It's been four years. Why haven't you learned to take care of yourself?

It's been four years. Why haven't you learned to take care of yourself?

"you think you are very important to the world, and the world is just ready to forgive your childishness."


when the graduation photo was taken, it rained heavily for no reason.

when the rain was not so heavy, we were able to dress up with bachelor's hats, but later the rain was so heavy that people had to take out their mobile phones and call their families and ask them to send umbrellas.

Life is so cruel that even before the graduation photo is finished, we are taught a lesson:

"at the critical moment, it is better for family than for scholar hats."

looking at everyone's wet hair, I suddenly have a feeling that

just like this graduation photo destroyed by heavy rain, my life seems to be drenched by sudden heavy rain from time to time.


the day before the graduation photo, the teacher called me with the message: "there is a job opening recently. Do you want to give it a try?"

I said, "I'm so sorry, teacher. I've already found a job."

teacher: "it's all right. Why don't you recommend some reliable students to the teacher?"

I said several names, but there was no sound on the other side of the phone. after a few seconds, the teacher said awkwardly, "these students are indeed very responsible, but." They don't have a local hukou. "

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this is the first time I don't know, and I smell the helplessness of reality.


after getting on the bus, I habitually swipe my student card, go to the cinema, take out my student ID card and ask if there is a discount, go to the canteen and habitually eat meals that don't cost 7 yuan per person, and habitually stay in bed at 02:30 in the afternoon. at a little bit in the evening, I used to brush my moments.

it wasn't until that night, when I went to dinner with my roommates, and I found that our topic was no longer where Arena of Valor worked, I realized that we, who are used to being students, no longer seem to be students.

parents' living expenses can no longer be charged. If you eat carefully, you will die if you go to work in the afternoon without a nap. Although you are still staying up late, it is no longer because of nostalgia for entertainment, but because of self-abandonment.

as a matter of fact, we didn't drink much that night, because the food wasn't all served, so I said, "I haven't finished tonight's manuscript yet. I have to stay awake."

now that I think about it, it really spoils everyone's fun.

but no one seems to blame me, just like what Cai Kangyong said, everyone began to admit that

growing up is a disappointing process.


the graduation photo has a sacred ceremony, that is, after the countdown of three seconds, everyone will fly their bachelor's hats into the sky, implying: "We have graduated and are no longer students."

but we had to move the venue temporarily that day because of the heavy rain.

so at the end of the shoot, we were inexplicably canceled the part of "throwing the cap".

someone in the class was angry and said to the staff, "if you don't throw a cap, is it still a graduation photo?"

I don't know whether the staff is joking or serious, but he puts forward a solution: "wouldn't it be better to help you with a few scholar hats in the air?" Don't make so many demands when it rains. "

I was about to argue a few words, but I saw the counselor turn around and say to us, "Let's get out of here after filming. There are still a few classes left."

although the bachelor's hat is still clinging to our hands, we have to act like birds and animals.

at this time, the monitor stood up again and shouted, "remember to return your bachelor's clothes. You can't lose one. You have to pay back five yuan for one less bag."

it just occurred to me that the bachelor's hat was actually borrowed.

in the face of reality, those ceremonial pursuits, those romantic fantasies, always seem to be vulnerable.

when I write here, I suddenly remember a sentence that Chen Kaige said in his autobiography "Young Kaige": "you think you are already very important to the world, and the world is just ready to forgive your childishness."

in retrospect, it's funny that over the past 20 years, the whole world has repeatedly stressed how important we are, saying that we are the flowers of the motherland, and traffic police will open the way if we have a stomachache during the college entrance examination.

but four years later, life quietly throws us into the lake, making us live like a pack of drowning dogs, panicked and helpless.

so I still can't figure out why, why we are all so unhappy, why we are all so unhappy, why we have to compromise with all kinds of wrong things.

but I just say that I am not convinced. As long as the reality is a little closer to me, I will nod and say, "well, you can do whatever you want."

because reality is like the heavy rain in graduation photos.

it's really disappointing and ruthless, and it never takes into account that this is an once-in-a-lifetime ceremony for so many of us.

so if you have to ask me, what exactly is growth?

probably learn to accept this sudden rainy day. Then try to find an umbrella instead of standing there foolishly sad.

because we don't want and don't want to have a fever after being caught in the rain, and then we need our parents to come and take care of ourselves.

when you grow up, you have to take care of yourself.

good night.