When I'm 20 years old, I'm not cool at all.

When I'm 20 years old, I'm not cool at all.

The post-00s generation has a better life than you.


Lin Yoga has a song called "ship", composed by Xu Binglong.

you may not know Xu Binglong, who wrote and sang a song for his idol, "Lin Yoga". It was after listening to this song that Lin Yoga bought the song, rewrote the lyrics, and created the boat.

I looked through Xu Binglong's introduction and was surprised.

Xu Binglong, a post-00s independent musician and songwriter, taught himself to write songs, played and sang by himself.

publish the first original song at the age of 15.

create "Boat" for Lin Yoga at the age of 16.

Seven cities tour starts at the age of 17.

I can't help joking that I'm getting old because I've done such a cool thing before I know it.

but for some reason, my roommate suddenly said, "how can you be old? you are never young at all."

his inadvertent remark makes me feel more and more sad the more I think about it-he may be right.


the subtle differences between people are often reflected in memories.

A while ago, I recalled my life in primary school with my brother who just finished the college entrance examination.

my recollection is probably that puppy love was discovered by my parents, the teacher criticized for owing homework, and playing video games with my deskmate in class.

my brother said that what impressed him most was the day he graduated from the sixth grade.

he came to the door of Class 3 a year, blocked a kid and said viciously, "wait for me at the school gate after school."

was intended to flirt with the little guy, who knew the other party suddenly ran away, and then ran back and stuck out his tongue: "you hit me, a little bit."

"from that day on, I knew that I had no talent for being a bad guy." My brother concluded that he was a "campus bully" for the first time.

I was speechless, and he then shared the story of hitting the teacher with chalk.

the smashed teacher is notoriously fond of corporal punishment. On the day of graduation, after cleaning up with several friends, he picked up the chalk tip and ran away, saying plausibly: "I hope that teacher will realize that it's not easy not to be respected."

I never thought that my usual clever brother had such a flamboyant side. I asked him inexplicably why he had to do such a crazy thing.

he said: "because at that time, I thought that some things could only be done at that time, or we would get old if we were not crazy."

the sixth grade of primary school, if you don't go crazy, you will get old.



We seem to have a special affection for "getting old".

the sixth graders say they will grow old if they are not crazy.

stubbornly call myself still young, is a baby, every year 18.

then retweet articles about "mature" and "getting old".

but we like to admit that we are getting old. is it possible that the premise of getting old is to be young?

is it possible that we scramble for the "old quota" because we are unwilling to admit that we have never been young?

A friend went to see the livehouse of a 20-year-old band. When he came back, he posted several photos of sweating in the middle of the stage, saying with emotion, "it's like this is what a 20-year-old should look like."

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so I can't help thinking, what should it be like at the age of 20? What is the most 20-year-old thing I have ever done?

I don't think so.

do not like singing,

do not like to communicate with people,

do not like busy places.

do not dare to go on a trip,

dare not like it, say it out loud,

dare not enjoy the present, always worry about tomorrow.

but it doesn't matter, I will cheerfully comfort myself that this is called maturity.


A few days ago, disorganized people went to the bar together.

is not the clearness that folk singers sing quietly.

is that kind of Boomshakalaka bar.

because I want to know what it's like to be young and high.

but that night, I didn't focus on the restless stage, on the naked little sister, on the wriggling crowd.

I looked at the little brother who played the king alone at the wine table and guessed that he hated the noise and signals here.

I looked at my little sister, who was turning around on the dance floor, and the boy she was staring at was hugging the other girls.

I looked at the countless cigarette butts on the dark floor and felt that "the world above is a mess, but the world below is a mess".

even in the Boomshakalaka situation, I can easily find a lot of lost corners.

when I left, I said to Yuanxia, "I still don't like this place."

you see, people in this day and age are more or less sick.

some people are dissolute, while others can't get high.

that night, there was a moment when I felt really unfit to be a young man.


it would be a bit frustrating for this article to end like this.

so I found a good excuse to comfort myself.

after the post, "it seems that this is what a 20-year-old is supposed to look like," there was another sentence: "but we who went to their concert at the age of 20 were not bad."

so, what should 20-year-old look like?

"you are young, you should try more."

"you are so young, why are you so sad?"

"your ageGently, you should face the world bravely! "

people take passion, energy and bravery as the answer, because it looks cool.

but is there only one type of answer at the age of 20?

is it cool not to live up to the popular definition of being young?

Yes, we can not be young, we can not be brave, we can be introverted, we can be timid, we can leave without saying anything, we can be uncool.

nothing is what a 20-year-old should be.

is that a good excuse? Good night.