Life is crooked, and crooked is very reasonable.

Life is crooked, and crooked is very reasonable.

Things will always be there, but relatives, loved ones, will not wait for you forever.

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what do you mean by dying? I was angry to death about 10,000 times a day, but I still didn't resign.


in the adult world, people swear that they want to resign and go back to work.

quitting may be a short-term relief, but survival requires real financial support that cannot be tolerated for a moment.

most people, without good family support, can only work out the world on their own.

so no matter how sad and frustrated the day before, you still have to work hard the next day.


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Don't be embarrassed to say no to others, anyway, those who are embarrassed by you are not good people.

if you don't know how to refuse anything, you will only wronge yourself in the end.

to be a man and do things, you should have your own principles and bottom line. You can be kind, but you can't be honest and bad all the time.

A soft heart without a sense of boundary will only make people who are willing to make progress, do not know how to be grateful, and take everything for granted.


some people are here to love you, others are here to teach you.


We will meet a lot of people, some of whom will give you love. Others will hurt you.

some predestinies are good, while others are evil.

but now that it's here, it will always teach you something. For example, recognize scum and better understand what love is.


90% of the things in the world can be solved with money, and the remaining 10% need to be solved with more money.


the older people get, the more they understand the importance of money. Firewood, rice, oil and salt, food, drink, accommodation, and human courtesy all need money to manage.

there are frequent contradictions and crises at any age, especially when you are ill and hospitalized.

so be less hypocritical and make more money when you have time, not only for yourself, but also for the people around you.


with you along the way, I am willing to suffer a little bit, but forget it if I suffer a lot.


it is happy to have someone to endure hardships with you.

especially girls, it is no problem to think that a person is willing to accompany him to endure hardships.

it doesn't matter if you suffer for a while. If you've been suffering, you'd better wake up.


the rivers and lakes are dangerous, so withdraw if you can't.


A wise man is unentangled, and sometimes it is better to give up wisely than to cling blindly.

Beautiful clothes and jade food is a day, and plain is also a day.

for people and things, do not take things too seriously, do not take things too seriously, people are also comfortable, the heart is also comfortable.



We usually convince ourselves that busyness is only temporary, and when we are done with the present, we will be free.

in fact, such a state will never come, because as soon as the old things are done, new things follow.

people are never done. Things will always be there, but relatives, loved ones, will not wait for you forever.

these seven sentences are crooked, each of which gives us a truth in life.

, good night, everyone.