People who are too rational in their feelings.

People who are too rational in their feelings.

Good night


when she said she was going to study abroad in two months' time.

he was amazed because the relationship had only been going on for less than a week.

can I not go? Of course, because her father listens to her.

but she still has to go because he is not as important as his studies.

he chased her for half a year, only to get along for two months. Annoyance and amazement crisscross at that moment, and his tone was unusual, even with a little reproach.

blame her for covering up her future plans, blaming her for making things difficult before, and blaming her for her selfishness.

but she expected all this before she said it.

but he is the one who prefers, and preference means to be tolerant of everything.

so in less than 30 seconds, he adjusted his mood: "it's all right, then get along well and stop fighting."


how they "get along" later, she didn't tell me, all I know is that it should be a good "two-month relationship".

she said she did her best, surprised when she should be surprised, and lost her temper when she should lose her temper. If someone took pictures of them, she should get an acting award.

I asked, "is that what you call 'not bad'? It all sounds fake. "

she said: "because I am happy, I just can't tell whether this happiness comes from self-control or his love for me."

the day they parted, they were at the airport.

she tried for a long time but could not change from choking to crying. He came over and hugged her and said, "well, don't cry if you can't cry. Goodbye."

so he knew all the time, but didn't say it.

it's hard not to be moved by such sweetness. She hugged each other hard, whispered "I'm sorry" and left with her suitcase.

I asked her if she was really not sad.

she looked up and said calmly, "sad, but sad is useless."


so later when A Liang told me that he liked her, I told him meaningfully, "that kind of girl, just be a friend." Because everyone who is very strict with themselves, the love they can release is limited. "

but they are still together.

A Liang is my friend, she is also my friend, they are not friends. I don't know exactly what happened at that party. When asked, she said, "because he was the only one who asked me that night why you didn't sing."

hearing this reason from an extremely rational person, I couldn't help getting a chill in my back. I was not optimistic about them, but they even invited me as a matchmaker to have a good sushi meal the other day from the summer vacation of my junior year to the so-called third anniversary.

We all had a few drinks on the table. During the table, A Liang went to the bathroom. I hurriedly asked her, "is it true love this time?"

she raised her glass: "it's been three years, don't you think?"

"Why?" I'm curious.

"in fact, I really like each one, just before, either because it's not the right time, or because it's not in the right place."

I said, "but when you fall in love, isn't it a matter of time and place for two people to work together?"

"give me a break," she continued, pursing her lips, looking ahead. "feelings are still very ethereal, and I won't change the course of my life because of my so-called commitment."

I said "Oh" and stopped asking questions. Because it's not necessary, she's still the cool girl.


but when I look her in the eye, I always associate her with the heroine in 500 days with Summer: they are equally lovely, have their own way of life, and believe that "promises are unreliable". And they all have an inexplicable charm.

to tell you the truth, I am afraid of such people, because she can always analyze all her emotions and distinguish exactly what is worship and love, and what is love and affection. But isn't the most precious thing about love is the randomness hidden in it?

you don't know which detail of him you will be moved by, you don't know exactly when you want to be with him, you don't even know what kind of life you will spend with him in the future, but you are willing to be together resolutely.

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so I prefer to believe that she is just not loving enough than that she is a cold person.

maybe she will be like the ending of 500 days with Summer: on a fine afternoon, she suddenly meets a boy who is not very special to us, but she likes very much, so she becomes irrational and doesn't have only herself in her eyes. They are even willing to throw away all the planning for each other's life.

but I'm not sure whether it's good luck or bad luck to like someone to that extent.

good night.