Why did you break up again?

Why did you break up again?

If you don't die, you'll never end.

you said, "I was broken up again."

I was a little surprised and replied to you with a black question mark: "what the heck?"

half a month ago, everyone began to envy you for your height of 1.65 meters and weight of less than 90 jin. If you wear any clothes, you are the seller himself.

you smile proudly. After a few days, you lost weight again.

I guess it has something to do with the heartbreaking "how could you do this to me" from the hallway at 11:00 on the night the school water was closed.

that wail frightened the whole dormitory building.

people scold you: "that man is stupid." School water is often cut off, regardless of the feelings of students are also used to, the reaction should not be so big. "

A few days later, you sat opposite me with a bite on the straw and told me with a smile that you were back together.

you said you wanted to get rid of your glitch, said you wanted to keep going, and that he let his mother talk to you on the phone. You were very happy.

so what, now, break up again?

you seem to be talking to yourself, sending out several "yes, I'll do it" and a series of smiling faces.

an aggressive and fearless look made me a little sad.

I have always thought that people who are on and off again and again are very strange.

Start showing off your stunning figure in our mature bridal gowns. Stop searching from over-priced retailers and buy now.

when they are broken up, they can cry with joy because of the other person's saying, "I still like you," and the people who run back to each other are even weirder.

Don't you know that the problems that couldn't be solved and eventually led to a breakup won't disappear and start all over again just because you broke up one more time?

Don't you think you repeat it all the time?

the last thing I want to see happens.

at that time, he said, "I still seem to like you," without saying anything about how to solve the previous problem. You think it doesn't matter. Anyway, you make heaven and earth because you like him very much.

as a result, now people throw down the sentence "I'm tired, I'd rather not." They refused to communicate.

what about you? What can you do? You just keep calling him scum in front of me.

then asked me, "now he's angry. If I go to see him in two days, will I get back to me?"

and funny self-analysis: "wouldn't it be better to show that I'm not so nervous about him and give him some time?"

before, I didn't understand why I had to scold and hate each other after breaking up.

now I know that all the feelings that are a little lighter than loving you, I can't apply to you.

so if I want to give up loving you, I can only hate you instead.

I thought you would give up this time.

unexpectedly, you are really just going to give yourself a two-day rest and continue to work nonstop.

how can I have the heart to tell you that people scolded you for being so right the night the water was cut off?

"you are stupid. You often break up. Do you want so many ideas?"

in order to get the upper hand in getting back together, you typed a full 800-word remark. Let me give you a detailed reference to see if it makes you look humble.

I laugh that you are more professional than I am in writing, covering the whole process from author to editor and then to push.

but then he didn't reply to you.