I miss you who haven't posted on WeChat moments for three days.

I miss you who haven't posted on WeChat moments for three days.

I don't know if you've ever tried to turn a person's moments to the end and don't sleep until you're done.

I have always thought that many of the functions of Wechat are very humane.

withdrawal can withdraw words that you say and regret, like can easily tell others, "I am watching you," and the blacklist can give the other party a chance before deleting it.

but gradually, these features are very depressing.

We can't resist the curiosity of withdrawing the news; giving likes also seems to be a sign of insincerity, resulting in a "like acquaintance"; the blacklist is also broken, and everyone is blacklisted for fun.

recently, I was depressed to find that when I clicked on a person's profile picture, it came to an end without sliding a few moments.

A gray word appears: "Friends only show the moments of the last three days /half a year".

the sense of loss is the same as seeing a cold horizontal line directly.

this gray word pops up under the moments of more and more people. I hope they just think it's fun for the moment and try something new.

the moments you say are whitewashed and not real enough; whether you say that browsing moments is a waste of life, I still think it is an important existence.

moments is the fastest way we can't get to each other and want to walk into each other's lives unilaterally.

I wonder if you have ever tried to turn over a person's circle of friends to the end, and you won't sleep until you finish it.

I was a little sleepy at first, but I became more and more refreshed.

it's as if there is a time machine in front of you, giving you a chance to participate in his past.

in the process, you will laugh at him, complain about him, and may be surprised to find that he is not what you think he is.

after saying good night one night, I secretly flipped through the circle of friends of the person I like.

he is the top three in the annual school singing competition. He helps little fans and likes to be so handsome that it is silly for me to hesitate every word when I chat with him.

but when I slowly flipped through the moments that night, at the beginning of the year, last year, the year before last … I found a guy who's not so handsome and kind of stupid.

when I dug up the cool "Love apartment" in the corner of my long circle of friends, I suddenly relaxed and said, "you are so stupid to watch Love apartment."

he smiled sheepishly: "how long have you been flipping?" It was three or four years ago. "

I want to go through the moments of all the people I like, and I don't care whether you used to be good, ugly or stupid.

I just want to not only participate in your present and future, but also quietly walk up to you in the past and see how cute you were at that time.

Don't just see it for three days.

I have a habit that the first thing I do when I add a new friend is to take a cursory glance at his circle of friends and "get to know" what the other person is like.

whether it's a new friend or just a partner in a working relationship, this is the most direct way to judge whether the other person is worth staying or not, and to facilitate future communication.

I also occasionally click on the moments of old friends who are very close but haven't seen each other for a long time. As if to satisfy their feelings, do not disturb them, but like a meeting.

when we chat again, I will naturally talk about their recent situation.

"how was your new job last month?"

Last week's newly dyed hair looks good. "

red long dress formal are designed to amp up your confidence and charm. Just take these selections into consideration.

"I saw you cook breakfast yesterday?"

at times like this, we can feel as if the other person is still around us, and the distance and time will not pull us very far.

can't see you for a long time, I can still know what new skills and habits you have recently learned.

so when we meet again, I am still a qualified friend, not reckless, not embarrassed.

but now that you haven't posted anything new in your moments for three days, I can't even see you quietly.


there is a saying in the movie "Her": "the past" is just a story told to yourself.

I used to like this sentence very much because I thought it represented maturity.

but was it really just a story told to yourself in the past?

what about good friends? What about the people you like? What about people who care about you?

I saw a very interesting moments that day: "strangers are allowed to see ten photos, while friends only show the moments of the last three days, so why do you add me as friends?"

I also know that many people lock up the moments they send out and choose to show only the moments of the last three days /half a year, because looking back on those who are emotionally hypocritical and unfriendly people will feel uncomfortable.

but Wechat also has an equally humane feature called "visible in groups".

so you might as well pull those unfriendly "friends" into a group at once and tell yourself to remember to block those people the next time you are hypocritical.

when you try to hide yourself by "visible for only three days", you will only alienate those who care about you.

because people who don't care about you never look at your moments.

and when those who care about you like me click into your avatar with longing and see those simple photos, they really can't help sighing.

Don't be visible for only three more days. Good night.