A person is grumpy to his relatives and kind to outsiders. The reason is that.

A person is grumpy to his relatives and kind to outsiders. The reason is that.

If you leave a good temper at home, you will reap the truest happiness.

my best friend, who has just been married for a year, complained to me that as soon as my husband got home, he kept a straight face:

"I've been cooking for a long time. I don't know what time I get off work."

then she threw her mother-in-law's old newspaper into the trash can:

"the house is like a kennel. Is it a place for people to stay?"


the whole family looked at his face.

until her husband's phone rang, he definitely nodded and smiled:

"call me if you need anything. I'm always available.


my best friend could not hold back her anger and said, "I don't know who the outsider is."

and my husband's brow frowned again: "if you can't pass, just leave!"

made her full of grievances.

as the saying goes: "

the closer people are, the easier it is to play scoundrels.

those who quarrel with each other are more adept at failing.


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be polite to strangers and hard on those close to you, too many people do.

the reason is not complicated, but simple.

all "nests are horizontal", but some people are willing to put up with you

saw a sentence:

I am a bossy person, and I will tell you why, because I am cowardly and timid, I dare not be rude outside for fear of being beaten.

being rude at home is because I dare not to be rude outside. I am very ashamed.

when there are people in their nests, there are always people who are patient in silence.

an anonymous netizen said: "I usually have a good temper, but I can't help saying heavy words to my parents."

she is out of town and received a call from her parents on her birthday:

"Happy birthday. I'll send you a red envelope to congratulate you later."

because there was enough money and there was something on hand, she said casually, "No."

listen to Dad insist:

"Yes, if you are outside, you should still have a red envelope for your birthday."

she began to be irritated again inexplicably:

"I just don't need it. I'm not free. I'll hang up first!"

look at the phone records, less than 30 seconds, netizens instantly feel like a scum.

but on the same day, she received not only red envelopes from her father, but also a string of red envelopes from her second sister.

she burst into tears in an instant, and the second sister never remembered her birthday. She could think of it from her father.

No one in this world is an island. Those who rub hands for you in winter, fan for you in summer, and leave lights for you late at night are all trying to prove that you are worthy of being loved.

people who love you always try their best to protect you.

the pain in my heart is indigestible, get angry with outsiders, others don't like you, get angry with your family, but you will be forgiven.

because he is loved, he has no scruples.

those who kiss you will still be sad

there has always been a saying that to lose your temper with you is to kiss you and treat you as one of your own.

but if you think about it, isn't that selfish?

the hurt of the people around you is more heart-wrenching.

in the "four famous assistants" of the variety show, a wife complained about her husband and lost her temper not only to her, but also to his own parents.

he is a good old man in front of his friends and never talks hard.

other people are going to the airport in the early morning, and he is in a hurry to see them off, so he is righteous and friendly to anyone.

when his wife bought a new bag of new shoes, his attitude changed completely, and he would scold him just because he thought it was ugly:

"you really have no taste."

"if you change it back for me, I shouldn't treat you like a human being, you are a bitch!"

or slam the door.

it's a five-minute walk. Ask him to see him off. His exit is: "you don't have legs?"

even on the day he went to record the program, he scolded because of the little things in the suitcase, and as soon as the audio was released, the whole audience was silent.

the sound of cursing and smashing things can be heard all the time.

my wife recalled the past and kept wiping away her tears on the stage.

it is said that family ugliness should not be made public. When a person opens a scar and cries loudly in front of a person, he must be fed up with grievances.

understanding and love are mutual.

everyone has joys and sorrows, everyone has a heart, and your family doesn't deserve to be your punching bag.

the young monk in the first retreat once said:

the so-called giving up is a process of slowly accumulating disappointment.

sad again and again, despair again and again, the heart fire is also extinguished.

when you have enough disappointment, it is time to leave.

Don't wait for it to become a tragedy, then secretly regret it.

Don't wait for your loved ones to break their hearts, to remember that the family is supposed to be love and joy.

the rarest upbringing is to be kind to your family

Zhou Guoping said:

it is instinct to be critical of those close to you, but it is a kind of upbringing to overcome your instinct and not to be critical of those close to you.

it may be more difficult to be kind to your family, because it can't be performed.

the most secret place is the truest upbringing.

in Qifa Shuo, Ma Dong talked about her mother watching TV shopping, which is an ordinary bag. She spent 930 yuan and seemed to have picked up a big bargain.

the bespoke royal style mentioned in the advertisement is obviously bluffing.

says the original price is 19800, nowIn the discount, but also a marketing means, look at the material to know that it is also a sum of unjust money.

but he understood that his father died early and he could not stay with him often, and this small consolation of "saving money" was his mother's only happiness.

he happily coaxed his mother:

"I have a good eye. I've really bought something good."

the upbringing in one's bones can be seen in a trivial matter.

the deepest emotion is in your attitude.

in the documentary "Darling, Don't cross the River", the old couple stayed together for 76 years and loved each other all their lives.

Grandma recalls the past with a smile:

"when he got married, he never made me angry again, because he was afraid of hurting me. He just wanted to hold me tight. I was really grateful."

the comfort of touching ears often has become a small habit of husband and wife.

the most important thing to be kind to your family is to pretend.

when you really think about your family, you won't feel tired, be nice to them, and you will reap satisfaction every time they laugh.

you can safely take off your mask and camouflage because you love them for who you are.

if you leave a good temper at home, you will get the truest happiness.

people who allow you, remember to cherish

there are always people you have to please, but there are always people you really like.

it's not worth losing happiness in the person you don't like and forgetting it in the person you like.

the person closest to you needs to be taken care of and cherished.

multiple transpositions

in Pingru Meitang, during the period of reform through labor, Rao Pingru could only send letters to his wife.

sometimes his wife wrote to him: "I am very angry with you, the more I write, the angrier I am."

throw away the pen and stop writing for a month or two.

when he thought that his wife had to take care of the children and carry the cement every day, he lost all his temper, leaving only heartache.

between families, there is not so much right and wrong.

think about it from the other person's point of view, when you no longer have only yourself in your heart, your temper will not come too easily.

more calm

Psychological studies have found that when people are angry, they will have the phenomenon of "narrow consciousness".

staring at bad things and seeing nothing else, they are all negative emotions.

but as long as you stop, listen to music and read a book, it's more comfortable than a fight.

leave the scene silently, or stay alone quietly, the right should be self-healing.

when you calm down and be at peace with your loved ones, you can have something to say.


the writer Wanqing has a reader

in the past, either they were cold and violent to their families, constantly suppressing themselves, or they simply lost their temper and made the family jump.

then she began to look on the bright side:

the child loves watching TV, so she makes plans and rules of reward and punishment. Every time the child finishes it, she praises it from the bottom of her heart.

when her husband was cooking, she took it for granted and began to praise him. She gradually felt that it was really comfortable to smell the food at the gate.

more gratitude creates happiness, and when happiness accumulates, good things will continue to flow.

No matter how much you please outsiders, you can only play a supporting role in their lives and laugh at the people around you, and you will really dominate your own life.

grumpy to relatives, friendly to outsiders, always unwittingly lose a lot, by the time you wake up, there is no one around you.

think about our poor lives, but for the sake of the eyes, the bowl of Chinese food, the people around us.

and your attitude, in fact, you always have a choice.

be nice to the people around you.

, you will live a warm life and hold steady happiness.