Never explain yourself to others.

Never explain yourself to others.

May we be ourselves in the troubles of the rest of our lives.

Mr. Li ao once said:

"sometimes explanations are unnecessary, enemies don't believe your explanations, friends don't need your explanations."

those who understand you know what's on your mind without saying much, while those who don't understand you are full of disagreements.

sometimes, instead of wasting time trying to explain, try to be yourself.

unexplained is the smartest way to live.

there are some words, just don't listen to

Su Shi said: "Life is like a reverse journey, I am also like a pedestrian."

in the journey of life, everyone is doomed to walk alone in his own life.

in many cases, there is no empathy between people, and others may not understand what you insist on, what you love, or who you choose.

Zhang ailing is a famous "money buff". She once said:

"I don't know the disadvantages of money, but only the advantages of it."

"money is money, and you can buy all kinds of things I want."

even most of her characters are money aficionados. Cao Qiqiao sacrificed the happiness of his children for money, while Bai tassel did not hesitate to rob his seventh sister's rich blind date for money.

many people criticized her for worshipping money, and even felt that she had lost her reputation as "treating money like dirt" by intellectuals.

but as always, she neither explained nor concealed it, saying bluntly:

"as soon as I learned the term 'money worship', I insisted that I was a money worshiper."

if you take a closer look, it is not difficult to find out why she is so.

although Zhang ailing comes from a wealthy family, unfortunately, her father is profligate and indulges in the place of wind and moon all day long.

over time, the family was in decline, and the family had to make a living by selling things, so she tasted the grievance that she had no money.

once, in order to ask her father for some piano lessons, she stood humbly in front of the cigarette shop, but her father did not give her a reply for a long time.

the experience of lack of money from an early age made her attach great importance to money, but she would rather bear the notoriety than nag about her pain and grievances to the world.

those who know me say I am worried, and those who do not know me say what I want.

things are cold and human feelings are cold and warm. If you don't stick the needle on yourself, it will be difficult for others to empathize with you at all.

as Haruki Murakami said:

"there is sorrow in the world that cannot shed tears, which cannot be explained to others. Even if it is explained, people will ignore it. "

the sweetness of wine is known to those who have drunk it, and the pain of medicine to those who have taken it.

there are thousands of words, but you may not have a bosom friend who understands you.

look down on those unpleasant things, ignore those who criticize you, bear it silently and build up your strength.

because no one can understand the situation you face.

some people, ignore

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those who stand at the foot of the mountain never understand how shocking the scenery at the top of the mountain is, and those who live by the Ganju River do not understand how rough the waves of the sea are.

are different, so there is no need to explain.

there is such a story:

A famous chess player was delving into the chess game in his yard when a strange guest came to visit him.

when the guest saw him, he said jokingly:

"I heard that you know go best in the world. Do you know how many pieces there are in the chess box?"

the chess player smelled the words and smiled: "181 sunspots, 180 whites, a total of 361."

after hearing this, the guest laughed and immediately retorted, "you are wrong!" There are only 360. "

with that, he quietly took out a piece he had just taken from the chessboard without the player's attention.

the chess player's students know that the guests are looking for trouble, so they can't help arguing with the guests.

when the chess player saw this, he asked the student to stand down and apologized to the man again and again: "you are right, but I am wrong."

the guest boasted, "well, I beat you!"

therefore, he left chic and unrestrained.

the student was so angry that he asked the chess player, "this man is clearly messing around, why don't you argue with reason?"

the chess player patiently explained:

"Why do you argue with him and waste your time when you know he's here to be unreasonable?"

as the saying goes, they often compete with each other, and do not share fools' short and long points.

people will meet all kinds of people in their lifetime.

differences in cognition, knowledge and pattern will inevitably lead to differences in views and opinions.

when some people are still standing still, talking about all kinds of gossip, there are still some people's eyes, but looking forward to the stars and the sea.

if the heart is motionless, what can the wind do; the rest of life is expensive, so why waste it.

you know, not everyone in the world can stand at the same height as you. It is wise to say what you should say to those who can understand it.

there are some things that are fair

Mr. Nan Huaijin said:

"in life, there is nothing wrong with being criticized. If you take other people's talk too seriously, you won't survive that day. "

No one talks about who is behind his back, and no one is saying behind who.

