Which is more terrible if you don't marry or marry the wrong person all your life? The answer hurts countless people.

Which is more terrible if you don't marry or marry the wrong person all your life? The answer hurts countless people.

Life this multiple choice question, no matter how to choose, there will be regrets.

there is a famous saying in besieged Fortress:

"Marriage is a besieged city. People outside the city want to go in, and people in the city want to get out."

Yes, there is a long way of life, marriage has the annoyance of marriage, celibacy has the sorrow of celibacy.

along the way, I have seen too many unhappy people after marriage, and I have also seen too many lonely and lonely backs.

finally learned: in life, there is no choice once and for all.

marrying the wrong person will lead to an abyss

I suddenly remembered the craniotomy that stung countless people half a year ago.

in March this year, a woman in Fujian was seriously injured by her husband who had been married for 30 years.

was taken to the hospital, her skull was cracked and severely deformed.

she lay feebly in a hospital bed, dying and had to rely on a ventilator to keep her alive.

period, the hospital issued numerous critically ill notifications.

she barely survived after two craniotomy operations to remove several fractured skulls.

but then she was in a coma for 63 days.

when asked why, her son sobbed:

"it is no exaggeration to say that my father beat my mother to the ground so many times that she was unconscious. I can't count her hands."

in the comment area, netizens left messages one after another:

"it's really terrible, let's get a divorce soon!"

"A marriage that marries the wrong person is a blunt knife that tortures a woman."

hit the nail on the head.

likes the saying: "to marry in a hurry is to risk becoming an unfortunate one."

Yes, it's not necessarily good to get married, but it's too late to get married.

because marriage is a boundary stone between the first half of life and the second half of life, and it is a battlefield between romance and firewood.

if you marry the wrong person, the road ahead is an abyss.

domestic violence, infidelity, and marriage are riddled with holes;

A chicken feather with pain, misfortune and life.

only without the warmth of two hearts, and the happiness of growing old with white head.

this is the weight of marriage that most people cannot bear.

if you don't get married, there will be loneliness without sharing

I have a good friend who has been single for many years.

it's not that I don't yearn for marriage, but I haven't met the one I love all the time.

so over the years, he has become an unmarried man.

when you work, you look beautiful and kill in all directions.

in my spare time, I go sightseeing and enjoy my leisure.

when seven aunts and eight aunts urge marriage, she always says:

"Marriage is not everything in life, and it doesn't matter if you don't get married."

however, on Christmas Eve, my friends suddenly posted such a moments:

it turns out that when fireworks are everywhere outside, when the smell of food in the neighborhood overflows, when a family travels hand in hand in the street, but they are alone, they really want to cry.

I was saddened to see such words.

Yes, the biggest pain point of not getting married is the lonely time when there is no response.

after all, no matter how strong people are, they occasionally yearn for a warm embrace.

and the snuggling between two ordinary people is enough to warm the cold night in the long life.

I never think that there is a constant criterion for a good life, such as getting married, such as having children.

however, one thing is certain:

being alive and lonely is an immutable proposition.

A person with a lot of experience will want to get rid of celibacy at some point in his life.

No matter how strong the heart is, there will be some junctions in life that can't resist the loneliness that no one shares.

Truth of life: whatever choice you make, there will be regrets

I wonder if you have ever seen such a list of "regret in Life":

1. Don't do what you want to do;

2, did not realize the dream;

3. Have done something wrong to your conscience;

4. Be influenced by emotion for a lifetime;

5. I have not tried my best to help others;

6. Believe in yourself too much


this is the result of a study by Hideichi Otsu, a famous hospice care doctor in Japan-"25 things you will regret on your deathbed."

during his many years of medical practice, he recorded and counted the terminal regrets of 1000 patients.

that is to say, any choice you make in your life, there will be regrets.


when you enter into marriage, you will be polished by firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea.

if you don't marry all your life, you will have to bear the loneliness that no one asks you how warm your porridge can be.

each other has their own choices and their own regrets.

they do not know that they are lucky to choose the right one, and it is also an experience to choose the wrong one.

they don't understand that there is no choice once and for all.

And people who are really good know how to take responsibility for their own choices.

being responsible for yourself is the strength to make every choice

Meyer Musk, who monopolized four billboards in New York's Times Square at the age of 67, has a life motto:

"Life is up to me."

she first walked the catwalk at the age of 15, dormant for six years, and finally won the title of "Miss South Africa" at the age of 21.

but at the peak of her career, she resolutely got married and chose to get married and have children.

, she was overshadowed by domestic violence.

verbal abuse, punching and kicking are normal, and bruising and scars are even more common.

her husband even threatened her: "if you dare to divorce, I will cut your face with a razor and shoot the children in the knee!"

but instead of giving in, she chose to take responsibility for herself, constantly tearing down and rebuilding her life.

he started his career in three countries and obtained two degrees to improve himself.

having been single for 40 years, he independently trained three brothers and sisters of Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla-not only adults, but also talents.

she said: "if you are as dark as I used to be, I want you to know that there will always be a way out." If you want to live a good life, please take responsibility for your future. "

in the adult world, every choice has regrets.

only being responsible for our own choices is a person's greatest strength and the strongest backing on our way of life.

so, if you choose marriage, run it well, and don't wait until the marriage comes to an end to regret it.

if you choose to be single, be yourself seriously, and don't wait until loneliness corrupts the heart to regret.

people, remember at all times:

there is nothing wrong with not marrying for life or marrying the wrong person.

because on our way of life, what is more important than choice is the courage to be responsible for our choices.

likes a sentence very much:

you will regret whether you get married or not.

the cat in the alley is free, but there is no home; the dog in the fence has a home and has to bow for life.

Life is a multiple choice question. No matter how you choose it, there will be regrets.

Yes, if you make any choice, you will have regrets. Just look away, look down, and look far away.

as long as you are responsible for yourself, you can finally get rid of the clouds and see the blue sky.

May you have the right to choose and be more responsible for your choices for the rest of your life.

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May you take responsibility for your life and live your life well.

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