A family without a sense of ceremony cannot raise a happy child.

A family without a sense of ceremony cannot raise a happy child.

A sense of ritual is the best gift for parents to give their children. \ n​



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psychologists have said that a child's childhood needs "four nutrients"-sense of security, a sense of presence, a sense of achievement, and a sense of happiness.

in fact, there is another kind of "nutrition" that is indispensable in the growth of children, and that is the sense of ritual.

in families with a sense of ritual, the children raised will be more confident and powerful, making it easier for them to get happiness and energy.

how many families lose because they have no sense of ritual

there are always some very practical parents around us:

"what's a child's birthday?"

"it's just a trip. Wear clothes and shoes as you like."


many families are unhappy, and the gap between children and their parents is too deep, often because they do not take life seriously.

for example, when parents never celebrate a child's birthday, the child will think that he is not loved.

when the New year comes, parents will do as usual and will not celebrate the New year with their children with special ceremonies, so their children will not look forward to the festival.

when the mundane life loses the sense of ritual, everything becomes ordinary, making people live a life of plain boiled water.

many children lack a sense of ceremony, first because their parents are embarrassed, and second, because their parents are unwilling to think about it.

however, if children grow up without a sense of ritual, they will only live step by step and lose their vigor and vitality.

Life will not love those who do not love life.

the prince in the Little Prince asked the fox, "what on earth is the ceremony?"

the fox told him, "it is to make one day different from other days, to make one moment different from other moments."

Children like unexpected surprises. They can acutely detect the differences in life and remember every special moment.

the sense of ritual makes the child's life rich and colorful. In addition to his day-to-day study, he has a beautiful vision ever since.

Children value themselves as much as parents value their children

A German writer wrote in his book:

A life with a sense of ritual gives us a real sense of existence.

is not to impress others, but to really perceive life and face life enthusiastically.

the sense of ritual is not empty

, it is not unrealistic romance, it is essentially love from the heart.

in the movie Miracle Boy, the protagonist Auggie is often ridiculed for his facial defects and is afraid to go to school even with a helmet on.

but Auggie's sister told him that the helmet he was wearing was a "space helmet" and that not everyone had a chance to wear it.

everyone pays attention to Auggie because he is so dazzling and enviable in the crowd.

Auggie's father sent him to his first day of school and put on a brand new suit to make his son remember this important day.

when Auggie graduated, his father also prepared a suit for him to fit, making him the most concerned graduate.

because of this special love and ritual, Auggie believes that his own special is a rare treasure, and gradually becomes optimistic and confident.

what kind of feelings parents convey to their children, what values their children will accept.

what kind of world parents show their children, what kind of world their children will have.

Mr. Yang Jiang said: "families with a sense of ritual will be happier."

everything parents do for their children, they will always keep in mind that even a small word of encouragement and a small hug will be cherished in their hearts.

simple and ordinary rituals between parents and children can become a great strength rooted in the child's heart.

sense of ritual, let children look forward to life

there is a question on Zhihu: how important is the sense of ritual to children?

one of the highly liked answers is:

"what children really need is not a sense of ceremony itself, but the attention of the people around them and a sense of do-it-yourself achievement."

the root of ritual is to establish children's expectations for life.

A mother shared her story with her child.

the youngest son likes drawing very much, and the eldest son likes playing the piano very much, but they don't hold on for long before they want to give up.

the mother found that both sons like to play games, but they play boring games with relish.

the eldest son said he was bored, too, but the cool screen after each game upgrade made him feel like a big winner.

Mother was inspired and asked her youngest son to give herself a picture, then framed it and hung it on the wall.

the youngest son's face was full of joy. The next day, he drew another picture for his mother, who still hung the framed picture on the wall.

slowly, there is a colorful wall of works in the house.

the mother arranged the auditorium in the eldest son's room and watched the elder brother's performance with the younger son every day. In their applause and cheers, the elder brother played better and more confidently.

in many cases, it is not that children are unwilling to do or really cannot do a thing well, but that parents do not pay enough attention to it and do not support it.

just the right sense of ceremony, let the child fully feel their own importance, and look forward to doing a good job.

I remember reading an article in time magazine, sayingIt is the five moments that children can remember their parents most, one of which is the sense of ritual of family life.

A family full of love and ritual will certainly bring children a warm and happy childhood and a bright future.

the most advanced companionship is to give children a sense of ritual

A photographer takes her daughter to the same place and poses for photos every year on her birthday.

from the age of 1 to 15, this ceremony lasted 15 years!

he said that this little parent-child ceremony made him feel valuable and meaningful.

this is also the most anticipated time of the year for my daughter. Looking at the photos, we can see that her daughter is not only becoming more and more mature, but also smiling more and more brightly.

We often wonder, what is the secret to maintaining family happiness?

there is no secret, as long as the family can pass on their sense of ritual from generation to generation, happiness will last forever.

the sense of ritual is the best gift for parents to give their children.

A survey conducted abroad found that the satisfaction brought about by material things in the family is far less than the happiness brought about by stories and memories between relatives.

the entrance ceremony of the child, the birthday of the family, traveling together. These unintentional rituals bring us a steady stream of happiness and memories.

the sense of ritual is a beam of light in a child's life. In a family with a sense of ritual, children will be more confident, optimistic and progressive.

I quite agree with the passage of the writer Mai Jing:

"you celebrate your child's birthday and tell him that he is one year older and better than before, so that he has a sense of mission in his life;

you accompany your child to attend the school parent-child sports meeting and report the performance to make him have confidence and identity in himself.

you ask your child to send blessings to his parents and teachers on Father's Day, Mother's Day and teacher's Day, so that he can be grateful. "

, I hope everyone can give children a ceremonial childhood and let them grow up happily.