It is not until one is old that one understands that there are conditions for intercourse between brothers and sisters.

It is not until one is old that one understands that there are conditions for intercourse between brothers and sisters.

Brotherhood is the expectation left by parents and the embodiment of true feelings in the world.

brothers and sisters, who are their own brothers and sisters, are supposed to be the closest people.

but once each has its own family, it becomes two real families.

sibling relationships are more common than they have been these days, especially in front of their own parents.

I don't want my parents to despise them because they are not as good as each other.

when people get old, they realize that there are conditions attached to the interaction between brothers and sisters.

brothers and sisters, not too competitive

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if brothers and sisters are too competitive and too competitive, they will become strangers sooner or later.

some short-sighted brothers and sisters like to compare with each other.

compare family circumstances, houses, cars, children, jobs. Who has a better life, who has a future, and who has more money.

compared to the past, I am tired of each other.

the winner begins to look above the top and despises the loser; compared to the loser, he begins to feel resentful and depressed.

in recent years, no matter who it is, in fact, it is a losing game.

Brothers and sisters have the closest blood relationship, and they are also the closest people in the world. Fathers and sisters hope that brothers and sisters can help each other instead of contrasting with each other.

it is not the ability to embarrass brothers and sisters, but the most powerful thing is to pull brothers and sisters forward.

brothers and sisters, no matter how close they are, they should get even with each other clearly

brothers and sisters, be sure to settle accounts clearly and never pretend to be confused about money.

especially when we are in trouble, brothers and sisters lend us money and must know how to return it.

Don't take the contribution of brothers and sisters for granted, don't take the support of brothers and sisters as the cost.

brothers and sisters have their own families, and we must not embarrass them for the sake of our own interests. We must not take advantage of them just because we are in distress.

brothers and sisters get along with each other, if you are in debt, you should know how to pay it back, and if you borrow money, don't be righteous.

if you are as close as brothers and sisters, you should also be clear about your money. after all, everyone's money is changed by sweat, so don't take advantage of each other.

without financial entanglements and grievances, brothers and sisters will get along more harmoniously, and the feelings of brothers and sisters will last longer.

brothers and sisters, each other values family affection

parents are around, brothers and sisters are family, parents are not around, brothers and sisters are blood relatives.

parents want two or more children, and they don't want to see them turn against each other. On the contrary, they want their children to help each other and see their respective families prosper and prosper.

Brotherhood is connected by blood, it is handed down in a continuous line, it is the expectation left by parents, and it is the embodiment of the true feelings in the world.

if we both value the affection of each other, rest assured of the parents' expectations, take each other's concern seriously, tolerate each other, and help each other more and more, only in this way can the feelings of brothers and sisters become stronger and stronger.

intercourse with brothers and brothers is actually a run-in between two families. if there are disputes and disputes, you should know how to resolve them actively and get close to each other.

the fate between brothers and sisters is from small play to big fate, which is a rare fate in this world. Only by cherishing it well and respecting it more, can we be undivided for a long time and be stable all the year round!