It turned out that we had no summer vacation a long time ago.

It turned out that we had no summer vacation a long time ago.

The cruel youth of real knives and guns may have just begun.

in the last few days of exam week, I can always smell a sense of frustration when I pass through the freshman dormitory area.

they complain that they have too much luggage to pack;

complain about the long way home;

kiss their girlfriend goodbye again under the dormitory.

more than one younger brother told me that it was boring that he didn't want to have a holiday.

but this kind of mourning, a little loud, so loud that it is not true, will inevitably make me suspect that they are actually very happy.

all have been students, but in fact, no one can fool each other.

going home from holiday means you can relive your favorite food, meet old friends you haven't seen for a long time, and start a stress-free life.

and these clips will eventually appear in their moments, reap countless likes and share a lot of happiness.

for students, summer vacation is synonymous with happiness most of the time.

this is really hard to hide.

since high school, every summer vacation, my friends and I would take out the gang-up area of the Internet cafe near my home, enough for 10 people to fight the LOL Civil War.

it was so crazy that I could fight from tea time until the wee hours of the morning. I set a date for the next decisive battle and went home excitedly.

in retrospect, the time at that time was really a bargain, and you only need to add a little energy and money to get a whole day of happiness.

I was talking about these past events with Lao Ji not long ago, when he interrupted me and said that he was going to go back to bed and have to get up early to go to work tomorrow.

I looked at my watch. It was not yet 11:00 and the midnight snacks on the table were not finished yet.

A little surprised.

Lao Ji has always been a night walker in my eyes. I can never find him before 2pm during the day, but I often get his likes at 5am.

Last year, several friends set up a small group and agreed to supervise each other to get up early and clock in. If they could not do it, they would give out 100 red envelopes in the group as punishment.

as a result, he was punished almost every day that month, handing out more than 2,000 yuan.

every time I post it, I will say sheepishly, "I can't help it. The movie last night was so good."

when I think of it, I suddenly feel a little curious, so I ask, "how much do I have to deduct for being late for work now?"

"50 yuan." Lao Ji replied to me.

"then you're in a hurry. The food hasn't even arrived yet." I couldn't help joking, "if you get up late tomorrow, you'll take it as a red packet in the punching in group. This meal is on me."

he gave me a white look and said faintly, "you'd better return what you didn't have. This group of masters will kick people."

after coaxing him for a long time, I finally couldn't beat him, so I got up and bought the bill.

when I left, I said, "then when you come home from holiday in a few days, you have to treat me to dinner."

he scolded "stupid" and mocked me by the way:

"which company have you seen for the summer vacation?"

I suddenly froze, and I couldn't think of anything to say.

it seems that the summer vacation really has nothing to do with us.

that is to say, we have lost the right to enjoy that kind of happiness.

and this kind of loss never makes a loud noise, shouting to tell you, "I'm coming to steal your happiness."

it just comes close to you step by step, and then takes everything away from you.

but only when you look back can you accidentally find the footprints left by the time killer.

of course, you can also call it "omens".

for example, I went to gang up with my friends several times as usual at the beginning of this year, but for the first time, I couldn't get enough people each time.

even if the remaining few people only played two or three times, they found it boring and pressed the shutdown button one after another.

We stood at the door of the Internet cafe and sighed that we were too old to play any more.

after I went back, I kept thinking, is it really because we are "old" that we can't play and be happy?

No, it is because there are so many more important things than being happy that we have our own thoughts and dare not be "happy".

those who could not come complained in the group that the company had asked to go to work on the fourth day of the New year;

some were preparing for the national exam and nibbling away at a thick "application theory" every day;

the old season was also plagued by the triple deposit for renting because he didn't want money from his family.

, on the other hand, I am still worried about that night's manuscript and the sluggish reading volume at that time.

I was surprised to realize that it is not the lost holidays that diminish happiness, but the responsibility of being an adult.

there are so many things that have not been done well, whether I am happy in front of these things does not seem to be worth mentioning.


I called my cousin who just graduated from senior high school a few days ago, and he told me that he had recently found a part-time job.

he complained to me that the process was too hard.

every time I walk into a store with the word "recruitment", as long as I say the word "summer job", it will be rejected immediately.

hit dozens of walls before I managed to get a job.

I smiled and wanted to tell him that I don't know how many people are envious of his troubles.

if a person can still be labeled "summer vacation" in July and August, it means that he has not yet been formally accepted by the society.

means you can leave after two months of work;

means there will always be someone to clean up your mess;

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means you don't have to take risks in the future.And responsibility;

means that you can also use your identity as a student to get "ignorant" forgiveness.

but all this has nothing to do with us.

I suddenly remembered that someone said that people who can't pass the summer vacation have ended their youth.

but I don't think so.

there is no summer vacation, it's just the first step in saying goodbye to a kid's career.

after a long preface and prologue, the cruel youth of the real sword and gun has just begun.

good night.