A shocking reversal! 72 hours after the Beijing popular tune "the most bitter Chinese" was brushed on the screen, the truth behind it surprised everyone.

A shocking reversal! 72 hours after the Beijing popular tune "the most bitter Chinese" was brushed on the screen, the truth behind it surprised everyone.

Even if life is not easy, there is always a reason to keep you going.

the Spring Festival is approaching, and the recurrence of the epidemic affects everyone's heart.

on January 18, there was one new confirmed case in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

after reading his report, I don't know how many people are as red-eyed as my uncle.

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the diagnosed person is surnamed Gui. He is an uncle porter who lives at 558 Shigezhuang Village, Pingfang Township, Chaoyang District.

from January 1 to January 18, in order to do odd jobs, the 44-year-old Yue traveled to more than 30 different areas, including Chaoyang, Haidian and Shunyi.

during these 18 days, the word "work" appeared on his current track a full 32 times.

A netizen specially drew a diagram of his place of work.

you can see that he travels around every corner of Beijing every day, sometimes even across four districts in a day.

No one knows how long he slept or what time he left work.

he has seen construction sites at two or three o'clock in the morning and sleepless nights in the city.

it really works from day to night, and then from night to day.

after watching it, some netizens called him "the hardest Chinese in the current tune".

in fact, his story is far more tortuous than we thought.

according to media interviews, Yue was originally a crew member of a fishing ship in Weihai, Shandong Province.

on August 12, 2020, his eldest son was sent to the bus stop by the director of the food factory because he was not feeling well and wanted to go home.

as a result, I got lost, didn't get on the bus, didn't go home, and I can't get in touch with him since.

the moment he heard the news, Yue's sky collapsed.

in order to find his son, he traveled to more than a dozen cities, including Shandong, Henan, Hebei and Tianjin.

although the weather is bad and there are many mosquitoes, he can save a lot of money.

in order to make a living, he takes part-time jobs while looking for his son.

when you make money, go to the next place and keep looking.

he has been to restaurants, restaurants and even morgues in every city.

the village head of Yue's hometown in Henan said that his family is very difficult:

the father is paralyzed in bed, the mother recently broke her arm, the wife has a meagre income, and the youngest son is 12 years old and is still in junior high school.

he is the only one in the family who can come out to work.

later, he thought that his eldest son had worked as a cook in Beijing, so he came to Beijing to try to "find" the news of his son.

Beijing is very big and life is very difficult.

in order to find a job, he joined some WeChat groups of odd workers.

from time to time, the contractor bosses in the group will post jobs of carrying sandbags, carrying cement and carrying construction waste.

A bag of sand weighs 60 jin and a bag of cement weighs 100 jin. If you don't go upstairs, it costs 1 yuan. If you go upstairs, you will add money. For example, a bag on the third floor is 3 yuan, and a bag on the fourth floor is 4 yuan.

it can be said that all the hard work is hard work and all the money is hard work.

because the traffic of engineering vehicles is restricted in downtown Beijing during the day, most of the time, he can only start in the early hours of the morning until dawn.

after dawn, rest for four or five hours and continue to look for work in the afternoon.

this time, he stayed in Beijing for more than 40 days and ran all over Beijing's East Fifth Ring Road and South Fifth Ring Road.

he replied:

"my family can't afford to support without more than 10,000 yuan a month.

I support six people by myself, and I give my parents about 2000 yuan a month.

my father is 76 and my mother is 66. They are not low-income families either. They have heart disease, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, and they all spend a lot of money on medicine. "

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on January 18, he was ready to go home, but he was taken off the bus as soon as he arrived at Beijing South Railway Station.

it is precisely because of this nucleic acid test that the burden on him is known throughout the country.

