I'm always waiting for the wrong person.

I'm always waiting for the wrong person.

Falling in love is like tofu.


have you ever tried to pick up a piece of tofu at once?

I have tried, and the feeling at that moment is that the strength of both chopsticks is just right.

the matter of sandwiching tofu depends more on ingenuity, carefulness and devotion. In many cases, if you push too hard or be careful, the result can only be described as "going too far".

more importantly, it takes two chopsticks to work hard together: no matter how careful you are, one chopstick can never pick up a piece of tofu.

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what happened to two friends recently made me realize that falling in love is to clip tofu again and again, it needs to be "just right", and it also needs two people to play together and work hard together.


A Chao's predecessor was a man of cold nature.

even after falling in love, she is still used to living in a world of one person, watching movies and eating hot pot alone.

this makes A Chao often feel like a hot face and a cold ass. Because when holding hands, two people walk all the way, never talking.

A Chao can only ease this silence by playing with his mobile phone.

"do you know what the most embarrassing hug is?" Chao said to me.

I shook my head.

he said, "once I hugged her, and after five minutes, she said something I will never forget."

he sighed and then said, "she said to me, are you ready?"

A Chao said: "after that, I hugged and kissed her only a handful of times."

in the end, as long as she talks to me, I will feel very happy.

it's natural to break up at last.

that night, A Chao texted her: "I've been thinking about it for a long time, and finally I want to forget it. I like you very much, but I also need your love to maintain my love for you. Falling in love is really not my own thing."

after half a ring, the phone vibrated and two words were written on it: "Sorry."

A Chao was sad for a long time. He tried a warm hug, but in the end, the breakup was still so indifferent.


"blame me for doing too much, so he will leave me."

A Xiao said this sentence a thousand times on that all-night night. But we all know that breaking up has nothing to do with doing.

We sat next to her and didn't know how to comfort her, so we could only hand her paper towels and help her cry and vomit again and again, looking at her red eyes helpless.

"I try to be tolerant because I know that love is not possession."

after saying this, Ah Xiao burst into tears, and his wailing turned into a sob, and his voice became hoarse for a moment.

the other person is a likeable boy, and as soon as he goes out with Ah Xiao, it is stipulated that "everyone should have their own private space and social circle."

A Xiao is the one who likes it more, so he agrees again and again.

two days ago, when two people were having dinner together, each other openly spoke to other girls and asked if they were free in the evening.

A Xiao is not only not angry, but also asks the other person carefully: "what have I done wrong?"

this reaction unexpectedly aroused the other party's pity. He put down his phone and said slowly, "I think we have a problem."

A Xiao asked, "what's the problem?"

the other party replied, "you're not angry with me like this, that's the problem."

"I'm not angry because I like you, and I want to stay with you."

"Don't be silly, you will always meet scum like me in my whole life."

with that, the boy got up and left, and then the scene of A Xiao deceiving himself and others was shown that night. She still feels that the other party broke up with her because of her "work".

but as an outsider, I am glad for her that the other party is so transparent. Because I always feel that it is Ah Xiao's love.


in fact, we will like the wrong person.

just like A Chao and A Xiao, one does not yearn for plain love, the other cannot accept bohemian, and finally chooses to be with each other. It's okay to like the wrong person


what's really sad is that you stubbornly like the wrong person.

I don't know how to comfort those fools who like the wrong people.

up to now I still don't understand.

because when we like someone, we have countless reasons to deceive ourselves into falling in love.

but A Chao's exhaustion and A Xiao's self-doubt make me understand a truth gradually: a chopstick can not only hold tofu, but also destroy it.

so if I have to find a reason to let go of a wrong relationship, a wrong person.

I think the reason is cruel, that is, you can never really be with the other person.

because you are the only one in the play from the beginning, because from the beginning, he is not your perfect match.

good night.