way to earn more."

but at that time, I thought it was a good thing, because I would start looking for ways to improve myself, so that I could deserve a more valuable job.

"desire doesn't matter, just let your ability keep up."


I said earlier that I interviewed a favorite game company and got the offer.

so I've been looking for rent for the last half of the month.

renting a house is time-consuming and laborious, and the most important thing is to spend money.

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the house price near the company is high. After I opened Wechat, Alipay and bank card, and put together 5.21 yuan, I found that there was still a shortfall of 3, 000.

so I called my mother and asked tentatively, "Mom, can I borrow a few thousand yuan from my father in a week?"

I was careful because I thought I had grown up.

but in the end, instead of lightening the burden on my family, I was still bothering them.

my father suddenly called, and I was a little embarrassed: "Dad, I was just looking for you."

he said it would be no good for me to come to him, so I had the nerve to rent a house and wanted to borrow three thousand yuan and pay it back in a few days.

my father smiled, then called me four thousand and said there was no need to return it.

when he wanted to say that his salary would be repaid as soon as he came down, he said a few more words: "if you have money, save it yourself. I really don't use much money here. Don't hang on. You need to let me know."

on the phone, my father stressed many times that he didn't need money.

I don't know if he really doesn't need money, but I know that this sentence is meant for me. I hope I have less psychological burden when I ask for money.

so I felt uncomfortable outside the balcony of my dormitory for a long time. I couldn't help thinking of that restaurant again. My ex-girlfriend glanced at me and carefully ordered a set meal to take care of my emotional appearance.


I always thought that after I could work part-time and work, I could make important people no longer have to worry about me and enjoy their own life happily.

in the end, even with the source of income, I still can't reassure them.

but if I eat less delicious food and buy fewer pairs of shoes that I don't wear, I can take out the three thousand yuan.

looking back, I have been working in disorder for eight months and haven't even saved a penny.

my father keeps asking me when I plan to get married.

I said I might not get married in my life.

he said at that time: "if you don't get married, you won't grow up. You always know how to play, not how to live."

I don't agree with the idea that you can't grow up if you don't get married.

but now I have to admit that I really don't understand life.

I can't help thinking, if I get sick now, do I still have to take money from my family to make them scared? If my friend is in urgent need of money now, am I unable to give even a little help?

will know that making money is not enough, you have to know how to use it well.


every time someone talks about financial management, everyone tells me that financial management can make your life better and allow you to better plan your wealth.

but this is not the case. Financial management plays only one key role for those young people who are on the rise.People you are close to no longer need to take care of your emotions, no longer need to be scared because of you.

so I went to Pudong Development Bank, and there are several reasons why I want to manage money through them.

1. It is a big brand, reassuring and trustworthy.

2. It has many financial items, which can meet my different needs and provide considerate service.

3. The most important point is that it has a low threshold for financial management, and no matter how little money can help me manage my money.

my father wants me to get married because he just wants me to know how to manage money and how to live.

similarly, I hope to manage money and know how to make good use of money. I really don't want any more important people to be cautious to me.

that feeling is worse than being lovelorn. Good night.