When you reach middle age, please live a cost-effective life.

When you reach middle age, please live a cost-effective life.

You might as well break up for once to get rid of useless things and clear your mind of distractions.

who has not been confused in youth, who has not had anxious middle age?

there are parents to take care of and children to raise.

it is getting harder and harder to make money, and there are more and more places to spend money.

with the heaviest job and the latest shift, when I wake up, the pressure is still coming like a tsunami.

some netizens have asked: how can we live a good life?

there is an answer: when you reach middle age, please live a cost-effective life.

Room: leave fewer objects for more enjoyment

Research shows that 80% of the items around us are not used, and only 20% are commonly used.

always think that one day will be used, always feel lost a pity, we are competing with things for space.

hoarding more and more things distracts everyone's attention and consumes our energy.

in many cases, the inner pressure and the narrowness of the external space will form a great sense of oppression.

makes us lose our temper for no reason, forcing people to run away.

Sister Wang wants to take the professional title, but she has endless work during the day and endless housework at night, and Sister Wang is very anxious.

my new home has only a wardrobe, a table and a bed, and a few necessities of life.

you don't have to worry about matching clothes, but you have time to read.

it doesn't take long to clean up the room, but more free time;

it's easy to find what you need, but you feel less nervous and better.

Sister Wang fell in love with this minimalist life.

when she got home, she turned the house upside down.

unworn clothes, shoes and socks, unnecessary things, notebooks, storage bags, expired skin care products for a long time.

throw it away, give it away.

when the wardrobe is idle, the heart brightens; the sundries become less, and people relax.

looking at her neat home, Sister Wang seems to be reborn and in high spirits.

some people say: "A lot of things that are lost, such as taking off the burden, make you feel comfortable."

A room with an inch of land and gold should not be filled with superfluous objects, which makes it difficult for us to turn around.

you might as well break up for once to get rid of useless things and clear your mind of distractions.

when life is too short, let yourself extricate yourself from the trivial housework, raise fish, plant flowers, take a walk, make friends.

leave fewer objects in exchange for more enjoyment.

work: trade less time for greater achievements

there is a saying: "if there are many buds, if they do not bloom, you should cut off some of them and let it focus on blooming a flower."

"people, too, must give up something in order to let their only thing bloom graciously."

it is true.

it is better to dig deep wells than to dig more planing holes.

Qiangzi is the brightest of our friends. He can always smell business opportunities, but he doesn't last long before he ends hastily.

he has sold clothing, opened a restaurant, sold home textiles, worked on home decoration, worked in logistics, and ran transportation.

Today, people are still floating like duckweed in middle age.

did not make much money, did not lose much, tossed about, the more than ten years of youth lost, but did not leave any family business.

another friend, Wang Tao, is diametrically opposed to Qiangzi.

at first, Wang Tao worked in an advertising company.

when he was born halfway, he followed his master to install layouts and house numbers during the day, and studied hard at night.

Wang Tao can bear hardships and is willing to learn. Over a long period of time, he has mastered a series of processes and techniques in advertising and has become an expert in the industry.

Today, the apprentice has become the boss of an advertising company.

Wang Tao said: "after working in this industry for a long time, from strangers to customers, from customers to friends, word of mouth, a lot of business will naturally come to us."

most of the time, we always want to have too much, but we can't grasp anything; we always want to be in a hurry, but we are always anxious.

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instead of looking for a way out everywhere and hitting a brick wall again and again, it is better to follow the familiar road.

instead of looking for directions everywhere and dabbling in them, you might as well go to the end in front of your eyes.

Faber once said, "try focusing your energy on one focus, just like a lens."

focus on one goal and dig deep into a field.

what accumulates bit by bit is professionalism, and what precipitates over time is contacts.

this is the power of concentration, this is the charm of diligence.

only in this way can we exchange less time for greater achievements.

making friends: having three or two bosom friends in your heart is better than thousands of contacts

Yi Shu said:

"people in the city look glamorous, but in fact, they all hide loopholes.

High-ranking friends are full of guests, but there may not be two or three who can really talk to each other. "

when I was young, when I was a nodding acquaintance, I asked for contact information and added Wechat friends.

think that this is to make friends and make connections.

over the past few years, when I opened my mobile phone contact, many of my names became unfamiliar and I could no longer remember them.

people to the middleIn 2000, although there were many people I knew, only those who could be contacted were the only ones who could get in touch with each other.

when there are not many friends, it lies in essence and sincerity.


@ shells

have shared their own stories.

before leaving, she was the department manager of a company. She knew many people and had a wide range of horizons.

there are acquaintances everywhere, and there is always someone to help you when you encounter something.

later, because of too much pressure at work and a tendency to be depressed, she submitted her resignation to the company.

after returning home, while actively treating, she followed the changes in the market and thought that she could return to work one day.

she clearly felt the indifference and falsehood of the other party....

recall the stories of her childhood, comfort her, encourage her, and accompany her out of the haze.

one departure made her see a lot, and one illness sobered her up a lot.

A friend is the one you forget when you are busy, but think of when you are alone.

is the one who hides in the distance to bless you when you are brilliant, but reaches out to give you a hand when you need it.

hundreds of phone numbers in mobile phones and thousands of friends added on Wechat are just acquaintances, not all friends.

instead of spending time making contacts, it is better to always think about old friends.

instead of forcing yourself into an uncomfortable circle, it's better to chat with a couple of bosom friends and be comfortable.

because even if you don't say anything, he knows everything.

A friend is like a big wave, but he who is sincere will stay at the end.

when people reach middle age and lose their yearning for a luxurious life, they realize that it is just a burden in life.

half of my life has passed, and after seeing through the pursuit of fame and gain, I know that plain and simple is more real and permanent.

in life, throw away useless things, shopping impulses, the habit of staying up late, people who want to escape, people who haven't been in touch for a long time.

in career, there is no easy way to go, if there is, focus is the shortcut.

socially, don't waste too much time pushing cups and making preparations, leaving some time for family and friends.

, may your life and my life be like a filter, filter out the noisy noise around you and restore the original beauty of life.