I'm here.

I'm here.

Deputy push.

used to be an architect and now lives in the United States. LEO

Hello, everyone. Just like I started messy three years ago, now I have the impulse to do something different. Although it all revolves around words, I want to give our readers more different reading experiences, so I opened an official account called "Zhang Jingthorn" (search ID: MESSUPS).

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they went for a drink at 12:00 in the morning with their cousin the other day.

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seeing that I no longer resist beer, my cousin asked curiously, "Brother, aren't you the one who doesn't even drink to death?"

"I just suddenly feel that there's nothing wrong with having a drink when I'm happy." I said with a smile.

in fact, there is no "sudden feeling". It's just that when I was in the United States, I found that people in the same industry liked to drink and asked them why, but they couldn't answer. Sister cash said she had been to a beer town and drank more than a dozen different beers in a row. In the end, she drank two liters that afternoon. TC also says he drinks when he's happy: "it's a happiness to be a little tipsy with people who can play with you."

so I asked them to drink a few drinks every night, and slowly, I fell in love with the atmosphere.

Yes, it's the atmosphere, not the feeling.

A group of people are sitting on the sofa. They don't play with their cell phones or do all kinds of work chores, just talking about their stories and telling jokes. On the rise, he raised his glass and called for everyone to touch one. It doesn't matter if you drink more or less. Be happy. You really don't want to drink.

after that, whenever I drink again, I always think of the nights when I traveled.

so I no longer hate beer, not because I like the feeling of numbness, but because it quickly reminds me of the good times.

Taste awakens memory.

We are sitting in this living room drinking and telling jokes

photographer @ wife Cash Sisters


and the accommodation we stayed on the way was very interesting.

the one that lives in San Francisco is located near the park in rising of the Planet of the Apes. There is a big lake in front of the house, and there are four chairs in front of the window, so that you can sit there in the evening to watch the sunset and think about life. There is also a lawn the size of a basketball court on the ground floor. As soon as I get up every morning, I will sit on the lawn, look at the lake, bask in the sun, and then think about life.

my colleagues once asked me, "how come you live such a literary life? you talk about life all day long."

before I could answer, a buddy who had slept in the same room with me for more than ten days rushed to reply: "there are always some people who go to a place not to take a few souvenir photos, but to enjoy the feeling of'I AM HERE''. So sitting in a chair and doing nothing may mean'I AM HERE' 'for thorns. Is that right? "

I said, "you still know me. I've slept together for so many days."

I AM HERE, what he said was wonderful. In fact, I didn't know how to explain it before. I just thought that when I went to a different place, I had to sit and walk there. I couldn't just eat or take pictures. People's memories are limited. You have to keep reminding yourself: "remember this feeling."

you can remember this feeling.

this is the "four chairs"

three mentioned above.

on the eleventh day, we drove for three hours and finally found the old house we booked on the Airbnb on the hillside. After getting out of the car, a group of people collapsed on the lawn in front of the house to bask in the sun. originally, everyone planned to sing a few songs together to stir up the hot atmosphere.

Uncle Fan said, "No, everyone give us ten minutes, don't say anything, just lie here looking at the blue sky and listening to the sound of the wind."

it's so cozy, like lying on a marshmallow, you can taste sweetness without using any senses.

so we lay down for thirty minutes.

photographer @ Yuwan said that this is the lawn where we are lying


at night, the old house is so big and remote that it always feels spooky and scary.

I thought this was a good place to tell ghost stories.

Uncle Fan came in and kicked me: "come on, I'll show you something good."

I asked him what was so strange.

he said, "close your eyes first."

the plot is a bit like a romantic drama, but he and I are both men.

I walked outside the door with my eyes closed, and he counted "3.2.1" there, and then asked me to open my eyes.

it was the first time I saw the Milky way and the stars all over the sky, and I couldn't help shouting, "it's so beautiful."

the position of the Big Dipper is clearly visible, and the North Star. They told me that the whirlpool in the Milky way is a black hole, and they asked me if I had seen the three-body.

I replied: "Yes."

they said, "Da Liu must have seen such a starry sky before he could write that story."

I nodded.

at that moment, I thought of a lot of people. I hope all the people I think of can see the sky like me, but I know it's impossible, so I regret it, and finally think:

"then work hard and bring them all here."

OK, then try. work hard until one day, even my readers can bring it here.

good night.

photographer @ Yuwan said

this is the sky

the style of this number is so straightforward