You must be a single dog if you are so provocative.

You must be a single dog if you are so provocative.

Some people tell lies carelessly, while others tell the truth carelessly.

I have seen single dogs who come and go freely among members of the opposite sex.

will send each other back to the dormitory at 01:30 in the morning, will see other people's hidden depression and give comfort, will say good night, will say fool will say miss you.

but no one will be with him.

people will ask strangely, why do people who know so much about the opposite sex like him remain single?

there are many such friends around me, and during my long-term observation and thinking about them, I gradually found something a little strange-- the more flirting

, the more difficult it is to get out.

I always feel that people are chatting more and more carelessly now.

when I go to take a shower, I joke: "wait for me, together".

brush each other with memes of "have a chance to sleep together".

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when asked what he was doing, he said he was thinking about you. When he asked what he wanted to eat, he said he wanted to eat you.

the first time I heard the deer bang about, the second time I heard it flushed, and after the tenth and 100th time, no one dared to take it seriously.

I don't dare to take it seriously, not that I don't want to take it seriously.

and after a long time, each of us sets a standard in our hearts to distinguish who is good to me and who is just flirting.

probably because someone says that "true love is careful", so the more direct and skilled he is, the more people think he is just for fun.

when everyone can casually say that I like you, this sentence can no longer touch anyone.

but this is good, too.

because no one will take it seriously, some timid single dogs can pretend to joke while seriously saying "I miss you so much" that won't be taken seriously.

then secretly chagrin and rejoice at each other for not taking it seriously.

there are always people who tell lies carelessly, while others tell the truth carelessly.

if some people regard the truth as a lie, some people will regard the lie as the truth.

I have seen people who have not yet learned to distinguish between "liking" and "flirting". After being moved, they are in the air, so I can't help asking, "Why are you flirting if you don't like it?"

this doubt will become a hurdle that they can't get over for a long time, confused, uncomfortable, and unable to sleep.

but did you know that the things you can't figure out and can't kill will live in your body?

this is passive change.

in order to feel better, people will slowly accept, learn a lot of things, and even produce new ideas.

for example, not all "I miss you" means "I like you";

for example, some love is not really meant to be together;

for example, love has nothing to look forward to;

so when I see those particularly flirting single dogs, I can't help thinking-- who taught them considerate comfort, sweet to explode tricks?

what on earth makes them change actively or passively?

and what happened to the man who "taught" him so many things?

you can often see some cases of "forcibly flirting" and "flirting".

there are some people who regard indecency as humor and rashness as honesty, which is very scary; others go to the Internet to search for some tricks and then rigidly apply them to others, which is very stiff.

people always mistakenly think that all it takes to be an old driver is time and practice.

actually not.

what is really essential to become an old driver in a relationship is an accident.

experienced all kinds of colorful accidents from love to abandonment, from trust to deception, from remembering to forgetting blabla, and then suddenly realized what people would be happy about and how they would behave when they were miserable. I wanted such comfort when I was sad.

some clumsy, dull single dogs later become meticulous and inadvertently exhilarating.

and as a bystander, I think they are very much like a doctor with a long illness.

I looked at them as if they were joking, mixed with truth and lies all the way, but still alone.

so I can't help but wonder if he is still ill.


it's just that slowly I feel more and more that people nowadays are more or less sick.

after some people learn to flirt, they lose the ability to like.

some people are not afraid of living alone, but they are afraid of the crowd.

some people learn how to be together. I don't want to be with anyone anymore.

and we will mistakenly think that people who can flirt can easily get out of order, people who are not afraid of loneliness will not be afraid of excitement, and people who know how to get along will certainly be able to go on forever.

but sometimes that's the way it is. When you finally learn something new and look at the sacrificed past that only you know, you can't help but ask yourself:

is it really better?

will you?