The top social pattern of adults

The top social pattern of adults

We can't change our origins, but we can decide who to go with.

A person's wealth and wisdom are the average of the five people he has most frequent contact with

socialize with superior people

"ordinary World" says:

"when a person's mind is not strong enough to fully grasp himself, he needs to rely on another person who is stronger than himself in spirit."

everyone has their own limitations, and the guidance of experts can help us tear down the wall of thinking and see a broader world.

there is a good saying: "it is better to read ten thousand books than to travel ten thousand miles; to travel ten thousand miles is not as good as a master to guide the way."

interacting with high-level people, their few words, may enlighten you.

if you get in touch with them more, you will naturally broaden your horizons and will not be confined to one mu of land in front of you.

can also open up the pattern, make up for the deficiency, and store energy for future development.

work with reliable people

A person's greatest ability is to make people feel relieved and reliable.

whether at work or in life, once such a person starts to do something, he will be responsible to the end and do the best he can.

how to judge whether a person is reliable or not, there are eight small details:

reply when received, don't take advantage, be punctual, do what you say, don't brag, be emotionally stable, have a bottom line, and have strong execution.

in this world, there are many smart people, but few reliable people. It is your greatest blessing to be with reliable people.

be a reliable adult. When difficulties come, I hope you have enough strength and ability to say to the people around you, "Don't worry, I have you."

the communication between people is actually the exchange of energy one by one.

walk with the wise, you will not be mediocre; with reliable people, you can get to the top.

stay away from people full of negative energy

emotions between people are really contagious.

in life, when you are with cheerful friends, it is easy to be emotionally motivated. After getting along with optimistic people for a long time, they are willing to look on the bright side of everything.

and people with negative thinking don't like anything. When they open their mouth, they always complain. Affected by them, people around them tend to become anxious and pessimistic.

Life is not long, there are a lot of wind and rain, stay away from people who are always full of negative emotions, and spend more time with positive and optimistic people, so that the mood has more upward growth motivation.

stay away from people who have nothing to do

people say that a life that is too easy will sooner or later wear away one's enthusiasm for life.

do not realize that making a friend who has nothing to do will also dispel your expectations for a better life and make you willing to fall and not want to make progress.

after all, in this world, sinking is always more comfortable than fighting, and recreation is always easier than self-discipline.

it is said in the Qian hexagram of the Book of changes: "one voice corresponds to each other and demands in tandem."

the same sound will resonate, the same smell will merge with each other, and by the same token, good people will naturally join together.

those who resonate with each other and achieve each other must be cherished when they encounter them, while those who consume you and keep pulling down your inner will must stay away as soon as possible.

always remember that with good people, the road of life can go farther and farther, and people with negative energy will only sink together.

the magnetic fields between people influence each other.

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as the saying goes:

"lazy people teach you how to cheat and cheat, villains teach you to commit crimes, and negative people will tell you that the world is dangerous.

the wise will teach you how to think deeply, the diligent will teach you how to work hard, and the brave will teach you how to move forward courageously. "

We can't change our origins, but we can decide who to go with.