Why Wang Zepeng can never get rid of the order.

Why Wang Zepeng can never get rid of the order.

I almost got out of it.

you may not believe it, but I almost got out of order.

did a lot of strange things with her.

the content of the first chat is about college students' employment planning;

the address of the first date is Guangzhou South Railway Station, accompany me to refund the ticket;

the movie I saw for the first time is a complicated and confusing war movie.

strange, which means special.

it's hard to find someone to accompany you to do some strange things.

casual bridal lace gowns are destined to provide confidence and charm. Once you make up your choice, relax, we will take care of everything.

We talked foolishly all night by the lake, on the phone and under the dormitory, and we always seemed to know what to say next.

Huang Xiaoxing sings: "it's not that simple, you can find a partner to chat with."

I like her very much. She is good-looking and gentle. The key point is to get along well.

so I kept bothering her: "I'm so pretty and funny, why don't you stay with me?"

one day she was so annoyed by me that she jokingly said, "you're really annoying. I'd rather be with you."

at that moment I made the most arrogant negation in 18 years.

I, who obviously liked her very much, blurted out, "No."

she, like you in front of the screen, froze and could not understand.

this is a very strange response.

because it seems that no one will refuse the confession of love from the person they like.

besides, I have been seriously in love with her for a whole year.

I touched my nose and said, "I don't think you like me enough. I feel like we're almost together."

she tilted her head and looked at me, a little confused: "what is close, what is just?" Is it important? "

I stood embarrassed because I found that I could not answer her question and tried to explain: "A feeling."

she is a little persistent: "am I not good enough to you?"

I shook my head and she was very kind to me.

my cup is broken and she immediately shoves one to me; I want to stay up all night, but she accompanies me without a word; I like spicy food and she is willing to make concessions if she doesn't like it.

I don't know if you have such an experience.

the other person is good at everything, anywhere, gentle and considerate, beautiful, and even you have a good impression, but in the end, you still can't be with him.

I've met other nice people, too.

she meets my list of criteria one after another, good-looking, good-looking and good-looking.

I would say, "I may like you."

but I seem to separate "like" from "together" so that I seldom have the urge to be together.

my friends say I'm too picky, so slowly I wonder if I'm too arrogant and picky.

is it true that "almost" doesn't really matter?

then I met a girl named Ahe and chatted with her for the first time, which was a bit corny.

"what are your criteria besides being good-looking?"

"No, I'm shallow."

she replied a little seriously, but I don't believe it.

so I seriously told her that I was shallow, self-willed, arrogant, aloof, narcissistic, indifferent to other people's feelings, playful and immature.

after talking for a long time, she suddenly opened her mouth and said, "you are very strange. Do you always like to pretend to be a rascal to others?"

I'm in a daze. I don't know why, and I'm a little uneasy.

the most common sentence Ahe said when he chatted with me was-- I don't believe it.

I asked her what she thought I was.

she said I was a little stupid. I rolled my eyes and said then.

she thought, "it's strange that sometimes you try to pretend to be different when you don't look like that."

I shrugged that only children would fully reveal their hearts.

experience every pain and misery, and then secretly disguise yourself with attitudes such as maturity, optimism and capriciousness. This is a bloody process that everyone has to go through.

I asked Ah he which I liked better, the original me or the pretending me.

she said lightly, "aren't they all you?"

this insipid sentence suddenly pierced my heart and even moved me.

there are many people who advise me to be mature and restrain, but they do not understand and do not accept my arrogance, barbarism and capriciousness, and few people say to me, "those are you".

and I finally know what "almost" is that I have been pursuing and refusing to compromise.

is to understand my blood, and then accept me.


I have always thought that it is difficult to find a "chatting partner" because few people can talk to each other, but ignoring the company behind is also very difficult.

the premise of companionship is not to look good, not to be rich, but to be able to understand me and accept me.

so even if I really like that girl, even if she is really nice to me, even if I am sad to death because of her later, I will still say no again.

because at that time she could not understand my capriciousness and my arrogance. Does

difference matter?

is too important.

you can't even tell my disguise from my heart, which means that what you like is not the real me.

and if you can't see the bumpy me along the way,

if you can't tolerate the almost broken me,

that's together.The nicer you are to me, the lonelier I will be.

the thorns are naive only in front of vivi, and the eel whales are naughty only in the distant summer. For anyone else, no one else can.

every time I see it, I am moved and envious, so I have been waiting for such a long time.

is it all right?

Sorry, almost, almost, no.

this is me.

as a single dog, I am one of the few proud and proud.

good night.