The six cheapest behaviors to be a human being

The six cheapest behaviors to be a human being

Sit still and think about your own mistakes, but don't talk about others.


the sky is self-exalted, the sea is self-deep, the earth is self-thick, and man is self-righteous.

at all times, we should seek the right job, follow the right path, and do not have the following price-cutting behaviors.

get ahead of yourself

the writer Yishu said:

"face is the hardest and most useless thing for a person to put down." The more you care about it, the heavier it will be and the more difficult it will be for you to move. "

in order to save face, some people have to pretend to be rich even if they have no money. When they get a loan to buy a car and buy a bag, they go out with beautiful scenery, but go home with porridge and vegetables and make a living with noodles.

some people do a lot of things beyond their abilities in order to save face. If they can't do a good job, they will only bear hardships.

"he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

A person must know exactly how many pounds he or she is.

face is an illusory thing, depending on whether others are willing to give it or not.

and dignity is your inner energy, which can be firmly grasped in your own hands.

only by giving up face and living inside can we pursue a higher life.

take advantage of others

in our lives, we often encounter such scenes:

I want to travel to your city in a few days. Will you give me food, accommodation and play?

it's okay for you to be idle at home. Why don't you help my child with his lessons?

many people think that since we are friends and relatives anyway, it should be very easy for you to do something for me for free.

but in this world, no one is born to owe each other.

Friends, relatives, and family members are not resources that can be obtained blindly and used free of charge.

A relationship will not last long if you only know what you want and don't know anything in return.

Zeng Guofan proposed to the younger generation that "nine do not pay", one of which is: "those who like to take advantage of the advantages do not pay."

Don't take advantage of people at all, and don't take money lightly.

people who are greedy for petty gains gain small profits, but lose their hearts and minds.

be good at calculating

there is a good saying: "A man can be fine, but not Yin."

some people do not hesitate to hurt others for their own interests and do whatever it takes to achieve their ends.

It is without a doubt that purple wedding dress are fundamental requirement in all affairs. Latest stylish arrivals are on unbelievable sales right now!

such people seem to benefit, but the fact is that the benefits they gain are often temporary and will eventually dissipate.

people often say: "insidiousness is the road to the abyss of danger."

all the bad things a person does are actually laying a layer of hidden thunder for his future life. A little spark at any time may detonate his whole life.

in this life, no matter what you do, the most important thing is to live up to your conscience.

worship high and step low

it is not difficult to find some "two-faced people" in life. They are best at "changing their faces", flattering to the top, being arrogant to the bottom, and trampling high and low. They "make friends for the sake of profit, and they disperse as much as they can."

Lu Xun once said: "in the face of pride, things will go up." those who are domineering, arrogant and overbearing to their subordinates must flatter and flatter their superiors.

if you treat people who are better than yourself, if you have no bottom line to please and curry favor, you will only lose your dignity.

instead of more false coping and false flattery, it is better to see the true chapter by action.

to treat people who are weaker than yourself, if you are arrogant and abusive, it will only make you look humble.

there is a saying in the Book of changes:

"A gentleman's hand-in-hand is not blasphemous, but his lower one is not blasphemous."

he who lives nobly has a yardstick in his heart, neither superior nor deceiving.

treat others as people above others, treat yourself as others under others, neither humble nor arrogant.

show off

people who like to show off can be found everywhere in life.

there are people who like to show off their money and are eager to decorate themselves with external prosperity;

some people like to show off their circle. It seems that they can become who they know and control what kind of resources they are in.

others indulge in a sense of self-superiority and like to show off their past achievements, but forget to improve themselves.

all this reveals that a person's pattern is not enough and his heart is small.

as the saying goes:

"A wise man is full of concealment, but a fool is always showing off."

mature people will understand that money is the guarantee of life, not the capital to show off.

the essence of the circle is the exchange of resources, and even if the glory around you is unlimited, it has nothing to do with yourself.

past achievements are all prefaces. Thinking of yourself as small and making things bigger is the eternal way to success.

the depth of the water is silent, and a man is silent. Excellent people, know how to give up flashy, never flamboyant, never arrogant.

talk behind the back

talking behind the back shows that a person's conduct is not good and there is no basis for talking nonsense, which shows that a person has no upbringing.

if you have any dissatisfaction, mention it to your face, which is called "good advice goes against the ear".

if you talk behind your back, you will become gossiping and you will become a villain.

gossip does a lot of harm, but behind its back it is said that people will get into trouble.

perhaps you are an unintentional remark, if it is heard by a conscientious person and spread to the ears of the person concerned, it will not only affect your reputation, but also affect your relationship, lose trust, and break off contact.

sit still and often think about your own mistakes and gossip about others.

Don't blow the whistle, don't talk nonsenseTo gossip less and give respect and consideration to others is also to accumulate blessings for yourself.