The way the boy coaxed you revealed how much he loved you.

The way the boy coaxed you revealed how much he loved you.

The rest of your life is long, so be sure to be with someone who is willing to coax you.

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I once saw such a sentence in "Orange is not the only fruit":

"whether a person loves you or not depends not on how good he is to you when he is in a good mood.

We all face contradictions, disputes and even countless misunderstandings.

but quarrelling doesn't mean you don't love each other.

whether a boy loves you or not is reflected incisively and vividly in his problem-solving attitude after a quarrel.

in other words,

the way he coaxes you reveals how much he loves you.

during an evening rush hour waiting for the subway, I heard two boys chatting around me.

one of the boys complained impatiently that he had quarreled with his girlfriend again.

his companion said softly that it would be nice to buy a gift.

indeed, many boys coax their girlfriends in such a casual way.

instead of solving the problem materially.

once saw such a private message.

the girl quarreled with her boyfriend, ran away from home in anger, and then walked aimlessly on the road.

later, the boy drove to her and carried her into the car without saying a word. he was silent and silent all the way.

they came to the top of the mountain that day, and the boy said:

"get out of the car and come out to see the stars."

the girl is still aggrieved.

but the moment I saw the stars, all the negative emotions disappeared.

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on the way home, my boyfriend carefully reviewed the causes of the quarrel and admitted his mistake.

the way for someone to love you is to buy a gift, but someone is willing to drive you to see the stars.

she remembers that the stars were beautiful that night, and the person standing beside her loved her very much.

Love is not a vow of love built by words, but an outline of happiness with actions.

I have seen such a topic on Zhihu before:

does my girlfriend have to be coaxed when she gets angry?

one girl replied like this:

"I want my boyfriend to coax me after a fight, not to be self-willed, but to make sure that he still loves me."

those who really love you don't want you to be sad.

like a love letter written by a boy to a girl after a couple quarreled on the Internet, there is a sentence in it:

"I won't let you spend the night in a mood.

your so-called self-regulation is slowly moving away from me. I don't want you to do this. "

No matter how much couples love each other, there will be moments of conflict.

once saw a sentence like this in Strawberry Life:

"I like rational people, but in front of the people I like, I want to have the right to act coquettish."

because love is heartache without reason and tolerance without premise.

A man loves you as much as he coaxes you.

there is a line in the movie "the temperature of Love":

"the degree of reunion after a breakup is 82%, but only 3% make it to the end.

the reason for breaking up again is still the same as last time. "

how boys coax you after a quarrel can largely determine how far the relationship can go.

Wang Xiaobo wrote in a letter to his wife Li Yinhe:

"you cry when you are angry, and I am dumbfounded when I see you cry.

it's like a child is dumbfounded before he does something bad without being blamed.

so if there's anything wrong, don't cry and blame me first, okay? "

between the lines, it is full of sincerity and affection.

you see, a person who really loves you will use all his gentleness to make you happy and solve problems.

A boy is willing to coax you.

this love has the sweetness to resist the chaos of the years and the strength to resist many tribulations.

, the rest of your life is long. Be sure to spend time with the person who is willing to coax you.