The end of term is coming.

The end of term is coming.

May you pass every exam.

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to be honest, I can't figure out why there is such a thing as a final exam.

knowledge is something that only "understands" and does not "investigate". If you understand, you can get it. But in order to verify whether you have "got", it is foolish for the school to examine it with several choice questions to fill in the blanks.

but it's been around for so long because it's also the easiest thing to do.

your superior wants you to prove your teaching ability. You can't drag the student to recite in front of him, can you? Your superiors require you to prove the teaching ability of your school. You can't bring all the teachers to teach in front of them, can you? And tens of thousands of people in a school, you can't do everything, can you?

so we have to obediently put out a few examination papers, take all measures to prevent people from cheating, and replace the hidden "unreasonable" with the word "fair".

and people all have the mentality of conformity, even if they are rebellious and see that all the people around them have obediently handed in their papers, they will feel that it is a shame not to take the exam.

have you found that the original purpose of the exam is to "see if you get knowledge", but after a round of psychological deduction, it becomes the question of "whether you are honest" and "whether you want to do something meaningless in order to follow the crowd".

I am a student of Chinese. My foreign literature teacher once said, "if your answer is different from what I wrote on ppt, it is wrong."

A classmate was so puzzled that she ran to ask her why. She said, "do you think your answer will be better than my PPT?"

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is that shocking? But it's the truth. After thinking about what good this would do to her, I found that only one thing was convenient for her to change the paper.

as long as there is a standard answer, like in high school, you can ask students to go to the office to help correct the papers, each with a red pen, obliterating the personalities of other students.

We are not educated to make us better people, we are just tools to help "them" become better people.

some students are so obedient that they think that as long as they listen to the teacher, they must be right. As a result, four years later, he is no different from a blank piece of paper. Some students are rebellious and don't take the teacher's set seriously from the very beginning. They may be good or bad after four years, but they all take full responsibility and will not blame anyone.

but what I admire most are the smart students. They do not resist that set of rules, but they do not fully abide by them. "improvisation" is their rule. They should endorse it and do their own things when they should do their own things. Finally, I got my degree certificate, and I have a clear career plan.

they are cool and smart.

although I still feel pitiful, the pitiful thing is not these smart people, but all the young people who are struggling under this system.

because the original purpose of education is to enable us to be who we want to be.

but under this set of rules, we must make ourselves "smart" and wander on the edge of the rules in order to have a chance to become "better people".

this is really a helpless move.

finally, I wish you all good luck in the exam, although this is not true.

good night.