In the post-90s, we don't want to bear hardships casually.

In the post-90s, we don't want to bear hardships casually.

Post-90s don't want to eat the bitterness of the 1990s.

after the college entrance examination, my brother found an assembly line job.

We all have a stage: idle, no technology, no money.

so I can only do that kind of work, which is well paid, but very tiring.

my brother is in charge of fixing the doll in the box with fine hemp rope, which is the most tiring on that assembly line. On the second day of work, almost all of my fingers were killed, wrapped in thick adhesive tape, and even scratched with adhesive tape.

but the supervisor in his forties is still standing behind him with his hands behind his back, reminding him all the time to push harder and harder when fixing; move faster, faster.

No sooner had he complained when he got home than my mother began to frown and said:

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"this is a cry of bitterness, what will we do in the future?"

he hurriedly smiled and explained, "I'll just say at home that I still have to go to work."

my mother nodded with satisfaction.

there is a saying that young people should endure more hardships, which is helpful in the future.

even if you are tired, when you are unlucky, there will be a domineering supervisor who often despises you as a young man and laughs at you for not being able to bear hardships.

for several days during the working period, the warehouse was understaffed, so my brother was temporarily transferred to pack and move the goods.

when he came back from work at noon, he shouted to me, "Oh, I've been scolded all morning."

when he just came back from riding his bike in the hot sun, his face was oily and black, and his whole body was sweaty. He looked down at me without looking at me and went straight to the bathroom.

later, when he asked him what was wrong, he said, "everyone asked for leave, and I did all the work by myself." I was as fast as I could, but the supervisor still scolded me for being slow while watching me move, saying that young people couldn't bear hardship at all. "

in just a few words, he kept swallowing and never looked at me.

I know he wants to cry.

when I was still hesitating to say something, my parents came back from work.

he turned away to play with his cell phone without saying a word.

an hour later, I still ride my bike to work against the poisonous sun at two o'clock in the afternoon.

that night I asked my brother, "is it hot outside?" Is there an air conditioner in the factory? "

he said, "No, it's hot."

I pointed to the scratch on my finger and asked, "doesn't it hurt in the shower?"

he said, "when I wash my hair, my hair gets stuck in the meat and it hurts."

but if I don't ask, it will always be a secret, and no one will know.

We dare not say, dare not pour out, because can not stand this kind of suffering, it will be disappointing.

it's normal to be scolded, and it should be.

I'm actually a little disgusted with what my parents call the "theory of suffering".

there was such a thing.

in my third year of high school, my father would occasionally bring food to school to see me. Once he thought there were too many people in the canteen, so we went outside to eat.

I have type O blood, and I especially recruit mosquitoes since I was a child. As a result, I didn't eat two bites of the meal, but the mosquito bag played a lot.

I still remember clearly when he said, "I can't stand being bitten by a mosquito." I can't bear any hardship at all. "

I retorted angrily: "there is a fan inside, why should I choose to feed mosquitoes outside? what can it prove that I can stand being bitten by mosquitoes?"

now my father got angry and yelled at me loudly: "always thinking about staying in a more comfortable place, not every time there will be a fan. What should I do when I don't have one?"

"but there are now."

of course I didn't say this last sentence. I'm afraid of being scolded.

in the end, I can only continue to sit outside the canteen and finish my meal and go back to the classroom with a leg of mosquitoes to put on the essential oil.

I've been thinking about it for a long time, but I haven't figured out what the point of suffering is.

are we really so spoiled that we can't bear any suffering?

I don't think so.

throughout the year of the college entrance examination, my brother stayed up late to review until the wee hours of the morning, and then he had to get up and go to school again.

he didn't cry hard.

Last year, I went to teach. I lived in a small hut in a mosquito-infested mountain village for half a month, and it was a problem even to take a bath.

I didn't complain.

because we all know that what we are suffering now is to taste the benefits after achieving a certain goal, not blindly, but meaningful.

my brother will not want to be a porter in the future, and I have never thought that I have to become an anti-mosquito expert before I feel that suffering has no meaning except to make people feel uncomfortable.

but our parents always preach that enduring hardship can cultivate our ability to resist pressure, even at the expense of deliberately causing us some suffering.

they explained that in order to withstand future hardships, it is necessary to endure more hardships now.

but there are thousands of sufferings in the world, do we have to taste every inch?

there are some hardships that we can't experience all our lives, and we don't have to eat them.

if I have to endure hardship, can I pick something useful to eat?


Young people of every era are actually the luckiest.

it is precisely because the previous generation has suffered for us and achieved various goals that we now have more and more opportunities and choices, and the environment is getting better and better, and many times we can choose not to be so "bitter".

but everyone has forgotten that the purpose of "enduring hardship" is to pass the test, not to bear it.

it's just a way, not an end.

suffering itself is not wealth at all, otherwise the streetHomeless people live so hard, aren't they all supposed to be winners in life?

there is no point in repeating the sufferings of the previous generation.

what we should do, shouldn't we go through some new hardships and new trials for ourselves and the next generation?

the times are progressing, and people should move on.

I don't want to suffer from old hardships, really, it's not humiliating at all.

just like last night I asked my brother, "what are your biggest gains these days at work?"

he thought about it and replied, "it is to become worse in the future, so as not to suffer this kind of hardship in the future."

I smiled and said:

good night.