Whether it is true love or not, just look at the smile.

Whether it is true love or not, just look at the smile.

I really like you.


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Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-kyo announced their marriage.

like previous stars, the news broke again on Weibo without exception. It was full of publicity and group photos. I browsed back and forth on Weibo several times and saw a lot of pictures of them in the same frame.

A detail was found.

in almost every photo with eye contact, Song Joong-Ki looks at Song Hye-kyo with doting eyes, and when Song Hye-kyo looks at Song Joong-Ki, her eyes are full of tenderness.

every time the two people appear together, they are smiling.

that kind of smile looks really comfortable and happy.

I am happy to see you, and I want to laugh when I see you. They must like each other very much.


A Jie and A May are the top dog abusers in my circle of friends, averaging twice a week, with no single dog surviving within a 10-kilometer radius.

their photo shows A Jie wearing a beautiful short skirt and high heels to send him flowers and balloons when he graduated, and then Ah Jie lovingly lifted her broken hair.

A Jie ganged up together, A May held his cell phone intently, and Ah Jie watched her play games and thought it was funny that she was angry by her teammates.

looking at every photo they send, I have a feeling that their relationship must be very good, and they must be very much in love.

because the eyes can't deceive people, because the expression can't be hidden.

in every moment of their group photo, the fixed frame is the happiness they can't hide.

once she and May were waiting for Ah Jie to play video games. There were many mosquitoes on the side of the road. While scratching the bag bitten by mosquitoes on her leg, she was scolding: "playing games every day. I don't know if the hot weather is very annoying!"

but when Ajie came sweating from a distance, her eyebrows changed from tightly frowning to happy stretching.

she is still scolding: "all right!" Walk slowly! Be careful! "

but the corners of the mouth are already rising, and the eyes are full of joy.

I want to laugh when I see you. Love is such a detail.

seeing May's happy smile, I'm sure they must be in love.


of all the wedding photos I have seen, my favorite group is the photos of Lin Yoga and Ding Wenqi.

in that group of photos, they climb the elephant slide in the park and laugh like children's innocence among pedestrians and playful children.

they are sitting by the barbed wire fence by the side of the road. Yoga Lin closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue mischievously. Kiki looked at him as if he were the only person in her eyes.

Lin Yujia wiped her nose and kiki held ice cream.

I like their authenticity and their happiness in every detail.

when I saw these wedding photos, I believed that they would be happy.

how can you not be happy?

like him, like to be with him, think of him is happy.

so much luck is the reason to laugh when we are together.

as expected, their married life, like these photos, is full of sweet little details.

so, just look at your eyes and look at your expression.

when I saw you laughing so happily, I knew it must be true love.


when deciding whether or not to be with this person, there is always an unwritten reason:

are you happy with him? If you are happy, you will be together, and if you are not happy, you will be separated. "

Yes, there are many reasons to be happy, and there are many reasons to be together.

but no matter what the reason, it is right that he can make you make every sad, not so sad; make you happy, become happier.

his presence can brighten your life, so it makes sense to be together.

if you think of him, you can't help smiling, then you really like him.

if you think of him and can't raise the corners of your mouth, maybe he's not what you want.

in the end, I looked at the pictures of Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-kyo, and I laughed with them.

it turns out that this happiness from the bottom of my heart is contagious.

"when I saw you laughing so happily, I knew it must be true love. "

" seeing you smiling so happily, I knew you must love me very much. "