People who reply to you on Wechat like this must love you very much.

People who reply to you on Wechat like this must love you very much.

You spend every minute of the moment and the rest of your life together.

I have heard such a sentence:

"according to the content of Wechat chat, you can see a person's attitude towards you."

because the speed with which he responds to your messages, the tone he speaks to you, and his emotional attitude during communication all determine your place in his heart in a certain sense.

so, if someone replies to your message like this, he must love you very much.

reply you in time, don't snub

in today's era when everyone can't leave their mobile phones, busyness has become a reason for many people not to reply to messages.

Zhang ailing once said:

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"if a person doesn't have time, it's because he doesn't want to have time. If a person can't walk away, it's because he doesn't want to go away. If a person gives you too many excuses, it's because he doesn't care about you."

people who really care about you won't keep you waiting, let alone let you worry about gains and losses and be wronged.

because people don't treat important things casually, especially when he likes a person.

if he has you in his heart, no matter how busy he is, he will be busy to reply to your message. Even when he is in the shower, he will dry his hands and click on his cell phone in the middle of the shower to see if your message has come in.

like a male friend I know, he is a person who has been unable to read the news all the year round. Sometimes when you look for him, if you send a message in the morning, he may see it in the evening.

but since falling in love, his eyes seem to have grown on his mobile phone.

once a group of us ate out and sat down for only ten minutes. He had already checked his mobile phone seven or eight times, and every time he clicked on Wechat, the corners of his mouth grinned like a child who had been rewarded with candy by adults.

his girlfriend called and asked him what time he would be home. Without saying a word, he got up and said he would be home on time in five minutes.

"when you like someone, it is not love, but her supremacy."

her Wechat is at the top, her news is back in seconds, and everything about her is at the top of her mind.

although there are a lot of things to deal with, a lot of work to be arranged, and a lot of troubles to calm down.

but in front of the one you love, there is no conflict between being busy and loving her.

as long as she needs it, she is on her way all the way and is free 24 hours a day.

take the initiative to talk to you, not indifferent

there is a saying on the hot comment wall of NetEyun:

"if a man loves you, whether he is eighteen or 38, he will take the initiative."

sometimes even if you are busy and do not have time to send him a message, he will take the initiative to send it to you, asking what you are doing, whether you are eating, and how you are feeling today.

there are no truly aloof people or straight men in this world. If so, it's because you're not the one he wants to warm up.

in the movie "he doesn't really like you that much", Gigi left his contact information when he first met the guy he liked in the bar.

she expects the boy to call her and ask her out to play.

she waited and waited, day after day, week after week, but nothing happened to the boy.

Gigi was puzzled until the owner of the bar said to her, "he doesn't come to you. He just doesn't like you that much." He is not busy, nor does he have amnesia, let alone his cell phone falls into the toilet. "

if he loves you, he will certainly come to you, will take the initiative to you, will reveal his heart to you, and then take actions to prove his love for you.

he will like the moments you post.

he will collect the songs you share.

his own fragments of life and daily interesting things will also take the initiative to share with you.

he may not say many sweet words, but he will certainly do a lot of things for you with his actions, caring about you everywhere and thinking about you.

even if he covers his mouth, his love will come out of his eyes.

respond to you seriously, not perfunctory

I saw a contribution story on Weibo before.

the girl who contributed said that when she was with her boyfriend, she never worried about not having sense of security. Because her boyfriend always responds to everything and has a reason for everything.

she sent a picture of hot pot, saying that she wanted to eat hot pot on the weekend. Her boyfriend booked a seat on Friday night and accompanied her to the store early on Saturday morning.

she said that being alone at home was so boring that her boyfriend ran from the east of the city to her downstairs in the south of the city that night, accompanied her around the nearby park, and then took a bus back.

her boyfriend responded to her every message she sent very seriously, never perfunctorily.

sometimes she wakes up in the morning and receives a bunch of messages from her boyfriend in the middle of the night telling her to have breakfast and remember to take an umbrella when she goes out.

it's really sweet to be loved by a gentle person!

he is like the most gentle and genial wind in the transition of spring and summer, everything becomes soft after you.

then, because of him, you also began to love the world.

he is the only answer on your walkie-talkie that has been silent for years.

Hugo wrote in Les Miserables:

"the best thing in life is to be sure that someone loves you."

not only in Wechat chat seconds to reply to your message, take the initiative to find you, but also in the daily life, give you long-term companionship and love.

people's life is long and short, so it is not easy to meet someone who is willing to accommodate you, tolerate you and pay attention to you everywhere.

, may you also meet someone who responds to your message seriously, is not perfunctory, not snub, and takes you to heart all the time.

you spend every minute of the moment and the rest of your lives together.