"I probably won't be able to get married."

"I probably won't be able to get married."

It is one of the few lucky things in the world to meet true love.

Li Zongsheng has a song called "late Marriage", in which a sentence goes like this:

"I never want to be single, but I have a hunch that I will marry late. I am waiting for the only soul in the world."

but in this world, too few people meet soul mates, and most of them make do and make do.

Marriage is different from love in that it is the natural sublimation of love.

not an old task.

Love is more distressing, but love is more difficult.

Marriage without love is an unfathomable siege.

like the line in the Japanese TV series "if you are a virgin at 30, you will become a wizard":

"it doesn't matter if you can't get married in this life."

it is said that in their early twenties, being lovelorn will be like half a life, and the whole world will be dark.

but close to the age of 30, you can learn to enjoy life at ease.

A person also has a good time.

A Qiu, a friend, is a celibate. she has achieved the position of supervisor in just two years and wears exquisite makeup to work every day.

colleagues wonder why she spells so hard, but A Qiu says faintly that this is the life I want.

"work hard and love life.

my sense of achievement is all in my career, and my feelings will only drag me down. "

only later did I know that A Qiu had never been in love.

the ex cheated when he was talking about marriage, and the statue of A Qiu was drained of all his strength after learning the truth.

after breaking up decisively, A Qiu began to devote herself to her career.

whether it is to ease the emotional injury or divert attention, A Qiu has since become the last person in the office to get off work.

slowly, she adapted to the pace of her work and accumulated a lot of contacts.

she can not only do her work meticulously, but also learn to buy herself flowers after work.

after winning a high-profile project, she flew directly to Sanya to see the sea for a holiday.

at an awkward age for others, A Qiu lived so peacefully and calmly that she sparkled.

"I probably can't get married, but it doesn't matter, because I love myself enough."

if the spiritual core is strong enough to have the ability to love oneself, he will not be in a hurry to marry himself.

for a long time, she has become her closest lover.

choosing to be single is not without longing for love.

it is precisely because of too much desire, and at the same time because of the rationality given by experience, that makes marriage more serious.

there is a line in the movie "palpitating Heart":

"some people live in tall buildings, some people live in deep ditches;

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some people are bright, others are rusty;

there are thousands of kinds of people in the world, but there are no floating clouds.

like a rainbow, you don't know until you meet it. "

just like the enviable marriage between Wang Xiaobo and Li Yinhe.

even years after Wang Xiaobo's death, Li Yinhe was still fascinated when he mentioned him:

"Xiaobo is the person I love most in my life."

in that closed and backward era, they were the only light shining into each other's world.

it is rare that soul mates in the world are as bright as the stars in the sky.

and more and more people choose not to make do.

they have walked through the mountains and rivers of the world and seen the wind and moon in the world.

it's just the love in the eyes of the world, it's too rare, so they don't want it either.

it is said that people who have been single for too long cannot get married.

after all, it has become its own universe, so there is no time to care about the stars.

Yu Feihong once said this in an interview:

"No matter how impatient the world is, I am my own scenery."

so free and easy.

how precious a man's life is, if he grows savagely, he can become his own moon.

Sheldon has this speech at Howard and Bernadette's wedding in the Big Bang Theory:

"I have been unable to understand that people spend all their lives pursuing the things that human beings spend their whole lives with.

maybe I am too interesting to be accompanied by others.

so I wish you as much happiness in each other as I give myself. "

it is one of the few lucky things in the world to meet true love.

however, if you are carried into marriage by life, you will lose the meaning of love.

if there is love, make delicate and translucent roses and bloom in the greenhouse.

if there is no love, he will love all things in the world, have all kinds of customs, and be at peace with the world.

, the romantic world is worth celibacy, but also worth running to the ideal and freedom.