Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Ting turned over! Shanghai 1650 yuan mansion exposed, 300,000 yuan top floor garden, netizens: sure enough, it is the finale.

Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Ting turned over! Shanghai 1650 yuan mansion exposed, 300,000 yuan top floor garden, netizens: sure enough, it is the finale.

A gentleman loves money, and he takes it wisely and uses it wisely.

2021 is really a melon-eating year. I thought that Wang Leehom's divorce and live broadcast of Weiya's tax evasion would be the grand finale at the end of the year.

the company was investigated on suspicion of pyramid schemes, froze 600 million funds, and was immediately put on the hot search list by netizens.

and the company immediately responded, saying that the company always adheres to legal operation and pays taxes in accordance with the law. "at present, everything in the operation of the company is normal, and our company will actively cooperate with relevant departments." Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang also forwarded the Weibo response.

Why do Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang, who are worth 30 billion, frequently go on hot searches? I believe everyone has heard of how high-profile they are in recent years.

the make-up empire of Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Ting

N lifetimes of ordinary people

the entertainment industry, which looks gorgeous, is the high place of "hidden rules". If you want to get rid of the fate of tool people, you can only become the manipulator of capital.

in recent years, there have been a lot of cross-border transformation of stars, but not many people have achieved "wind and water rise", and Zhang Ting is the outstanding one among that small number of people and the first sister of WeChat business.

as an actor, what impressed me most was "Love through time and Space" as the thief "Little Meatball", which is believed to be a lot of childhood memories of the post-80s and 90s.

stills of Love through time and Space

later, for a long time, Zhang Ting almost disappeared from the big screen, and the couple showed their love when they returned to public view in a high profile, promoting their WeChat business brand TST.

how successful she is as a WeChat business. it is said that the Dalway company of Zhang Ting and his wife, known as "tax 2.1 billion" in 2018, became the tax champion in Qingpu District.

in terms of the amount of tax, the actual income of the company may not be achieved by ordinary people in a hundred lifetimes.

I still remember that in 2020, Zhang Ting and his wife bought a building by the Huangpu River in Shanghai with a big wave of 1.76 billion yuan, and it is said that they also gave Tao Hong and Mingdao, a good friend and shareholder, one floor each, which was also a sensation.

how proud is Sister Ting? let's continue to see.

when your company is considering whether to distribute a purifier or a vacuum cleaner because of the economic downturn, Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Ting directly pay 10 months' salary with a big wave of their hands.

when your company is still cutting the annual meeting in order to save costs at the end of the year, the annual meeting of Zhang Ting and Lin Ruiyang is comparable to the Olympic Games.

Are you ready to buy a magnificent unique long dresses that will make you stand out in any crowd? Large varieties of shapes and cuts for you to choose from.

when you want to lead the team to build a team and carefully calculate the cost of the project, Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Ting directly chartered the yacht for the whole party.

in the huge business empire, Zhang Ting and his wife, employing people and stories, harvested wave after wave of leeks, and they were very "successful" as businessmen.

with such a big business, the house you live in is of course a mansion you can never dream of. It is said that this house is located on the bank of the Huangpu River.

Zhang Ting's 1650-year-old mansion

300 'balcony + 180 °river view

the house by the Huangpu River, with an inch of land and gold, is the dream of many people.

and Zhang Ting's home is 1650 yuan

(including indoor and penthouse sky gardens)

, and only 50 meters from the Huangpu River, it is an out-and-out riverview mansion, and this kind of high-rise mansion is usually higher and more expensive, and the market capitalization of her top floor is estimated to be over 200 million.

many people may not be able to imagine, Zhang Ting himself said that many friends will get lost when they come to her house for the first time, showing off their wealth properly.

the house is big enough to accommodate multiple barbecues, work meetings and entertainment facilities for children, and the most enviable is the vegetable garden on the top floor.

it is said that all green vegetables in their family are picked and eaten right away, and the life of the rich is so capricious.

the whole space belongs to luxury palace style, sofa chandelier is European style, marble textured coffee table, retro luxury, living room oversized floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the Huangpu River view, the interior decoration as a whole is exorbitant.

the kitchen is closed, which may be related to Zhang Ting's liking for spicy food. Although the kitchen area is small, the imported European cabinets have injected gorgeous temperament into the space.

for girls, it is a dream to have a cloakroom of their own. Zhang Ting's family, as the queen of WeChat business, certainly needs a luxurious cloakroom. Just looking at these rows of shoes, it is not too much to say that they are a fashion shoe store of luxury goods.

if you feel that it is not enjoyable to see the Huangpu River in the living room, then the two-story "sky garden" on the top floor is definitely the best "viewing platform" for the Huangpu River.

in addition to the leisure area, the top floor includes a children's entertainment area, a barbecue area, and an exclusive vegetable garden in Zhangting, which provides green and pollution-free vegetables for the whole family. They are still young and beautiful at the age of 50, and their daily diet and maintenance must not be available to ordinary people.

although the sitting area of the top floor garden is only for leisure and entertainment, the decoration is not ambiguous at all, with marble and Roman columns all arranged.

there is also a playground for children to play in the top garden, a trampoline, and an unfettered childhood life is as simple as that for them.

as the saying goes, the net of justice is restored, but it is not leaked. If the company of Zhang Ting and his wife really does not comply with the regulations and break the law, it is really impossible to save anyone.

A gentleman loves money, so he takes it wisely and uses it wisely.

everyone is waiting to see how the two will end. I believe that when the truth comes out, everything will come to a conclusion.


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