I thought this was his whole experience, and many netizens even estimated optimistically:

"maybe Uncle can

Blessing in disguise

', with the help of the attention of public opinion, find my son.


but unexpectedly, a police notice today made a startling reversal of the matter.

it turned out that the son he was looking for was already dead.

it turns out that the ending of the story is sadder than we thought.

on weekdays, we are used to the scene of parting between life and death on TV, but the pain that white-haired people send black-haired people may only be experienced by those who really experience it.

think of Luo Zhenyu's sentence:

"you think that life is a good time, but in fact, it is a great river."

parents are sick, the family has to be supported, and the life is to be carried. This 44-year-old ordinary middle-aged man already has a lot to bear.

but what he couldn't let go of was his eldest son, who had already been confirmed dead.

walking south and running north, looking for children everywhere, only for that little illusory hope and hope.

it's really distressing.

over the past two years, the epidemic has seen one report after another, which has let us see too many stories that were previously unknown.

in January this year, there was an epidemic in Ningbo.

A worker in a garment factory was diagnosed.

from his flow track, we can see that he worked more than 13 hours for 10 days before diagnosis.

his job is on a piece-by-piece basis, and the more he does, the more he gets.

so this 31-year-old man, in order to earn money to support a family, dare not relax, let alone rest.

the only time I asked for leave was because I had to go to the hospital to see liver disease.

last December, there was an epidemic in Shaoxing.

the confirmed "case 48" is a 57-year-old aunt.

she works in an amusement park.

the only chance to have a rest is to go to the supermarket downstairs.

case 37 is a vegetable seller.

the 50-year-old leaves home at about 3 o'clock every morning, then goes from home to the market to restock, and then returns to the supermarket to restock and open for business.

, maybe to pick up the children from school.

, I went back to the supermarket and didn't get home until eight or nine o'clock in the evening.

No one knows how long she has lived like this, but what can be imagined is that the days when the tune was announced are just a common part of her ordinary life.

Last June, there was an epidemic in Shenzhen.

Aunt Liu, who lives in Baoan District, was diagnosed.

the trajectory of her life is very single, single and distressing.

when she came back from the hospital, she hurried to the restaurant opened by her children to help get off work for seven days, rain or shine.

according to media reports, Aunt Liu usually lives with her family, does housework and takes care of her granddaughter.

this means that there are still a lot of chores waiting for her at home after the old Sichuan restaurant is finished.

in these popular reports, every line is full of the hard work of life.

think of the sentence written in the novel Beijing fold:

"he looked at the time and it was time to go to work again."

you will find that many people live a boring life of two o'clock and one line.

in order to work, to family, to live, all day long running, non-stop.

this is the most real state of life of ordinary people.

there are not so many poems and distances, and there are no great ideals. I just want to earn more money, don't make my parents tired, and don't let my children work hard.

under the heavy pressure of life, everyone is working hard, hoping to earn a better future for himself and his family with clenched teeth.

after Yue's story got attention, many netizens sympathized with his experience and wanted to donate money to him.

but he refused all these good intentions, and he said to the reporter:

"I don't feel sorry for myself.

I just work hard, I don't steal or rob, rely on my own strength, rely on my own hands, and earn some money. Just to make a living, to take care of this family. "

he does not complain, let alone complain, he works in a down-to-earth manner for his family, and he runs around to make money for a thought in his heart.

Nietzsche once said: "when a man knows what he lives for, he can endure any kind of life."

Yes, even if life is not easy, there is always a reason to keep you going.

just like we try our best to make money, although we may not be rich or rich, at least we can provide a better life for our families.

just like our efforts to persevere, we may not necessarily achieve amazing results, but at least the process of persistence will make us stronger ourselves, so that we can face the difficulties of life more calmly in the future.

there is a word in psychology called "aisle principle".

the light in the aisle is always off, but when you get to the appropriate position, the light that belongs to you will come on.

in fact, life is the same, giving you wind and frost, but also giving you honey.

when you can't handle it, grit your teeth and stick to it, maybe take a few more steps, and you'll receive the gift of life.

, I hope that every ordinary person who does his best for life can be treated gently by the years.

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