Why don't the people you like always like you?

Why don't the people you like always like you?

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the three loneliest things in life: love but not, get but not love, have to love.

this leads to three major puzzles:

Why do people who like me always dislike me?

how do you give up a relationship that you know there will be no future?

what if I can't forget my ex?

if you can't sleep over and over again because of these troubles, maybe it's time to meet my good friend

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kick the article strokes exquisite, directly hit the hearts of people, not grandstanding, not aggressive, with the warmest strength to see through the nature of love. The following golden sentences of love come from his articles.

what if ♀ just can't forget his ex? ♂

lost love may not be as special as you think. The only thing I can't forget is the imaginary him /her. Feel unable to get out, just listen to their own small emotions, unwilling to endure the pain of giving up.

mature love needs temperance, and mature people should learn to control their feelings. Only when you put it in and out freely can you bid farewell to the dependence on imagination. A rational attitude is not to bind yourself, but to face the infinite possibilities of the future with tolerance.

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♀ Why do I support holding weddings in a clear-cut manner? ♂

for people who really love each other, weddings are extremely important rituals and long-lasting memories. The essence of life is the overlap of memory and memory. When we are old and gray, we sit in rocking chairs and look back to the fireplace. If there is a wonderful wedding, it is good to think about it.

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♀ about the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law ♂

in any family, the relationship between husband and wife comes first. Once the parent-child relationship is above the husband-wife relationship, it will affect the husband-wife relationship of the newly formed family. Most of the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is that the mother-in-law shifts her focus from her husband to her son, and then has a head-on confrontation with her wife.

A large number of conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are caused by male inaction and even escape. A man with a wise life knows how to add fuel to the relationship between his mother and his wife.

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♀ about the love of adults

isn't it often the same in real love? What you think is affectionate may not be what others want. Obviously working very hard, clearly giving, but in the end it seems not very legal, even absurd. No one has a bad heart, but he is a stranger in the twinkling of an eye.

devotion is a good thing, but it is precious and naive to think of your love as the whole world.

once you reach the age of nearly 30, or bid farewell to the psychology of giant babies, you will understand the adult world: love is so complicated, where is the black and white yes or no, or "I love you" or "I want to" can be summed up when the love is strong.

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