The greatest sorrow of a family is not poverty or quarrel, but.

The greatest sorrow of a family is not poverty or quarrel, but.

Only when children know how to be grateful can they have a life of flesh and blood.

the greatest sorrow of a family is not poverty or quarrel, but the inability to raise grateful children.

Poverty can be changed by hard work, quarrels can be alleviated by calmness, and ungrateful children will never learn filial piety and live a good life.

A child who does not know how to be grateful is a wolf in human clothing.

their unscrupulous demands will eventually lead to the decline of the family and no more days of prosperity.

A child who doesn't know how to be grateful is useless no matter how good he is.

there is an English proverb: "gratitude is the smallest of virtues, ingratitude is the worst of conduct."

gratitude is the foundation of being a human being. it is useless for a child who does not know how to be grateful.

Lao Wang Hua in Nanjing asked his son to study abroad for millions. As a result, his son grew old at home when he returned home.

Lao Wang was so angry that he sold the car he bought for his son. finally, there was a big fight between father and son, and the son said he would hack his father to death.

ungrateful children have long taken their parents' efforts for granted, focusing only on their own interests, ignoring their parents' hardships, and losing their conscience at the same time.

what is the use of such a child, no matter how highly educated he is?

A public welfare short film in Thailand has caused a sensation in moments:

A primary school teacher has a mother who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Every day he takes his mother to class and asks her to sit in the back row of the classroom.

however, the students began to be distracted in class and looked back at his mother from time to time, which made the students' parents have a lot of opinions.

later, parents unexpectedly found that the teacher was filial to their mother, which influenced their children imperceptibly, and made them learn to be considerate and grateful.

A child's grades are important, but there are many more important things in the world that affect a child's life.

achievements are not worth mentioning at all in the face of gratitude.

spoiled children do not know how to be grateful

Children's lack of gratitude is closely related to the doting of their parents.

excessive parental love is a chronic poison for a child, which becomes more toxic when he is an adult and will eventually harm him for the rest of his life.

Children enjoy special treatment in the family and are spoiled as "little princesses and emperors". When they are accustomed to being superior to others, they naturally do not have the intention to think of others. Over time, they become defiant and selfish.

they can easily get what they want, and they must not know how to cherish what they have. when profligacy has become their habit, Jinshan and Yinshan will eventually become destitute.

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as the saying goes, "it is easy to move from frugality to extravagance, but it is difficult to move from extravagance to frugality". Living a luxurious life from an early age will stifle their ability to bear hardships and stand hard work. As a result, they will become gluttonous and lazy, and it will be difficult for them to stand on their own feet.

after adulthood, he has become a veritable "Neet" and will sooner or later drain his parents' hard-earned money.

when their parents go against their wishes a little bit, they are very angry and treat their parents like enemies and fight each other.

Shakespeare said, "ungrateful children are more painful than the sharp teeth of poisonous snakes."

spoiled children, whose eyes are only interests, regard their parents as cash machines and will never learn to be grateful.

the greatest achievement of a family is to raise grateful children

not every drop of water can be exchanged for Yongquan, and not every child can repay the kindness of his parents.

the greatest achievement of a family is to raise a grateful child.

there is an issue of Juvenile Shuo, which shows countless people crying:

Fang Yuru, a first-year senior high school student, said on the program that her father gave up his life in his hometown to accompany her to the big city to "work hard" no matter how late she was, in order to give her a better education.

but because of my father's work, I have never seen a performance of my own, so I take this opportunity to sing a song "Father" to show my gratitude.

A grateful child can shine even if he doesn't stand on the stage.

some people say: "gratitude is a philosophy of life and a great wisdom in life."

I think so.

Life cannot be plain sailing. In the face of setbacks on the way of life, if you are grateful, you will not complain about everything around you. If you have the light of gratitude in your heart, you will be able to illuminate further places.

raising a grateful child is tantamount to giving him the ability to overcome all dangers and obstacles in the world.

Let him be contented with gratitude, happy with contentment, and easily reap a happy life.

Wang Fu said: "Life needs a grateful heart to create, a grateful heart needs life to nourish."

as a parent, don't raise a child who doesn't know how to be grateful, let him become the greatest sorrow of a family.

look at the world and go away like smoke, and remember that kindness is like blood.

Children know how to be grateful before they can have a flesh-and-blood life.