Why are you more and more afraid to tell the truth?

Why are you more and more afraid to tell the truth?

"give your heart."


the day before yesterday, I went to see a Dharma movie called Dharma.

graded animation, violent aesthetics, unprecedented worldview, some of its details are not good enough, but it is really a breakthrough in Guoman.

if the film passed the examination, it won half of it.

there is a strange species in the Great Protection Dharma, called Flower strangers.

Flower strangers are generally strange.

they put on fake mouths and eyes and pretend to be human, even though they are very uncomfortable.

they know how to speak human language, but they dare not open their mouths.

A stranger who dares to open his mouth without false eyes and mouth will be executed and killed.

the picture of shooting a stranger is full of blood and his head is flying.

I can't help thinking that all of us, more or less, have put on fake mouths and eyes for a variety of reasons, pretending to be something else.


either cover your eyes and mouth, or the corpse is in a different place. which one do you choose?

are you sure? Oh yeah?

think again?

what about your family? Where's your friend? What about your dream? What about your career?

the more things you have, the easier it is to compromise and cover your eyes and mouth with your own hands, even though it seems humiliating.

it doesn't matter, it's normal, we all understand.

but every time you see other strangers take off their false eyes and mouths, do you also have an impulse to say, "that's what we really look like."

every time an unwilling stranger opens his mouth, you can't help thinking, "that's what I really want to say."

but the execution shot from the ruler suddenly sounded.

it pushes you, him, a lot of strangers back.

skillfully paste false eyes and mouth, skillfully turn a blind eye and shut up.


Enhance your charm in our lavender lilac bridesmaid wear. The confidence that you inspire will amaze you.

in the film, many strangers betray their companions in order to survive.

they are not humiliated by this, and their numb faces seem to be a little smug.

it's not enough to wear false eyes and mouth, they have to reach out to stop it, and those who try to tear off the fake face the truth.

because of this, they will have sense of security.

but they don't know that in autumn, all flower strangers will die under this rule.

it's June, autumn, and it seems to be coming.

so strangers begin to come forward and tell the "truth".

so strangers begin to try to resist this rule.

so, they start to shed more blood.


the second season of the attacking giant is over, and there is a picture that impressed me-

the leader of the whole team shouted "sudden advance" and was bitten by the giant. All the regiment members looked back at the figure floating in mid-air unexpectedly and in horror.

to everyone's surprise, when one hand was bitten off, the colonel waved forward with the other hand and emphasized it forcefully: "advance!"

throughout the process, he did not hesitate, did not flash any expressions of pain, and did not consider his own life or death.

so all the League members turned around, accompanied by a roar, pretended not to see the colonel who was carried in mid-air behind him, and rushed forward crazily.

their urgent leap forward is for freedom.

there is a saying in animation: "he who gives up nothing cannot change anything."

(Note: the attacking Giant is set to be a natural enemy that feeds on human beings-giants. For this reason, human beings are forced to live within huge walls, never seeing deserts, oceans or forests, and losing the ability to live freely.

to this end, all the players who fight against giants and those who fight for human freedom have a gesture called "give your heart".

without paying the price, the sealed mouth will never be torn off.


not everyone is willing to bleed and give up.

it doesn't matter, it's normal, we all understand.

but please remember what happened after that sudden shout and before autumn came.

because those who bleed also know that even if they are dripping with blood, they may not be able to tear off the false eyes and mouths and complete the leap.

in spite of this, there will still be people who will stand up for freedom and pay the price we are not willing to pay.

so don't forget, don't forget.

forget, the blood lost its meaning.