Unexpectedly, my greatest romantic rival is this tasteless life.

Unexpectedly, my greatest romantic rival is this tasteless life.

"it's so boring to be with you."

there are many friends around, who have been filming for several years and have always been favored by everyone, but they all come to a tragic end.

some have cheated, some tell me that they are bored, and some will say that there is no hope.

these reasons may seem different, but when you think about it, in the final analysis, they all die of "tasteless".

I wrote in "I've thought about breaking up 26 times in the past 3 years":

every couple is bound to find love and life boring after their passionate love.

in spite of this, it is always too easy to take this "tastelessness" and each other's tolerance for granted.

think about it, if two people are together, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or even ten years later, it will be exactly the same.

that would be terrible.

recently I discovered that the biggest competitor in the so-called long-distance love race is not a romantic competitor, nor is it all kinds of difficulties and obstacles.

it's about how to fight against the tasteless life.

the reason why I came to this conclusion is that my life with her was tasteless to the extreme not long ago.

We live at two o'clock in our residence and office every day, and all we have left is to work, drive, eat and sleep.

We don't even have to ask "how to get there" and "what to eat", because it must be that bus, that takeout.

seems to be living into a gear, constantly circling in this machine called "life".

the day before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, she ran over and put her arms around my neck, smiled and asked me, "what are the plans for the holiday?"

at that time, I froze and had to hesitate to say, "We'll see."

I find myself a little afraid of the holidays, because when life has a chance to become less boring, I don't know what to do.

and her original cheerful manner, with my words, instantly dimmed.

finally we broke up in discord, and she dropped a sentence:

"it's really boring to be with you, and it's not as interesting as living alone."

I suddenly realized that there will be points added or subtracted in a relationship. Every disappointment and sadness will deduct points in this relationship, and the day when the points are deducted is the time to break up.

and this time, a lot of points were really deducted.

but people only re-examine a relationship when they encounter a bump, and then find out the corresponding methodology.

before I remembered, she had been pestering me and saying that she wanted to take a set of photos, but I never took it to heart.

because originally, in my opinion, this is not a meaningful thing, moreover, I am a photography idiot.

and that day, when I secretly took her to the hotel and secretly took out my camera and put it in front of her, I finally saw the smile on her face that I had not seen for a long time.

I was finally relieved.

We spent three hours that night, took more than 400 pictures, and spent another three hours fixing 50 pictures.

but in the end, I didn't post any moments or Weibo because I was too private.

I was going to ask her, "isn't it boring to spend so much time doing this and end up without a chance to show it?"

but looking sideways, I found that she had been snickering at her picture as if she had found a treasure, and I swallowed the sentence without forgetting to turn her head and blow a few kisses at me.

because I finally found out that the meaning of surprise lies not in the surprise itself, but in its "side effects".

it is a spoonful of seasoning, when life becomes dull, add a point to the relationship, so that people who want to give up, once again find hope.

some people may think that I am too idealistic, after all, not everyone is willing to go to great lengths to make a mess of life.

but in fact, insipid and tasteless, surprise and vigor are not a pair of synonyms.

I remember one morning when I was still in bed, I was woken up by a phone call.

picked up the phone with getting up angrily, but was told there was a delivery for me.

"I didn't buy anything. You must have the wrong number."

Ranging from the sexy to the sober, our white short dress for cocktail are definitely fundamental. Whatever your taste, we have just what you need.

"is your name Yuanxia?"


"then why don't you hurry down? if you don't come, I'll go."

so I rubbed my eyes and wore slippers, went downstairs with angry swearing, and got the express delivery.

when I went back, I opened it and found that it was VIPSHOP's package. When I opened the box, I found several pairs of new socks and short sleeves neatly placed inside.

at that moment, all my wake-up spirit dissipated and I giggled at my phone for a long time.

she sent Wechat and said:

"the last time I hung your clothes, I found that your socks were all torn. In summer, there were only a few short sleeves. I bought some for you. You have to like them even if you don't like them."

I nodded, and then I changed a new pair of socks before going out every day.

in fact, surprise is not just about giving expensive gifts, not only the romance of buying roses, but also not necessarily messing with life.

its deeper meaning is that I will pay attention to your every detail, remember your every expectation, and make you feel that I care about you.

just like my new socks and clothes, it's nothing special.

but I love them and I love her.

in fact, it is not just love, no matter want to maintain any kind of relationship, "surprise" is essential.

Ze Zepeng went home on the spur of the moment, and although her mother kept scolding him, she was so happy.

like thorns will secretly line up for us in the hot summer and show up in the office with happy tea, making everyone cry "Dad".

even for our readers, we change designs, organize events, give benefits, and rack our brains to surprise readers.

the "surprise" thing moves people because: I could not have done it, but I would have chosen to do it for your sake.

you know, the relationship between a successful brand and its users must be like friends, even lovers and relatives.

you may not believe it, but I fell in love with Weipin.

as I write to the keyboard every day, I feel bored for a long time, and I am even more afraid of the gap between literary thoughts and blank documents.

on a whim, I let that LAMY pen wander freely in my notepad. When the sound of pen-and-paper friction drilled into my head, it was like a lover whispering comfort in my ear, and inspiration flashed like a psychic, teaching me how to write a pen.

although my girlfriend does not have a red gap at all, girls' yearning for it is no less than boys' love of games, not to mention that there are many colors, and the ones in the makeup bag are just a drop in the bucket, and there will always be a day of tiredness.

fortunately, there is such a magical thing as a lipstick suit at the Weipin meeting, which saves a lot of trouble for straight men.

it allows girls to dabble in every color, not to get bored, but also to change it from time to time, and the scale of the little disturbance in their hearts also stops at the most comfortable point.

and all this is because VIPSHOP's new app was revamped and launched, and brought "your Life Photo Exhibition".

they secretly pressed the shutter, so that every fan's surprise and change were frozen on the long timeline.

"I know that the moment you meet the surprise is the most beautiful."

that's what he said.

finally, he made these moments into an exhibition of photos of your life.

in this photo exhibition,

you can see a lot of life changed by good things.

in addition,

VIPSHOP began a new round of welfare on the occasion of the 616 Huan change ceremony.

you might as well click to read the original text,

take a look at the photo exhibition prepared for you and change it.