No matter whether it is an argument or an explanation, it is in the hearts of the people whether it is right or wrong.

have seen such a story:

A young girl is unmarried and pregnant, butThe biological father of the child is missing.

the parents asked questions several times, but the girl had no choice but to make up the child's father was an eminent monk in a nearby temple.

so the parents angrily took their children to the eminent monk and asked the eminent monk to take responsibility.

when the eminent monk learned of this, he said "like this" and silently took over the child.

when the people in the town learned of this, they abused the eminent monk one after another, and some even threw eggs at him, hoping to drive him out of town.

but the eminent monk was unmoved and devoted himself to raising his children every day.

it was not until half a year later, when the child's biological father came to the door, that the girl admitted that she had wronged the eminent monk.

after revealing the truth, people in the town came to apologize to the eminent monk.

the eminent monk smiled calmly and said, "it's like this!" He returned the child to the girl and lived his life with peace of mind.

Xiaohe was still puzzled and asked the eminent monk why he didn't come out to defend himself in the first place.

the eminent monk said:

"what does it matter if you can solve the plight of a young girl and save an innocent little life?"

the sea accepts all rivers, but tolerance is great.

anyone can be misunderstood; any decision can be questioned.

instead of paying too much attention to other people's comments and being disturbed by numerous and complicated gossip, it is better to choose still water and respond with practical actions.

it is said that the road knows horsepower, but it takes time to see the hearts of the people.

what kind of person you are will eventually be discovered by the world, no need to explain, no need to please, just be yourself and have a clear conscience.

Don't explain, go your own way

the Buddha said, "Life is a passer-by, so there is no need for thousands of knots."

the world is changeable, personnel changes, there are too many disturbances one after another.

it is better to argue than to argue; it is better to act than to explain.

truly wise people walk with their heads down and laugh at honor and disgrace. They never live in other people's mouths, let alone live in other people's eyes.

Lu Mengzheng, a minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, was young, scraping meals in temples during the day and sleeping in dilapidated temples at night.

some officials from wealthy backgrounds were jealous that he was able to occupy a high position, so they were indignant.

one day, on his way to court, an official criticized him loudly through the sedan chair curtain: "such a person is also worthy to be prime minister?"

when other colleagues learned of this, they were very angry and wanted to complain for Lu Meng.

Lu Mengzheng disregarded it, but did his best, persisted in doing his job well, and cherished his hard-won life.

once, Song Taizong was complacent and felt that under his own governance, ordinary people lived and worked in peace and contentment.

others agreed one by one, but Lu Mengzheng stood up and called a spade a spade:

"my minister once saw that the land outside the city was not a few miles away, hungry and cold, and there were many dead, not all like the city."

such a remark made Song Taizong particularly disappointed.

others laughed at him for being stupid and almost got himself killed because of "outspoken".

and he ignored the opinions and ridicule of others, always stuck to his original heart, dedicated wholeheartedly, and pleaded for the people.

there is a saying: "the mouth is someone else's, but life is your own."

right and wrong are all experiences; merits and demerits are a thing of the past.

if you want to live a shining life, you need not to explain and argue, but to be frank and be yourself.

A philosopher once said, "you never know how many versions of you there are in other people's mouths."

the more you explain, the more you smear; the more you argue, the more you get hurt.

where there are people, there are rivers and lakes; where there are rivers and lakes, there are gossip.

A high mountain will eventually rise above the clouds; an eagle will naturally spread its wings and soar.

Justice is in the hearts of the people, and its merits and demerits are judged by others.

May we be ourselves in the troubles of the rest of our lives.