When people reach middle age, there is a real difference between having money and having no money.

When people reach middle age, there is a real difference between having money and having no money.

When you reach middle age, you have the greatest strength to have money in your pocket.


I used to think that talking about money hurts feelings, but it is not until middle age that people realize that it hurts more to have no money.

once thought that people want to live a free and unrestrained life, but now they understand that all freedom is supported by money.

once regarded money as dirt, but now we know that no money will be regarded as dirt.


the world is in a panic, but it's just a few taels of silver. Unfortunately, this broken silver can solve thousands of kinds of melancholy in the world.

when people reach middle age, they are old at the top and small at the bottom, and their expenses are getting bigger and bigger, but their bodies are in decline. At this time, the more we can feel what it's like to be rich and have no money.

as Oscar Wilde said:

"when I was young, I used to think that money was the most important thing in the world, but now that I am old, I find that this is true."

after middle age, the life of people who save money is different from that of people who don't.

the dignity of middle-aged people is given by money

whoever has money in his pocket is not as rich as his own.

if you have money in your pocket, your waist will be strong, and you will be tough when you speak.

having money in your pocket wins not only financial freedom, but also dignity.

people are always realistic, the reality is always very gripping, the more middle-aged, the more profound the taste.

if you have money in your hand, you don't have to rely on others for breath in front of your lover. In the days when you reach out for money, you humbly even spit on yourself.

sometimes even a child of a parent is not treated the same as if he has no money.

although this is a bit cold, it is often the reality.

Maugham, a famous British writer, once said:

"of course, what people pursue is not all wealth, but at least they must have a dignified life so that they can work without hindrance, be generous, cheerful, and independent."

so, what we save is not only money, but also personality and dignity.

only when we are comfortable enough with money, can we be independent and confident enough in life.

when people reach middle age, they have the greatest strength to have money in their pockets.

money is a Poseidon needle for a family

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Middle-aged, there are old at the top, young at the bottom, this is a stage of maintaining a weak balance, accidentally, an illness left the whole family in chaos.

what is more worrying is not that there is no cure, but that there is no money to save lives.

Dou Wentao, known as the best TV host in China, earns a lot of money, and his credo is:

people, have a good time.

so after work, he travels everywhere, stays in star-rated hotels, eats and drinks, and can be said to live a natural and comfortable life. After working for more than ten years, he is still a moonlight clan.

his good friend once reminded him: "I still have some peace of mind with my savings. In case something happens, only money can save me."

Dou Wentao disagreed, until one day, he received a call from his father:

"your mother has a sudden cerebral infarction and enters ICU and needs a lot of money for treatment."

looking at his empty bank card numbers, he realized that "when you use money, you hate less, and a penny beats heroes."

he had no choice but to borrow money from people around him. However, others did not believe that he, a celebrity, had no money and even ran on him.

"Don't you hate us for being stingy in the past, but now you know the importance of money?"

when you have money in your pocket, you are no longer obsessed with conservative treatment or weighing which drug is better.

when you have money in your pocket, you don't have to suffer from making choices, you don't have to worry too much, all you have to do is make your family feel at ease.

when people reach middle age, having money is the reassurance of a family, and even determines the lifeline of their relatives.

everyone knows that Jews are the richest and best earners in the world.

I didn't understand until I saw an interview in a variety show. This is what the Jews say:

"Why do we love money for generations? Because in the event of persecution, it is money that can buy the lives of a family. "

Yes, having money in your pocket is the greatest security and risk resistance of a family.

try to save money in order to give children a better future

Education is an important part of family spending.

maybe you think as long as the child can go to school, how bad can it be?

is actually much worse.

this is a real case around me.

I have two colleagues, one of whom has no habit of saving money after marriage, has no control in spending money, has no savings on hand, invests very little in her children's education, and she has never signed up for any classes for her children.

another colleague seldom eats out, and even wears clothes from colleagues and relatives. With the money saved, he enrolls his children in classes that many children like, such as drama, dance, calligraphy, piano, reading, and so on. And take the children out on a regular trip.

when both children come to the office at once, you can tell the difference at a glance.

one is timid and introverted, the other is confident and generous; one is ashamed to express, the other is eloquent and knowledgeable.

it can be said that the second colleague worked hard and used the saved money to give the child a good future..

in the hit drama "Little willing", it is required to write a composition on the theme of summer camp.

how can a child who has never seen or been there write about it?

therefore, Mi Tao, who has a good academic record, is written far away from the subject.

the more visionary parents are, the more they understand the importance of investing in education.

maybe we can't change our lives against heaven, but every lift by parents is a widening of their horizons.

there is a good saying:

"80% of the difficulties in life can be solved with money, and the remaining 20% can be solved with more money."

after middle age, life of saving money is different from that of not saving money.

money is a person's greatest strength, the largest sense of security of a family, and even the starting point of your children.

Middle-aged people, save money, it is not vulgar, but foresight and wisdom.