It doesn't matter. We all take detours.

It doesn't matter. We all take detours.

Can travel solve life's problems?

in fact, this trip to the United States is not just a trip, it is an activity called "American Western Life Exploration team". They have gathered 15 talented people from various fields to experience local life on the West Coast of the United States.

and I joined the team as a "writer".

what an honor. I was the youngest among them, so I was taken care of everywhere by everyone.

before this trip, I lived as an "editor" for a long time, sometimes even pretending to understand in front of outsiders for the sake of the image of the team. But in fact, I know how much water is in my bowl. So when I knew that everyone was better than me, I breathed a sigh of relief and said to myself,

"finally, I can stop pretending."

so I naturally become the "younger brother" of all the population, and things like carrying and carrying will ask me to do me a favor and lend a hand. Even the kitchen, which I never entered, made me cut pork and garlic for half an hour.

do you know that one advantage of being a "younger brother" is that no matter what kind of questions you ask, people are willing to answer them seriously. So I started asking questions from homeless people in Los Angeles, all the way to "how to distinguish rich neighborhoods from slums", "Why there are only six colors of rainbows representing 'comrades'", "how does the middle class live in San Francisco" and "where on earth are the oysters delicious?"

if you ask too many questions, you will look stupid, but they don't dislike my childishness at all.

sometimes they get excited and even tell all their experiences, making me marvel: "original people can still live like this."

like the fishball in 1993, after three years of working in a state-owned enterprise, he had the opportunity to continue to rise, but he resolutely became a travel photographer. Within a year, he went to more than a dozen countries, lost his dependent camera in Germany, and tried to write articles to expose that low-cost tour groups with compulsory consumption were threatened. Now Weibo has gained more than 500,000 followers.

he said to me, "when I first resigned, I received a photography list for no more than 1000 yuan, which was not enough to support myself." But I know that I can't get into the money, that will only limit myself. So I spent all my savings in a year in order to make some good works. "

and Sister cash, who resigned naked from the radio at the age of 30, just because she opened her Qzone many years ago when she got off work one afternoon, saw the words she had written in 2008, and thought of her stubborn self in the past. She began a sudden trip around the world the day after she resigned and spent only 10 days at home in seven months. Now he has become the editor-in-chief of the official account "Sisters" and has set up his own company.

that day we lived in a big house in red mountain. Facing the stars in the sky, Cash said, "in fact, the Milky way and meteors are always above us, but in the city we live in, it is blocked by too many things."

Life is sometimes the same. We always feel that what we can't see, it doesn't exist. In fact, it is always there, and it is very close to us. "

if I hadn't seen something like that, I might never have understood what Sister Cash said.

this is where we stayed that night

this is also the starry sky we looked up at that night

Photography LEO

before parting that night, I also asked her a question: "do you think travel can solve some life problems?"

she said with a look of disgust, "in April, my husband and I were on holiday at a diving club in the Philippines. Coincidentally, we were hit by an earthquake. You know, until then, I always thought I was not afraid of death, but that night, my husband and I left our luggage at the door, and as soon as the bed shook, we jumped up and ran outside.

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until now, I was still scared when I thought of that night. Only then did I know that I was so afraid of death and so eager to see the world to the end. So travel can never help you solve a problem, but it can help you find a problem, and it's up to you to solve it or not. "

I was in a trance, and finally I stayed alone with this answer until more than two o'clock in the morning before going to bed.

think about myself before going to the United States, trying to blame all the problems on my environment and involuntarily, but in fact, I am obsessed with some illusory problems, and then every day I wonder if I have taken another step back in the principle.

but in fact, if you really want to take that step, how can there be so many people worrying about it?

standing still, it turned out that it was just because I didn't have the heart and was not bold enough.

@ diving photographer Xiao Yue


Unfortunately, I didn't say goodbye to most of them one by one, because the American West Life Exploration team is more like a part of work than a journey. So after this job is over, they have to devote themselves to the next job.

like Mr. TC, whom I mentioned in "Freedom of Los Angeles", he continues to stay in the United States and intends to give himself a good holiday and take a trip around the East Coast with his family.

the interesting fish balls, if it were not for the flight delay, he would have gone to Suzhou to be the protagonist of his micro-movie, and then had to rush back to the airport in the evening, because Austria still had a project waiting for him.

on the other hand, the financiers of Youfan Art, who have just experienced the 618 Furniture Day, are expected to suffer when they go back to do data analysis. Although it is agreed to be an artist of life, no one can leave his work behind.

is in charge of planning this Maxisheng.Wellmet of the live exploration team plays with horses. I hear there are several interesting projects going on behind them. If I have a chance, I will introduce a few more to you. If you can't wait for me, a lazy man, to be a guide, you can search for "wellmet Horse Travel".

of course I can't be idle. Apart from the chaotic chat of @ interesting people who were going to Beichen Youth yesterday, I have to pick up all the "important but not urgent" things I left out before. including systematic learning related to brand and marketing, but also to write good works.

it doesn't matter to be lost, the key is that we have to find our own position and the direction we want to move forward when we are awake.

however, you have to allow yourself to take a tortuous path. Because of "taking shortcuts", you will miss a lot of things.

because the jet lag hasn't been fully adjusted, I sat at the window of my room before 5: 00 in the morning, looking out at the gray sky.

then I think of free Los Angeles, San Francisco full of Chinese, romantic Monterrey, secluded red mountain, and the house of rock artists, all wonderful.

if you have the chance, be sure to take a look at the scenes that cannot be satisfied by fantasy alone.

by the way, be sure to bring someone you love, or you'll feel as sorry as I do.

good night.