Why do we always like "useless" things?

Why do we always like "useless" things?

Life is not that good.


I like playing games very much, such as PC, mobile games and handheld. I don't refuse to solve puzzles, competitions and movements. I even often see online anchors play whatever games they are playing.

one of the longest games played is dota. It was about five years ago that I was taken into the dota pit by Lao Wang. Then I couldn't help falling in love with the game. Except for the third year of high school, I played an average of dota sets almost every day.

later, Lao Wang slowly got busy with all kinds of things and got out of the deep pit of dota or games. On the other hand, I can play for a few more years under the excuse that I have to keep reading.

every time during the holiday, my father watched me play the same game, he would always ask me, what's the use of playing games, and what can I do for you if I play more?

whenever this time, I have been silent, one reason is that I can not say any strong rebuttal, another reason is that he is my father, I can never say to him, "drinking is useless."

Yes, he likes drinking very much. He also knows that drinking is useless, just like I play games.


it's strange that while I know the game is useless, I can't help but like it. Just like some people like singing, some people like dancing, some people like reading novels, in the most practical sense, these are undoubtedly useless things.

whether you have the capital to work and make money is usually the biggest criterion used to judge whether something is useful or useless. Unfortunately, what we like is often useless, and what we use is often something we hate and have to do. Like the test results.

there is a college dota2 league in Xiamen these days. The bosses in the group have been encouraging everyone to sign up. I look very impressed. But I have to say, although I have played dota for five years, my game level has not improved much. If I look for someone to join a team, it is basically a round of tour.

so recently, the five of us who participated in the competition have been training with a bit of impromptu cramming, a bit of fun with the reason of training.

and I often feel guilty about my time-wasting fun mentality.


playing games is a waste of time. Because that kind of thing is useless, it won't help your future. This is the best way for many people to persuade the next generation or friends to quit the game. it is a great moral high ground for your sake.

time is life, and wasting time is a waste of life. Your future is not fun.

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We are also easily persuaded by this dogma. So we grew up following the principle of studying hard and making progress every day, working hard for our big and small exams and the college entrance examination every day, using all our limited lives to do the useful things we were told.

I have always agreed with the idea of not wasting time. Because the time of one's life is limited, apart from sleeping time, the time available is even less. Because of this, I think that we should "waste time" even more.

because of the limited time, I should put the things I like first, because what everyone likes is useless in the eyes of those who don't like it, and it's a waste of time. Just like dota players and LOL players taunt each other, just as boys hate South Korean TV dramas and girls hate games.

uselessness is a very subtle and vague concept, just like scientific research, when it is not useful, no one knows whether it is useful or not.

for scientists, the "uselessness" of what they study is actually a potential value. For us ordinary people, our various likes and hobbies, in the eyes of others, "useless" actually brings us great fun, no one can deny that such fun is useless.


I don't want to say to my grandson when I'm 70 or 80, "well, I should have signed up for that game competition when I was in college." So I gritted my teeth, was cruel, and with a "guilty" mentality, I prepared with my teammates for two weeks, and then went to participate in the competition.

although it is a pity that we were given a round tour by a team called a round tour, I still think that since we like it, we do it, and I am very happy, then it is enough. However, after going back to school after the game, several of us immediately entered the "useful" time for writing reports and homework.

my father used to say to me, "the more you play now, the less you will play later. How to measure it, you have to learn to find the answer yourself." This is probably the reason why many people can continue to learn and continue to do useful things, and draw a wonderful picture for the future.

doing more useful things now is a compromise to do more useless things in the future.

it's like buying something very expensive, some people will say that they regret buying it for three days, others say they will regret it for three years if they don't buy it. No matter how long we regret, we should not be told by others, but by our own choices.

for example, I am now "regretting" why I went to a round of tournaments, while "happily" copying my report.

good night.