I go to college, but I just go on in another place.

I go to college, but I just go on in another place.

Which kind of stability, there is no hidden whirlpool.

the college entrance examination has been over for several days, and the results have not yet been released.

many brothers and sisters are partying, saying that they have finally come to an end.

when I think of the third year of high school, teachers always describe university as a paradise, saying that as long as they hold on to the present, they can go to the ivory tower.

so everyone is pushing towards it, as if breathing should be full of happiness as long as you are in college.

but when you really squeeze in, you will often find that it is not enough.

when I said to them, "I really want to go back to my third year of high school", they all thought I must be crazy and wanted to ask for trouble.

so today, I want to write down some "unhappiness" in college.


he is a well-known model boyfriend in moments.

remember all her makeup models;

refuse to contact any girl who may have an affair with her;

even if she has only a hundred yuan on her, she will spend all of it on each other.

everyone thinks that only such couples can survive the graduation break-up season.

but the two broke up before their senior year was over.

he sighed and said, "if only the down payment on the house was like lipstick, I wish I could save up with a few meals."

in the past, the best criteria for choosing a mate were "good-looking" and "be nice to me", but now, it seems to be uncertain.


"College must fall in love to make sense."

countless brothers and sisters said this to her during the summer vacation after the college entrance examination.

so when the boy kissed her, she didn't resist.

she was a little confused after listening to the other person's sentence "I don't want to fall in love" the next day.

come to me and ask me: "Why is it not a couple after kissing him?"

I shrugged and told her that many people are not necessarily lovers when they go to bed.

she was stupefied for a long time before she murmured, "it's terrible. All of a sudden I don't want to fall in love."

this is a bit cruel, but it is also the first required course in college.


he has a unique skill and can secretly play with his mobile phone in the desk drawer.

this is a unique trick he got after his cell phone was confiscated twice in high school, and he hasn't been caught since.

when he got to college, his set was still very popular and never lost his hand.

but one day he suddenly found that everyone around him was playing with their cell phones on their desks, while all the teachers turned a blind eye to them.

Grab the fashionable plus size wedding wear with sleeves cheap for any coming party or your planned date. There are arrivals in the latest fashion trends.

it turns out that all the college teachers are blind.

but suddenly I want to confiscate my cell phone.


hand out leaflets, play dolls, do tutoring, and do group performances.

at his best, he can work four jobs a week and earn 3k a month.

because of the poor conditions at home, he no longer asked for living expenses since his freshman year, so as to prove his maturity.

when he could graduate, he was told by the school that he had to take another year because of his absenteeism.

when he couldn't afford 20,000 yuan in tuition, he had to call home for help.

his father sighed and said, "you are so immature."

he cried.





until her retirement, she held 14 events, raised 200000 sponsors, and even set up a new department.

even if M is in great pain, she will still stand on the rostrum in uniform and high heels in high spirits to the freshmen.

she is always in the limelight and never allows herself to fail.

it's just that she recently sent 12 resumes, all of which were brushed down.

"it turns out that the president of the student union is not so useful in front of HR." As she bitten the straw out of shape, she said bitterly, "you might as well take a few more certificates."


he always steps into the classroom on time and always sits in the front row.

there is no love and entertainment, no extra social activities, only 5 hours of sleep every day, and the certificates have long been stacked into a hill.

Special eight, BEC, TOEIC 900, can be said to be the well-deserved high achiever.

he has given up too much in the past four years for what his parents call the future.

fortunately, when he was looking for an internship recently, he was accepted by a pretty good company, which can be regarded as a reward.

at the farewell dinner after graduation, everyone talked about the most unregrettable things they had done in the four years of college.

confession was rejected six times and had no regrets;

was punished when he was a sophomore;

or he got into a fight over his brother and the boy in the class next door;

when it was his turn, he froze for a long time and could not speak.

he never drinks, but he was the one who got the most drunk that night.

it has been 3 years since I graduated from high school, and I no longer have such great expectations for this place as I did then.

I think you know that to go to college is just to go on somewhere else, and it's not as happy as it was in high school.

even I can't tell you, just get through this stage, because you've been cheated too many times.

you know, the next stage, what we have to face, is bound to be even harder.

think of it this way, it seems a little easier.

although it is useless, I still want to say "come on" to you.

wash handleFace, let's go through it together. I'm here with you.

good night.