"otherwise, you'd better delete me."

"otherwise, you'd better delete me."

Do you have someone you love too much to love?


do you have someone you love too much to love?

do you have a person who is clearly determined to forget, but softens at first sight?

do you have a person who desperately walked 99 steps but gave up near the finish line?

my old friend Tintin has it in his heart.

when New Year's Day had dinner with us, she mentioned the scene of breaking up a year ago, but she still couldn't help turning red in her eyes.

from university to graduate student, seven years. She thought they were going to get married, but they broke up because of the wedding date and bride price.

from beginning to end, Tintin struggled alone, struggling with her parents, her emotions, and all the past she was reluctant to say goodbye.

of course, the end of the story is that Tintin broke up.

Ding Ding was slow for more than half a year, and even when she was sad, she went downstairs to her boyfriend's house and watched the light in his room turn on and off. At that moment, she felt that her youth had come to an end.

at dinner, Tintin said, after the breakup, my life was very difficult, but I never thought he would get married in less than half a year. It was desperate.

he is such a timid person, but he has been walking forward, but I have been standing still. I really hate myself. I still haven't forgotten him.

I said, "what you can't forget is not him, but yourself who gave everything." You bought his clothes, his accessories, his home furnishings, large and small things, and maybe after him, you will never give everything you have to be nice to a person.

so, don't say you can't forget him, you just miss the old self who could fight for love. Because the more people give, the harder it is to let it go. "

Tintin didn't say anything, but I knew she had figured it out.

in fact, there is not much truth in the matter of affection. Giving is never proportional to output, but you will always remember the feeling that you love someone.

the first hug you gave that person, the first coat you put on that person, and when he worked overtime, you walked a long way to buy his favorite Xiaolongbao.

you will never forget how cold it was at that time, how empty the streets were, and how full your heart was.

even if that person is far away, you can't even remember what he looks like, but if you do it wholeheartedly, you may not have a second time in your life.

it is very difficult to be together, and it is becoming more and more difficult to move on, but the person you can't forget has already moved on, so why do you insist on the past?

there is no point in nostalgia for the person who did his best at that time.

you always think that you can't let go of someone because you love him, but it's just your persistence and reluctance.

Eason Chan has a song called "falling Flowers and running Water", in which the lyrics are particularly poignant:

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Life, don't be too fairy tale, story, if it is shorter than this May sunset, there is no need to be surprised. If this trip is a pleasure, it will be a life-long experience.

Yes, although the ending is regrettable, fortunately we have met before.

you don't have to keep thinking about it. Since each other has an established life, then learning to let go and be free and easy is also a required course for you to grow up.

I know that one day in the future, you may think of the hands you once held when you dream in the middle of the night.

lean on the shoulder, but you should be glad that you have not wasted your time in the relationship, and you have paid with all your heart.

these days, although you walk into the crowd alone, don't miss it any more.

you should move forward like him, look forward, take care of yourself, and save your heart for the next time you meet.

you will meet someone who is worth your investment, and he will cherish you.

next time, the mountain has no cover, the sea has no stop, and there is no regret.