People who do not like to change Wechat avatars are usually these personalities. Do you have a look?

People who do not like to change Wechat avatars are usually these personalities. Do you have a look?

May you live up to your time and become the person you want to be.

did you find out?

our first impressions of our Wechat friends are often made by looking at their avatars.

Wechat avatar is like a silent business card, simple and straightforward.

through the avatar, although we can not fully understand a person, we can more or less see his recent state.

some people's avatars represent their feelings at the moment, while others want to express their expectations for the future.

but there are always some people, an avatar, who don't change all the year round.

and those who do not like to change Wechat profile pictures, usually have these personalities, see if there are you?

free and easy and casual

some people don't like to change their avatars. They simply don't want to toss around. As long as they look pleasing to the eye, they don't care too much.

this kind of person is free and easy, never asks for trouble, and has a true temperament in his bones.

when I was working hard in Shenzhen, I encountered a lot of difficulties, so I decided to go back to my hometown to have a rest for a period of time.

the old man is a very open-minded man, just like the landscape picture of his Wechat profile portrait.

however, his life is extremely rough.

when he was young, he worked at the construction site, but he lost his foot and broke his leg.

then he opened a breakfast shop in the city, but he never imagined that a fire would burn it all out.

I asked him, "is there any hate in my heart?"

the old man smiled calmly: "people, you have to learn to be open and bearish." You can hold on to what you have in your life, and if you don't, don't think about it. "

now several years have passed, the old man is still optimistic, and the avatar of the landscape map has not changed.

there are not a few people like old gentlemen in life.

they are really wise men who can walk calmly with umbrellas in high winds and showers, and enjoy a good cup of tea contentedly in the scorching sun.

such a person, the spiritual world is richer than ordinary people, and it is like a spring breeze to associate with him.

nostalgic and long-term

time flies, and each of us has our own story.

some people warm the years and always keep them in mind; some things surprise the time and can't be forgotten for a long time.

the host, sa Bing, once shared something on his mind.

he wept with delight and immediately told his mother the good news.

he said excitedly on Wechat: "Mom, your two little grandchildren are born!"

but in fact, as early as a few years ago, sa Bei's mother left forever because of a cerebral hemorrhage.

sa Benin did not delete his mother's Wechat, and his own Wechat avatar has not been changed since his mother left.

he wants everything to stay as it was before his mother left.

in fact, for many people, the Wechat avatar is no longer an ordinary picture, but has been endowed with a profound meaning that others cannot understand.

do not change, because the heart is reluctant to give up.

for such people, once they take someone to heart, they will not owe it; once they really care about something, they must pay attention to it.

Please bring your heart with you to get along with them, because they are looking forward to a long flow of water, not to break up.

mature and steady

once read such a sentence:

only by keeping extreme calmness can you look at life objectively. "

I strongly agree.

many people feel immature when they look back on their youth.

at that time, whenever I encountered a little thing, I wanted to tell the world that I wanted to attract the attention of the people around me.

it is not until I have experienced many things that I understand that the real maturity is to digest all the emotions by myself.

when you encounter something, you should first solve the problem, instead of frequently changing your profile picture, posting information, and begging for the attention of others.

Adult life, most of them open roads in every mountain and build bridges in the face of water, but few of them open their hearts to people and get upset when things happen.

those who do not change their avatars see through the nature of life.

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such people never regard attracting others as their whole life, let alone pleasing others as a prerequisite for communication.

they will not pin their hopes on anyone. They know very well that life is really hard and they have no choice but to fend for themselves.

as Sanmao wrote in the book:

"if there is an afterlife, be a tree and stand forever. There is no posture of joys and sorrows, half serene in the dust, half flying in the wind, half sprinkled with shade, half bathed in the sun. Very silent, very proud. Never rely on, never look for. "

people who don't change their avatars often can be strong and grow without relying on others.

instead of being smoothed out by the years, they have just improved their ability to be calm and become their own backers.

single-minded and sincere

there is a kind of person who doesn't change his Wechat profile picture often because he is single-minded.

this kind of person can't play tricks or tricks. If he recognizes a road, he will go on in a down-to-earth manner.

it is enough to associate with them with a heart.

think about it, Yuanyuan and I have known each other for five years.

in these 5 years, her Wechat profile picture has not changed.

in that avatar, she holds her daughter in her arms, and they are sweet.Smiling sweetly.

Yuan Yuan always says that she is very nostalgic and that if anything or anyone has been around for a long time, she will have feelings.

only during the holidays will she make some small changes to her avatar and add a little creativity of her own.

as the Spring Festival is coming, a festive word "Fu" has been added to her profile picture.

I have to say that Yuanyuan is really careful and affectionate.

get along with this kind of person, you may feel dull at first, but after a long time, you will find that

their temper is like old wine, and only those who know the details can realize the beauty of it.

once in life, fate gets together and breaks up.

We don't need to worry too much about whether to change the Wechat avatar, after all, it's just a simple act.

you know, what is more important than the avatar is your attitude towards the world.

, may you live up to your time and become the person you want to be.