Only children want to understand, adults only care about love.

Only children want to understand, adults only care about love.

I don't care if anyone understands me anymore.

this means that the person who says this sentence has a good chance of imposing his ideas on me.

"I know how you feel, but can you stop being mad at me?"

"I understand your insistence, but it should be better to change it this way."

"Yes, I know you're busy, but can you take the time to do it?"

almost everyone who says "I understand you" has a turning point.

this false understanding is really uncomfortable.

A while ago, my mother and I quarreled about this kind of thing.

because I hate the feeling of being bound, I don't like hanging mosquito nets when I sleep at home.

and she takes great pains to persuade me that there will be a lot of mosquitoes in summer, and the bag bitten out of her face is not pretty, just hang a mosquito net and don't be so stubborn.

so every day when she went to work, I would secretly remove the mosquito net and hide it, pretending that nothing had happened.

No matter where I hide, every time I come home, I find that it has been quietly hung up again.

this layer of mosquito net is torn down and hung up every day.

the veil in my mother's heart and I is getting thicker and thicker, and it can't be removed all the time.

but the coming outbreak will still come.

working late one day, I dragged my tired body home and saw the mosquito net hanging on the bed.

the air conditioner blows past, and it floats constantly in front of my eyes, as if laughing at me.

I finally couldn't help getting angry, pulled down the mosquito net and yelled at my mother, "can't you respect me and understand me?" I really don't like it. "

she frowned. She didn't expect me to lose my temper. After a while of silence, she frowned and said, "I understand you. Isn't it hard to hang a mosquito net?"

I sighed.

in my opinion, the understanding of many people just means "I know".

they still think that their ideas are right and better, and they hope that I will follow their wishes and have never changed at all.

I have read it silently many times in my heart: this is really not understanding.

but I have come to find that it is not easy to achieve real understanding.

I quarreled with the captain countless times before because of the problem with my mobile phone.

I hate the way he looks at his cell phone every time he eats.

I hate it when Wechat asks for him and it takes minutes to get a reply.

I hate the Timi of the King across the street when I speak.

accumulated for a long time, finally broke out, Lianzhu questioned him like a shell:

can't you look at your cell phone less when you eat together?

can't you reply to me before you gang up when I'm looking for you?

do you know that this is very disrespectful?

have you paid no attention to me at all?

in my opinion, I can't compete with a game, and it's really a failure.

and he is also very helpless, always holding his mouth and saying to me:

"it's not that I don't respect or attach importance to you, but sometimes it's inconvenient to gang up. Understand me."

in my anger, I said without thinking: "I understand you, but is it hard to reply to me on Wechat first?"

I was a little confused as soon as I uttered the words, and I found that this sentence had a sense of deja vu--

that's what my mother seemed to tell me.

at this time, I really tried to understand the captain, but I really couldn't.

until not long ago, I was dragged into the King's Pit by my roommates and officially became a female college student in the field of mobile games.

after indulging in pesticides, I realized that

at the beginning of the game, I really can't cut back to Wechat, which is not only inconvenient, but also cheats my teammates.

and all this has nothing to do with whether I want to respect and attach importance to it.

in my previous understanding, playing video games was just a small thing, so I didn't think the captain's explanation was a reasonable reason at all, and I didn't believe it.

I can't help feeling that there are some things that I really have to feel the same way before I can understand.

it's really ridiculous to say "understand" when you don't believe it in your heart.

it took hundreds of hits and gold before I touched what I wanted and understood.

I often wonder how long I will stop fighting with the captain if I don't play Masters.

this time, I happened to experience his experience before I was able to really understand.

what about the next time?

does it mean that every time you don't understand, you have to do the same thing as the other person in order to solve the problem?

on my way home from work, I thought about it for a long time, but I couldn't think of an answer.

A little desperate.

when I got home, I found that the mosquito net in the room had disappeared for the first time.

at first I thought it was just that my mother forgot to hang it back, but it didn't show up again after a few days.

finally, I couldn't help being happy and ran to my mother with a smile: "you finally understand me. I said it was hard to hang a mosquito net."

"it's hard to feel bad, but it's hard not to hang up." My mom washed it.As he picked up the food, he mumbled, "I'm too lazy to argue with you. If you feel uncomfortable, go ahead."

I was in a daze for a long time.

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I suddenly realized that my mother didn't remove the mosquito net because she really felt and understood my "discomfort".

but she chose to trust me, believing that it would really make me uncomfortable.

at that moment, it doesn't seem to matter whether you really understand it or not.

Why does everyone have to understand themselves?

sometimes "believe" is more important than "understand".

because unconditional belief can only come from love.


recently I watched Dragon Gun and liked the passage in it:

"there is no way for anyone to understand each other fundamentally, but this does not prevent us from being very close to each other and becoming lovers."

maybe the difference between relatives, loved ones and other people is that they don't understand you, but they still choose to trust you.

only children want to understand, adults only care about love.

Don't be childish.

good night.